Thursday, 9 June 2016

Sadiq Khan Has Already Broken Election Pledge to Freeze Fares

Sadiq Khan, elected only weeks ago as Mayor of London, has already broken his election pledge to freeze travel fares in London.
He claimed on page 1 of his manifesto that he would
"Freeze London transport fares for four years " - oh yes?

Within days of his election triumph, Tube and bus fares are going up and the luckless traveller will just have to lump it. This is the sort of unethical behaviour that makes so many people cynical about elections and reluctant to vote at all.
We need the right of "recall" i.e. the right to sack politicians who get elected then immediately violate their election pledges. If that had been in operation, Nick Clegg would not have lasted more than a few days in the post of deputy Prime Minister. 
This is an essential reform that would make our system into a more genuine and meaningful democracy. Khan is a liar, and an election cheat.
His election manifesto, still online, said
"Londoners won’t pay a penny more for their travel in 2020 than they do today.’"
And his voice is recorded as saying "My promise is to freeze TFL fares over the next four years."

[At the London Assembly, ]Tory group leader Gareth Bacon added: “Just four weeks after the election the Mayor’s flagship policy has been thrown out of the window.
"By raising Travelcard prices by inflation and breaking his biggest promise he is turning his back on those who showed faith in him.
"Hundreds of thousands of commuting Londoners use Travelcards, and thus will never see this freeze."
London government professor expert Tony Travers said: “Londoners will without doubt have formed the impression that the fares commitment meant a freeze for all fares for four years. A freeze only affecting pay as you go fares is a very different thing.”

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