Thursday, 2 June 2016

Pig Ignorant Europhile James Cahill Needs to Educate Himself

Jamie Cahill usually writes about pop music. He think that gives him the right to tell people how to vote in the EU Referendum despite knowing zero-point-zilch about the whole subject.

In an article printed in the entertainment guide "The Ocelot" he trots out all the worst clich├ęs and tritest insults about the LEAVE campaign. He asserts that those who wish to leave the EU have got no arguments apart from "screaming hysteria and shouting".
Oh, really? I am going to challenge Jamie Cahill to read some of the following well-researched books by qualified experts in their subject. I suspect that he will refuse, and chicken out.
Abuse is his level. Well-informed debate is way beyond him. 
Has he even seen the film "Brexit: the Movie"? Nah, of course he hasn't, he is too busy scribbling twaddle.
He sneers at Leave campaigners as people who think foreigners "talk funny".  I challenge Jamie Cahill  - how many foreign languages are you actually fluent in? Can you speak fluent French, German, Italian or Spanish like most of the Brexiteers I know?
Here is a list of some of the most outstanding books now available:

'The EU: A Corporatist Racket: How the European Union was created by global corporatism for global corporatism'. by David Barnby.( John Leftwich (ISBN: 9780956981585)) This book is the result of in-depth historical research by a disillusioned Tory who does not mind revealing how Ted Heath and other successive leaders lied to us. And they still do.

The Trouble With Europe: Why the EU isn't Working, How it Can be Reformed, What Could Take its Place, by Roger Bootle 

[according to The Guardian, this book is "right on every count"]

Why Vote Leave, by Daniel Hannan , (MEP for more than ten years). A mind-boggling exposure of the waste, corruption and bureaucratic dictatorship of the EU. Described by a reviewer as "
'Powerful, intelligent, hard-hitting, well-written ... absolutely required reading for every Briton who is considering voting on 23 June' Andrew Roberts."

The Demise of the Free State: Why British Democracy and the EU don't Mix, by David G. Green. According to a reviewer it is "a damning indictment of the EU, charging it with a wholesale attack on the principles of liberal democracy and self-determination, in the name of a progressive authoritarianism at odds with British moral and political values."

With Friends Like These...: Why Britain Should Leave the EU - and How, by David Conway. Far from isolationist, he argues in favour of a lesser degree of union limited to trade not political merger i.e. EEA lite
"Conway favours this and argues that EEA Lite's terms can be achieved by making its acceptance a condition of Britain's agreement to a new treaty that he predicts the EU will soon be forced to seek in order to resolve the eurocrisis."

Here is James Cahill's silly ignorant little article, complete with lame propaganda about the EU giving us "access to the single market" - which David Cameron has admitted is a fallacy. Cameron has publicly admitted that if we left the EU we would "Still do business with all those countries".  His own words. The speech is on You Tube.

Jamie tells us that the UK needs foreign doctors, unaware of the fact that Commonwealth doctors here face obstruction to work because they are not EU citizens. So do Philippino nurses. And Australians even if their grandparents still live here.
As for the claim that being inside the EU makes every household in this country £3,000 p.a. better off, that is of course sheer fiction. It comes from the random-number generating machine in George Osborne's office.
Mr Cahill thinks his arguments are "facts". He probably also believes in the tooth fairy and that eating toast makes your hair curl. I don't suppose he has heard that the German economics minister Sigmar Gabriel last week admitted that the EU makes lower-paid workers, pensioners and what he called "the little people" worse off. I don't suppose James Cahill has ever heard of Sigmar Gabriel  - or he thinks it's a pop group.  
He won't read any of these books  -  I am prepared to bet on it!
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