Sunday, 29 May 2016

Latest Revised Plans for Extension to Church of Holy Trinity Headington

The latest version of the plans for a church extension have now been placed on the parish website.
The extension now envisaged is considerably smaller than before, which makes you wonder what use it would be that really justifies such a large outlay.
The idea is to provide
  • Wheelchair accessible toilet with baby-changing facilities
  • Kitchenette for light refreshments
  • Crèche room for children’s work
  • Redesigned vestry space
The plan still means that the beautiful C.S. Lewis memorial window would no longer be on an outside wall, and would therefore not get the light it needs to be seen to advantage.
In theory, this new plan could be carried out by building over only one grave. If the council gives planning permission. There will be a huge fund-raising campaign.


If you think the parish fund-raising efforts could be directed to better causes, you can contact:

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