Thursday, 26 May 2016

Disillusioned Labour Supporter Explains Why He is Voting to LEAVE the EU

The Remain campaign keeps putting out the claim that being in the EU somehow protects workers' rights.
Here that claim is answered by a traditional Labour voter from a working-class background, who asks the very good question of why, in that case, workers' rights have been steadily eroded over the past thirty years regardless of what government was in power and DESPITE our being in the EU. It's a good question.
I will let him speak for himself.

>>I always voted Labour, because that was the thing to do, living in the North East.
My dad was North East secretary for the Transport and General Workers Union, and the Shop Steward for the TGW at Tees Dock, where he worked. He was staunch Labour, and if they were good enough for him, they were good enough for me.
Years passed, my dad died, and I carried on voting Labour, UNTIL Tony Blair became the leader. Never trusted him. He was Smarmy, and definitely not representative of the working classes he was supposed to represent.
Then we got Gordon Brown, then Milliband. All cut from the same cloth. Now we have Corbyn, a joke of a man who refuses to sing the national anthem, but wants to serve in her majestys government.
Since Blair, I never voted Labour again. Actually, I never voted at all. Could never vote for the Tories or LibDems. Could never trust a Tory and the other mob were just making up the numbers, but had no real policies because they themselves, never actually believed they'd get in, but were too busy trying to satisfy everybody.
I, like the rest of the country, just plodded on, whoever was running the country. I never benefitted from them, even under Labour, who were supposed to look after me.
Now this referendum has come up. I remember when we went into the EU, sort of. We had to do a project at school about it. Back then, there were 7 (or 9) countries in it.... and thats as much notice as I took.
Now, we are being told we are better off staying in. If we leave, jobs will be lost. House prices will fall. Inflation will rise. The country will be at risk from attack etc etc etc.
This is where all the previous stuff I wrote is heading.....
Since joining the EU in 1973, the Dock Labour scheme has been scrapped (this would have guaranteed me a job when I was 21, on fantastic wages)
The docks were privatised, and the dockers are on just above minimum wage.
The whole of the British coal industry has gone.
Nearly all of the shipbuilding has gone.
ICI has gone, sold off to Americans (who ran it into the ground and laid off thousands)
British Steel has gone. Sold off to far eastern companies. Again, thousands laid off year after year until there wasnt the workforce to make it viable.
All our power companies, and possibly the water companies as well, are foreign owned (Even British Gas)
Coachworks, that build our trains in Derby and York, have had to close or lay thousands off, because our governments gave the work to foreign coach builders (they said they had to put it out to tender. EU rules.
We are now living in a country where no job is secure. 
Workers rights dont exist (dont believe the governments spiel about we are better off in the EU to protect our workers rights).
If you want to claim unfair dismissal nowadays, you need to have worked at that company for 2 years (unless you are claiming for discrimination).
There are more people working through agencies now than ever before, and, whereas in the past, agency workers were on good money, they aren't anymore.
Agencies are killing the economy. You cant get a mortgage, a bank loan, a car or credit to buy goods, if you work through an agency.
Zero hours contracts ! Where did these appear from ? Where were the EU workers rights that day ?
Why are they still being allowed to be used, and why are the government allowed to sanction people who refuse to take these jobs ?
Young couples cant afford mortgages nowadays, unless they are both in well paid, secure jobs (as secure as jobs can be nowadays)
God help those living down south. Prices are bad enough in the north. Those with money, like investors, businessmen etc, will buy these cheaper house and make a killing when the prices go up."
So I am voting LEAVE

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