Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Universities Start to Dump Malia Bouattia and NUS - good

The election of a blatant anti-Semite, Malia Bouattia, as President of the NUS is just one more sad symptom of how ill-educated our students are today, and how far education has slumped across the board. She thinks there are "Zionist-led media" and she defends Islamic terrorism. She thinks it's wrong for Jews to want one tiny little country of their own, where they can be safe from persecution, but it's all right for Islamists to take over the entire world.
There is little hope that this misguided young woman will respond to the petition for her to retract her remarks. Let's hope that she decides to run away to Syria, marry Jihadi John and have babies for ISIS.
Until she does, universities have the freedom to disaffiliate from the NUS, which has always been a breeding ground for political dogmatists and febrile nutcases. Three universities have so far done so: Hull, Newcastle and Lincoln.
There is little sign that Oxford students are keen to do so. No wonder, since they are far more pre-occupied nowadays campaigning to legalize "sex work" as they call it. The Oxford Student Union has announced in Cherwell that some students do "sex work" and it must be de-stigmatized! This claptrap is just what one would expect from the sort of sleazy types that run "No Heterox". Annie Teriba, Samuel M Horsley and the posturing trannies of Somerville History Society are far too pre-occupied with their "sexuality" to take any interest in world affairs. They've just got their heads firmly stuffed up each other's genderless underpants.
Petitioning President-Elect, National Union of Students Malia Bouattia

NUS President must retract comments, condemn terrorism and endorse policy on antisemitism

The National Union of Students has plumbed a new low, electing as its President a candidate who has been prominently revealed in recent weeks as having extremely troubling views about Jews. Malia Bouattia has called Birmingham University a “Zionist outpost in higher education” because it has “the largest Jsoc [Jewish student society] in the country.” She has railed against “Zionist-led media outlets”, defended Palestinian terrorism as “resistance” and voted against condemning ISIS.
Shortly before her election, the National Union of Students Conference debated whether to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day, with fierce applause for the students who argued against joining in with the national memorial for the genocide which wiped out more than one third of the world’s Jewish population. Though the Conference voted to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day in the end, it was abundantly clear that those opposing the move had the backing of a very large number of delegates.
The National Union of Students has positioned itself as a fierce opponent of racism, with a ‘no platform’ policy which prevents racists from speaking. However today, the new President-elect of the union is someone whose actions contravene the definition of antisemitism adopted as policy by the union.
Please join us in calling on Malia Bouattia to retract her comments; condemn Hamas, Hezbollah and ISIS (all of which espouse the most extreme antisemitic ideology possible); and endorse the definition of antisemitism used by the union, including antisemitism which masquerades as political discourse about Israel.
This petition will be delivered to:
  • President-Elect, National Union of Students
    Malia Bouattia

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