Monday, 20 June 2016

The Hidden Costs of EU Membership - over and above that £350 Million per Week

It costs Britain far more to be a member of the EU than just the official annual contribution to its budget.

Here some of the hidden costs of EU membership over and above that much-debated £350 million per week.
1. £2.4 BILLION in VAT paid direct to Brussels. Yes, thanks to the EU we pay higher rates of VAT and we pay it on a wider range of things. Energy bills for example.
2. £1.7 BILLION "punishment for success" because we had higher growth than expected last year. When the EU commission realised that last year the UK had achieved a higher rate of growth than previously expected, it slapped a huge extra contribution on us. David Cameron at first swore he would not pay, then, vowing he would ne'er consent ...consented. Staggering!
3. £642 MILLION fine for "poor accounting" on farm subsidies. Yes, the EU, whose own finances are riddled with black holes, fines us for poor accounting. The UK government pays this while cutting pensions and help to disabled people here.

4. £1 BILLION towards the latest bail-out of Greece. And it won't be the last, because Greece cannot pay. It will never be able to pay. It is trapped as a debt-slave forever because of the single currency which means it cannot compete in exports or in tourism.
5. £150 MILLION fine for not flying the EU flag on projects partly funded by the EU (with money we paid them in tax in the first place). Yes, and they have the power to impose unlimited fines.
6. £250 MILLION to Turkey and Albania to help them join the EU.
7. £300 MILLION fine a year until we meet pollution targets set out by the EU.
8. £900 MILLION a Year to treat EU visitors on NHS
9. £22 BILLION to boost the ailing French economy. After all, we wouldn't want it going the same way as the Greek, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese or Irish economies, into deep slump, would we?
10. £300 MILLION costs to businesses for EU Red Tape
11. £40 MILLION in lost revenue in EU student loans which are unpaid and the students have disappeared back to the EU.
Higher prices for goods imported from outside the EU. Do you buy clothes or laptops made in China? Was your TV made in Indonesia?  You paid a tariff on it.
13. Millions spent on keeping foreign criminals and terrorists in our gaols, people we cannot deport because of EU law. They often cost us a fortune in legal aid too.
14. £250 MILLION towards helping with costs of migrant crisis in Europe.  Just a final little deduction from our purses which ultimately comes out of yours.

So that's around £26 BILLION on top of the £350 million per week we pay to the EU. A conclusive argument for voting LEAVE.

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