Wednesday, 27 July 2016

The War on Christians is Hotting Up

There is nothing new about the persecution of Christians world-wide and much of it happens on a genocidal scale, but still the events of last weekend in Normandy are shocking. An 86-year-old priest, Father Jacques Hamel, was murdered by two Muslim maniacs who stormed a church at Saint Etienne du Rouvray during Mass and took four people hostage. The armed thugs made the old priest kneel and they filmed him callously as they slit his throat.

We need to take far stronger measures nation-wide to protect Christians, churches and congregations from barbarous attack. Vandalism is already rife. So is appalling bullying and discrimination against Christians. It is only one more small step to murder. Theresa May has promised the sum of £2.4 million and I welcome her prompt response, which is at least a sign that our new Prime Minister cares about Christians, but with 16,000 Anglican churches and many more of other denominations that money is not going to go 
very far. Will it possibly buy a revolver for every clergyman to carry while officiating at Holy Communion?
I call on the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Bishop of Oxford and the Mayor of Oxford, Mohammed Altaf-Khan, to say exactly what they are going to do to protect Christians and churches from this rising and serious threat. The Archbishop has reacted to the murder of Father Hamel by saying :-

Evil attacks the weakest, denies truth & love, is defeated through Jesus Christ. Pray for France, for victims, for their communities.

Very nice and proper, but how exactly is evil going to be defeated? Are no more constructive steps going to be taken? The Archbishop went out of his way to tell people to vote Remain in the EU referendum, so on those grounds alone there is a st
rong argument that he should resign. If David Cameron had to resign because the majority did not follow his advice, then it is logical that the Archbishop of Canterbury should do the same.

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