Sunday, 1 May 2016

Diary of a Nobody: Alexander Masters

The tediously leftie-queer-trannie-obsessed Guardian newspaper has published this long article about how a biographer called Alexander Masters pieced together the life of an unknown person who had discarded 148 diaries in a skip.
I only read this article because someone sent me a link to it, for some reason.
The diaries are so boring he might as well have left them in the skip. Seems the person who wrote them was a woman called Laura who for 25 years had a relationship with a person called "E.". Masters was surprised to find that this relationship was deeply abusive, damaging and cruel, and even more surprised to find that "E" was also a woman.

Laura, writer of the diaries found in a skip by Alexander Masters' friends, watches her biography being printed

The exciting "gay" lifestyle

What is so surprising about lesbians treating each other badly, suffering and enduring long-term misery? Nothing, but it's ironic considering they spend so much time denouncing the "oppressive" relationships women endure at the hands of men.
Mr Masters started out assuming, in politically-correct fashion, that a cruel, abusive lover MUST be a man.

I discovered “I”’s first name from her lover, whom she calls “E” in the diaries. He first crops up when “I” is 19 and has a temporary job at Cambridge public library, but their first meeting occurred five years earlier. He was her private piano teacher: kind, supportive, good enough (he said) to be a concert pianist, and grotesquely irresponsible. He allowed a young girl’s adulation to get out of hand. He is also spiteful, petty-minded and a prig. “I” reports hundreds of his sayings: “E said I am a silly ass”; “E said I am stupid”; “E said I am 14 years old [this written when she was 20]. I am not ripe enough yet”; “E said I was weak in every way.” Over the 25 years of their intense, abusive relationship, he demolished her confidence and ruined her ambitions. In the midst of his relentless attacks, he also gave away her name. “E said I look dreadful”; “E asked (moving a little from me), ‘Are you insane?’” “E said the epitaph on my grave stone will be: ‘Here lies Laura, who did nothing, went nowhere, was loved by nobody.’”

Then finally he stumbles on reality. The mental torture that ruined Laura's life and reduced her to a permanent depressive was done by another woman:

She writes long letters to “E”, and gets terse, pompous replies: “E said I am a weakling. E said there is no place for them in life, they ought to be hung up”; “E said she’s glad she’s not my parents.”
She’s glad? “E” is a woman? It turns out that E stands for Elsa.

To me, unsurprising.

However, Mr Masters seems to have learnt nothing from this long-drawn out exercise in pre-conceptions. Left-wing ideology has demonized men and heterosexuals so successfully that his brain is incapable of questioning it.

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