Saturday, 18 June 2016

Labour Loudmouth Maria Eagle Spreads False Rumour

To Remain opportunists, a death is not just a killing, it has to be made out to be a political assassination, and that assassination has to be laid at the door of whoever your political opponents are. They must be demonized and vilified ruthlessly without hesitation and without evidence.

So it is with the sad death of Jo Cox, the Labour MP shot outside a library on Wednesday. Whatever the truth turns out to be, one thing is certain - nobody shouted "Britain First!" 
Maria Eagle, Labour MP, is the irresponsible liar who started the rumour about the suspect shouting "Britain First!" She just invented the story and it was then industriously circulated by social media, the BBC and all the TV and broadcasting channels, finally appearing in the headlines of most of Friday's newspapers. It was a brazen and scurrilous lie.
The man who came on the scene shortly after the stabbing is now so fed up of being misrepresented in the media and press, that he has actually placed this hand-written sign in the window of his shop, saying "I did not tackle the gunman and no one shouted Britain First at any time."


Here is an image of Maria Eagle's mendacious tweet, copied into someone else's:
Maria Eagle

Eagle has now admitted it was a lie and deleted the tweet. She should be prosecuted for libel. Copies of her Tweet are still in existence.
And what about the claims that the suspect arrested by police has links to an extreme neo-Nazi group in America? That is not police evidence. The claim has been traced back to the USA, to the notoriously unreliable outfit that calls itself the Southern Poverty Law Centre. Lavishly endowed by American billionaire George Soros (the man who pushed the US into intervening in Ukraine, thus precipating the crisis there), it exists to invent fake "hate-crimes" and promulgate a myth about evil neo-Nazi militants lurking in every quiet leafy town. That is of course a myth that many people devoutly believe. They derive a sense of moral superiority from it, and this acts on them like amphetamines. To indulge their delusion of moral superiority they are prepared to lie, slander, libel and vilify any person in any situation.
Thanks to Ms Eagle and her unscrupulous lies, the idea that "Brexit is stained with blood" has now been broadcast around the globe.
Nauseating remarks were issued by Polly Toynbee, from her Tuscany Towers retreat in Italy, where she lies in the sun sipping fizz as pink as her politics. She cannot imagine what it is like to have to worry about the shortage of housing, or school places, or hospital appointments in England. All that just proves to her that the working class is "racist".
   So far there is no evidence that the suspect in the Jo Cox case had any political opinions whatsoever. He may not have intended to kill Ms Cox and he may not even be the killer. He is only an obscure suspect, who had been unemployed all his life because his extraordinary talents for planning and carrying out lethal missions with SAS precision had somehow never come to light.
       Similar prejudices were displayed by young Master Owen Jones who certainly deserved a Prat of the Week prize for storming out of a Sky TV discussion of the shooting at Orlando, Florida. 

As soon as the news about the incident was announced, young Master Jones wanted the world to attach a label of "homophobia" to it, and he was determined to use another bit of jargon by saying he was going to "call it out". When the older and more experienced journalists counselled him to be more cautious, Master Jones got up and flounced out of the studio.
     Within a few more hours, multiple reports came in saying that the killer, Omar Mateen, was a homosexual himself. His wife knew it, his colleagues knew it, and he had been going to the Pulse nightclub for three years, picking up partners. This massacre was not "fomohobia" but yet another example of the Joe Orton syndrome, the curious tendency of homosexuals worldwide to kill each other. Like Maria Eagle, Master Jones was in haste to indulge his preconceptions, and revel in a sense of superiority over the imaginary oppressor.  Jones is a self-proclaimed "anti-capitalist" but unfortunately he has never explained what anti-capital is or how we can get people to invest it in our businesses.

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