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Eagle Sisters - Not Born That Way. Listen to Science

This is Angela Eagle, Labour MP for Wallesey and Shadow First Secretary, standing next to her sister Maria Eagle, Labour MP for Garston and Halewood and Shadow Defence Secretary. 

It is hard to tell them apart, as they are identical twins. Both were born on 
17th February 1961. Angela as you may recall is the one who spoke for Remain in the televised debate on EU membership just before the Referendum. Her poor performance may well have contributed to the Leave vote. Despite going to Oxford, it seems she is unaware that you cannot win a debate by launching personal attacks on the speaker on the opposite side. You are supposed to address the issues, not the person.

Angela, or is it Maria?

Maria, on the other hand, is the hasty, over-confident loudmouth who proclaimed on Twitter that the suspect in the Jo Cox shooting incident had shouted "Britain First". This later turned out to be untrue, and she deleted the Tweet but only after the falsehood had gone right round the world ten times. She never apologized. 

Maria or is it Angela?
The two sisters are as alike as Tweedledum and Tweedledee. Their views, their choleric temperament, their appearance and even their voices are so similar that anyone could be forgiven for mistaking one for the other. Yet one - Angela - is a lesbian, while Maria is heterosexual. Angela is in a civil partnership with another woman, while Maria calls herself the "straight one". This provides striking proof of the scientific fact that nobody is "born gay". There is no genetic predisposition that compels anyone into homosexual behaviour. The Great Gay Myth number 2 is up against new scientific evidence every day.

Identical twins have the same genes and the same 
uterine environment. In fact, Angela and Maria, like most identical twins, also had the same environment throughout their early life. They were brought up by the same parents, they went to the same schools, and the same university - Oxford - where they studied the same subject, PPE. And they are both, to their credit, distinguished chess players, who have played for England.
      And then one of the CHOSE to become a lesbian. The logic is inescapable, Captain Kirk. Of course, feeble-minded Guardianistas who are taken in by LGBT ideology will not accept logic. When presented with conclusive, scientific evidence like this, and there is an immense amount of it, they resort to gobbledygook, saying "Isn't it fascinating, when you have gay genes the other one is less likely to be?"  No gene or combination of genes can have the opposite effect on two different people, that is nonsense. The truth is that both of the twins are equally free NOT to be homosexual. They are equally at liberty to make their own choices. 
So why are children in schools being taught false LGBT ideology? Because the fanatics and ideologues are in charge of the system, it's that simple.
In August this year, a major new study of the scientific evidence for such claims was published in the respected American academic journal New Atlantis, written by two distinguished experts with impeccable academic credentials. Dr. Lawrence S. Mayer , M.B., M.S., Ph.D., and Dr. Paul R. McHugh, professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences, both teach at the Johns Hopkins University in the USA. They surveyed 200 pieces of previously published research on sexuality and gender before writing their article "Sexuality and Gender: Findings from the biological, psychological and social sciences".  It concluded that there is no evidence that anybody can be "born homosexual" let alone "born in the wrong body". Nor is sexual preference, once chosen, permanently fixed. The "born gay" myth is not true.
So our policy-makers should be changing their stance. They should be ashamed to endorse views and ideology that flies in the face of science. But instead the Guardianistas are ignoring it, our UK school syllabus is scandalously inculcating lies, and the bullies of the LGBT movement are using menace and threat to take reprisals against the Johns Hopkins University itself for employing "homophobes".

This will not surprise those who are aware of the bullying campaigns they have launched against other top academics like Dr Paul Church and Prof. Mark Regnerus, who tried to blow the whistle on their fraud, or high achievers like Brendan Eich and Dr Ben Carson who have resisted their extremism. I
f a university employs anyone who dares to speak out against the gay myths and lies, the Gaystapo will simply complain to their numerous chums up there in the corridors of power, who can get the university penalized in revenge. 
The Gaystapo has numerous threats at its disposal, principally that of withdrawing the state subsidies or charitable status of any institution that is deemed to have transgressed LGBT decrees. They can also pull strings to get the ratings of the university lowered, and they can organize students (aggrieved LGBTs and their sidekicks) to give low ratings to the non-conforming academic. They can simply stigmatize the university in their own ridiculous little league tables, which for some reason are not ignored. So science is gagged and ideology prevails. 

A gang of Gaystapo thugs has already turned up at Johns Hopkins University waving banners to protest against scientific exposure of their false ideology. And they are making threats. 
They are paid by HRC, the organisation founded and funded by homosexual billionaire Terry Bean who has been prosecuted for paedophile group -homosexual romps in Oregon USA.
They don't want any science that is free from them dictating its conclusions. And why are they so hostile to the good news that we are all free? Because, of course, they are intent on avoiding responsibility for the consequences of their choices and their behaviour.

Angela Eagle: My pride at being first lesbian MP to ‘marry’Liverpool Daily Post, 11 September 2008

Peter Tatchell recently stated that: "Homosexuality isn’t natural. Ignore those researchers who claim to have d
iscovered a ‘gay gene’, gay desire is not genetically determined". (Spiked, Tuesday 24, 2008).

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