Wednesday, 17 August 2016

P45 for our useless MEPs Bearder and Taylor (not forgetting Bashir)

Despite the Brexit vote, our new government has as yet taken only very hesitant steps to leave the EU and until we are actually out, we still have a lot of useless, overpaid, windbags like Catherine Bearder and Keith Taylor as MEPs, drawing generous salaries for footling around and doing less real work than a cat in a coma. 

This is Catherine Beader, LibDem MEP for South East England whose website says quite wrongly that she is "Your voice in Europe". Is there a touch of arrogance there? I think I can detect one. 
Instead of respecting the outcome of the Referendum, Bearder is carrying on campaigning to remain in the EU and insisting that the 48% who voted In must take priority over the 52% who voted OUT.

WATCH: Catherine Bearder MEP on Brexit: The 48% must not be forgotten

Liberal Democrat MEP Catherine Bearder gives a speech on Brexit at the European Parliament, 5th July 2016. The 48% must not be forgotten, the Liberal Democrats will keep fighting for Britain's place in the EU. Read more

This loud-mouthed self-important woman has never had the least respect for democracy and you would be unwise to believe her statements on any subject.  When she says the EU has created jobs and prosperity, this is certainly true in her own case.  If you add up the salary, the expenses they are entitled to claim and then the extra daily allowance MEPs get just for turning up in the Parliament and putting their bum on a seat, a ten-year stint as MEP reaches a £ million. That's without counting the generous pension scheme and any "incidental" profits or oblique benefits that may come their way while rubbing shoulders with the rich and powerful. 

Bearder hearing the news of the Leave victory.

Mandelson got yacht trips with billionaires and was probably entitled to claim payment for them by listing them as a business meeting.
Ms Bearder's website absurdly claims that the EU is fighting human trafficking, ignoring the plain fact that EU open borders have greatly facilitated the human trafficking trade all over the continent and allowed it to thrive. The EU creates the perfect conditions for human trafficking and for the sort of international terrorist attacks that were planned in Brussels and carried out in Paris on a vast scale only a few months ago.  Yet Bearder keeps jabbering on in denial of the facts, denial of the deaths.
As for Keith Taylor, the useless fat slob who calls himself a Green MEP, he has written a full length article denying the significance of the Brexit vote. Like Bearder, he is absolutely deaf to all criticisms of the EU, its extravagance, its mania for legislation and regulation, its culture of endemic corruption, its secrecy  - negotiating TTIP for example behind our backs  - and its centralised bureaucratic tyranny. He brushes all this aside, and ignores the whole issue of sovereignty. Instead, he writes patronisingly that those who voted Leave did so because of "Austerity" and their real problems are with the Westminster government. This is sheer arrogance. He is treating voters as stupid and unable to distinguish one problem from another.

Did Arron Banks and Sir James Dyson only support Leave because they are poor, ignorant or stupid? According to Keith Taylor, yes. Along with Boris Johnson, Gisela Stuart, most of our top defence staff and a long list of economists and business tycoons.

Instead of listening to what the voters said, he crudely refers to the Leave campaign as "Project Hate" and writes "I remain convinced that Britain's future would be fairer, safer, and greener inside the EU." Safer with people  like him sitting on committees about Alzheimer's Disease when he has got absolutely no qualifications in medicine or, as far as I can find out, in anything else either?  I will decide for myself what is safe without idiots such as this telling me.

Mr Taylor classes himself as a "Progressive" and still claims that the EU is the source of all protection for employment rights, human rights etc etc What utter nonsense! "These are dark days" according to him.  In my view the dark days will be over when we no longer have incumbent MEPs such as Mr Amjad Bashir, who cynically defected from UKIP to the Conservatives in 2015, just when the party was having him investigated for expenses fraud and employing illegal immigrants. If rumour is to be believed, he paid £60,000 to be on the list of Conservative candidates, and is a long-term chum of known terrorist Majeed Bhutto.

Ukip MEP Amjad Bashir delivers his speech on communities during the Ukip annual party conference at Doncaster Race Course in Yorkshire. Picture date: Friday September 26, 2014.

What does MEP stand for  -  Mendacious Egregious Parasite? I have got a suggestion to make to all these impudent, greedy, pompous wastrels. If you really want to do something for Europe, resign today, and pay back the money you have obtained through a system that the people of the UK never voted for. The UK only voted to enter a "common market" and that was when we were told huge lies by the Heath government.  Pay it all back, every penny.
Take your P45, and go and do something useful such as picking up all the heaps of litter from the streets of Naples. Go around collecting the piles of rubbish instead of talking rubbish. Clear away trash instead of blabbering it. It is disgraceful that a historic European city should be so filthy and garbage-strewn. Take a scrubbing brush and some paint-spray cans and eradicate all the hideous graffiti from the walls and doorways, ugly scribblings that deface an entire city. Then go and knock on the door of some of those appalling slums that shame Europe. Offer to do one useful errand for the people who live there, one useful thing however humble.
It may be the most useful thing you have ever done in your pretentious, parasitical lives.


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