Friday, 23 September 2016

Sadiq Khan says Get Used to Terror Attacks, They're Part of Life

Is Sadiq Khan London's worst Mayor ever?  Or just the worst Mayor possible?
First he goes prancing around America, abusing his position in London to support the Democrat side in the USA, which is known to be complicit in the setting up and arming of ISIS terrorists.


Then he goes to talk to the Mayor of New York, when there are terror attacks taking place all around in New York itself and in New Jersey, and tells him that we should all "get used to them" because they are just "part and parcel of living in a modern city" along with traffic jams.  What a shamefully weak, pathetic, supine response. We cannot trust this man with the security of London. People's lives are in danger with such a useless, completely unsuitable bungler in charge.

Anyone who voted for this creep should be ashamed of themselves. You were taken in by false promises about frozen bus fares  - promises Khan broke almost as soon as the election results were announced. Now you are stuck with a Mayor who hasn't just let bus fares rise, he has invited every terrorist in the world to put a bomb on the bus too.
It might be wise if the border control at the airport stopped him coming back into England.

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