Sunday, 18 December 2016

Hard Brexit, Soft Brexit, Fake News, Populism...Here Comes all the Latest Jargon

Divisive. This is the latest trendy word, and the latest trendy thing to deplore. The worst thing anyone can say about you is that your ideas are "divisive". It always gets approval to stand up and say that you are not going to be "divisive". Jeremy Corbyn has publicly said that he wants Labour to eschew dangerous extremist ideas such as passport check plans in the NHS that could be "divisive". Oddly enough, Labour never thought Marxism was divisive, teaching people that there is a class war and the interests of the workers and bosses are completely opposed, so that capitalism has to be overturned by violence. They never thought it was divisive for feminists to break up the family and tell women they are oppressed by men. They never thought it was divisive to give Scotland and Wales their own assemblies, encouraging nationalist identities in the regions. Being divisive is always what other people do.

Extremism. Any views that are not totally loony.

Fake News: Any news apart from the official line promulgated by the BBC and other major TV stations. Not to be confused with mere falsehood, inaccuracy or lies which is what you find on Wikipedia, Huffington Post, the Guardian and stuff like that. If what you are saying does not fit in with the PC ideology of the former,  then it is probably "fake news". Fake news is a jolly good reason to have censorship because we cannot allow people to think for themselves.

Hard Brexit just means leaving the EU. "Soft Brexit" means some sort of compromise or fudge. Throughout the campaign everybody assumed that leaving the EU meant leaving the Single Market. That was the basis of the Remainers' argument insofar as they had one, apart from vague general feelings of "European-ness". But now the same people are saying that we should remain in the Single Market, wholly or partly, by applying to become members of EFTA, the European Free Trade Association, whose members have one foot inside the EU and another out. There are variations of status within EFTA but basically if stuck in it we would still have to pay massive contributions to the EU and forfeit our right to make any trade deals outside of it.  We would still be subject to most of the dictatorship of the EU with its regulation, legislation, hyper-extravagance and ubiquitous corruption.
Meanwhile Turkey, Ukraine and a dozen other countries all trade with the Single Market nations without paying into the EU coffers. So what could be the point? Those who advocate "soft Brexit" are really hoping that we will not leave, but just walk through a revolving door out into EFTA for a few years, then straight back into the EU as soon as they can hold another (rigged) referendum. "Soft Brexit" is a phoney Brexit. No thanks!

Millenials. According to Urban Dictionary "Otherwise known as Generation Y, or the internet generation (iGen), Millenials are people born between the years of 1980 and 1995. Millenials are often "echo boomers" (their parents were part of the baby boom), and they are often extremely tech-savvy." The important thing to remember is that Millenials are poor. Many of them had to wait until they were six to get their first play-station and ten to get their first mobile phone. They have to make one laptop last for years. Their earliest memory is of waiting in airport queues because their skint parents didn't check in online or pay for speedy boarding when taking them to Tenerife. Some of them are having to start work before they're twenty-five, with only one degree, and even having to do non-graduate jobs. They think food grows in cardboard boxes ready for the microwave and are depressed to find that they can't afford to buy a three-bedroom centrally-heated fully-carpeted double-glazed house with a modern fitted kitchen and luxury bathroom on their first wage (their grandparents started married life in a post-war Nissen hut with a paraffin heater and no TV or washing machine). It is a fact that all Millenials want to remain in the EU, although only 25% of them bothered to vote and half of those voted Leave.

Populism.  This means democracy when people don't vote the way the Establishment wants. Democracy and populism both involve people being given votes and putting pieces of paper into boxes. The difference is subtle. It is "democracy" when people do as they are told and vote how the media, the elite and the existing political class tell them to. It is "populism" if they resist the propaganda and vote some other way. Populism is caused by people being stupid, ignorant and inferior to their rulers. So why in that case give them votes at all? It appears to be a severe risk.

Post-truth. A naive term defined as "a world without facts". Used by those who are hopelessly unaware of the selective and unsound basis of what they accept as facts from day to day. Journalists use this term to indicate their bewilderment and anger at finding that people are listening to a wider range of news sources and don't necessarily believe the slush and tosh provided by mainstream media (MSM).


  1. I voted Leave, but I wanted and still want the UK to remain in the EU for the time being, in order to lead a campaign in the EU, to reform the process of leaving the EU. That's right, I want the EU to make an exit like James Bond escaping from the headquarters of the baddie who held him prisoner.

  2. Don’t forget ‘Racist!’ used to smear people who think a country should be able to decide who does and does not enter that country and for the purposes of immigration what numbers can come. Such people are all presumed to be white automatically racist. The opinions of people who may be 2nd or 3rd generation descendents of immigrants are ignored and disregarded as though they have no opinion on the country they live in and no concern about their standard of living and the numbers of people coming in. In addition it is presumed that people who came here legally, have gone through the process of naturalisation and abide by the law should have no objection to those coming illegally and breaking the law when they come here.