Monday, 30 May 2016

Rowan Williams Should Keep Out of the EU debate

When you want clergy to stand up and defend Christian doctrines they won't. But it seems that some are busy interfering in political matters that are way out of their area of competence.

What business has Rowan Williams got telling us to vote to remain in the EU?  He and others who claim to represent religious groups - but who are of course not elected by anyone in those groups to represent their views on this issue  - have written to the Observer, a newspaper not noted for its Christian credentials, telling us to vote for the EU because the last 70 years have been the "longest period of peace in Europe's history".
That depends what you count as peace. The UK has been involved in wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya for the last fifteen years. Being in the EU didn't stop that from happening.
In fact Europe internally had virtual peace from 1815, the end of the Napoleonic wars, until 1914. There was no major conflict between all the great powers. The War of Italian Unification never spread beyond Italy and it was in a good cause, The Franco-Prussian war in 1870 involved only two countries and it was pretty brief.
        The wars of the twentieth century were not caused by the fact that there were a lot of independent sovereign countries. They were caused by the fact that people living in small states such as Serbia under the rule of bigger empires wanted freedom. And there was also the way Germany kept invading other sovereign states. Germany invaded Belgium, it invaded Czechoslovakia, Poland etc etc. So if you respect the independence of sovereign states, there is no problem maintaining peace.

Clearly, Rowan Williams has forgotten another even longer period of peace, under the Roman Empire. When Britain was subjugated by force and its people enslaved by the Roman Emperors, we had peace. We also had a single currency. We had to pay large amounts of tax to Rome for the privilege of being bossed around. Is that what Rowan Williams would like to see again? Roman rule meant we were governed by maniacs and persecutors like Nero, Caligula and Hadrian, but we had peace  -  on their terms, Under the Roman empire we enjoyed the benefits of slave-markets in our town centres, a huge standing army, the death penalty for almost anything at any moment, and the right to worship your rulers when  they were officially made into gods. Those who resisted Roman rule were publicly whipped, raped and crucified,
Most people in Europe were pleased when the Goths and Vandals turned up, and hailed them as liberators. So much for "peace".

There was another long period of peace in English history, namely when we were under Danish domination in the time of King Canute. For a century or more, England had to pay Dane-geld and obey laws made by foreigners, Sounds familiar? Peace, or to put it another way, subjugation.

If we had not broken the peace in 1939 we would have had to accept subjugation by the Third Reich. And as a matter of fact, the idea of a Greater Europe united under German domination was originally put forward by a group of disappointed Nazis in the post-war period.
The British Raj in India certainly kept the peace there for a hundred years, but no Anglican bishops are standing up and defending it.

Is the situation we have got now in Greece worth the name of "peace"? The elected government being sent packing and replaced with puppets who are implementing a regime of pointless austerity and misery to prop up a fiscal policy that is going to fail anyway.

The EU is a brutally secular institution that is determined to stamp out and eradicate religious belief, It want no such influence in education or policy making. So why would any Christian leader support it? I can only conclude that Rowan Williams is naive.
He should go back to his retirement home and stop interfering in politics, which he is in no way qualified or entitled to do.

Sunday, 29 May 2016

Latest Revised Plans for Extension to Church of Holy Trinity Headington

The latest version of the plans for a church extension have now been placed on the parish website.
The extension now envisaged is considerably smaller than before, which makes you wonder what use it would be that really justifies such a large outlay.
The idea is to provide
  • Wheelchair accessible toilet with baby-changing facilities
  • Kitchenette for light refreshments
  • Crèche room for children’s work
  • Redesigned vestry space
The plan still means that the beautiful C.S. Lewis memorial window would no longer be on an outside wall, and would therefore not get the light it needs to be seen to advantage.
In theory, this new plan could be carried out by building over only one grave. If the council gives planning permission. There will be a huge fund-raising campaign.


If you think the parish fund-raising efforts could be directed to better causes, you can contact:

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Disillusioned Labour Supporter Explains Why He is Voting to LEAVE the EU

The Remain campaign keeps putting out the claim that being in the EU somehow protects workers' rights.
Here that claim is answered by a traditional Labour voter from a working-class background, who asks the very good question of why, in that case, workers' rights have been steadily eroded over the past thirty years regardless of what government was in power and DESPITE our being in the EU. It's a good question.
I will let him speak for himself.

>>I always voted Labour, because that was the thing to do, living in the North East.
My dad was North East secretary for the Transport and General Workers Union, and the Shop Steward for the TGW at Tees Dock, where he worked. He was staunch Labour, and if they were good enough for him, they were good enough for me.
Years passed, my dad died, and I carried on voting Labour, UNTIL Tony Blair became the leader. Never trusted him. He was Smarmy, and definitely not representative of the working classes he was supposed to represent.
Then we got Gordon Brown, then Milliband. All cut from the same cloth. Now we have Corbyn, a joke of a man who refuses to sing the national anthem, but wants to serve in her majestys government.
Since Blair, I never voted Labour again. Actually, I never voted at all. Could never vote for the Tories or LibDems. Could never trust a Tory and the other mob were just making up the numbers, but had no real policies because they themselves, never actually believed they'd get in, but were too busy trying to satisfy everybody.
I, like the rest of the country, just plodded on, whoever was running the country. I never benefitted from them, even under Labour, who were supposed to look after me.
Now this referendum has come up. I remember when we went into the EU, sort of. We had to do a project at school about it. Back then, there were 7 (or 9) countries in it.... and thats as much notice as I took.
Now, we are being told we are better off staying in. If we leave, jobs will be lost. House prices will fall. Inflation will rise. The country will be at risk from attack etc etc etc.
This is where all the previous stuff I wrote is heading.....
Since joining the EU in 1973, the Dock Labour scheme has been scrapped (this would have guaranteed me a job when I was 21, on fantastic wages)
The docks were privatised, and the dockers are on just above minimum wage.
The whole of the British coal industry has gone.
Nearly all of the shipbuilding has gone.
ICI has gone, sold off to Americans (who ran it into the ground and laid off thousands)
British Steel has gone. Sold off to far eastern companies. Again, thousands laid off year after year until there wasnt the workforce to make it viable.
All our power companies, and possibly the water companies as well, are foreign owned (Even British Gas)
Coachworks, that build our trains in Derby and York, have had to close or lay thousands off, because our governments gave the work to foreign coach builders (they said they had to put it out to tender. EU rules.
We are now living in a country where no job is secure. 
Workers rights dont exist (dont believe the governments spiel about we are better off in the EU to protect our workers rights).
If you want to claim unfair dismissal nowadays, you need to have worked at that company for 2 years (unless you are claiming for discrimination).
There are more people working through agencies now than ever before, and, whereas in the past, agency workers were on good money, they aren't anymore.
Agencies are killing the economy. You cant get a mortgage, a bank loan, a car or credit to buy goods, if you work through an agency.
Zero hours contracts ! Where did these appear from ? Where were the EU workers rights that day ?
Why are they still being allowed to be used, and why are the government allowed to sanction people who refuse to take these jobs ?
Young couples cant afford mortgages nowadays, unless they are both in well paid, secure jobs (as secure as jobs can be nowadays)
God help those living down south. Prices are bad enough in the north. Those with money, like investors, businessmen etc, will buy these cheaper house and make a killing when the prices go up."
So I am voting LEAVE

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Universities Start to Dump Malia Bouattia and NUS - good

The election of a blatant anti-Semite, Malia Bouattia, as President of the NUS is just one more sad symptom of how ill-educated our students are today, and how far education has slumped across the board. She thinks there are "Zionist-led media" and she defends Islamic terrorism. She thinks it's wrong for Jews to want one tiny little country of their own, where they can be safe from persecution, but it's all right for Islamists to take over the entire world.
There is little hope that this misguided young woman will respond to the petition for her to retract her remarks. Let's hope that she decides to run away to Syria, marry Jihadi John and have babies for ISIS.
Until she does, universities have the freedom to disaffiliate from the NUS, which has always been a breeding ground for political dogmatists and febrile nutcases. Three universities have so far done so: Hull, Newcastle and Lincoln.
There is little sign that Oxford students are keen to do so. No wonder, since they are far more pre-occupied nowadays campaigning to legalize "sex work" as they call it. The Oxford Student Union has announced in Cherwell that some students do "sex work" and it must be de-stigmatized! This claptrap is just what one would expect from the sort of sleazy types that run "No Heterox". Annie Teriba, Samuel M Horsley and the posturing trannies of Somerville History Society are far too pre-occupied with their "sexuality" to take any interest in world affairs. They've just got their heads firmly stuffed up each other's genderless underpants.
Petitioning President-Elect, National Union of Students Malia Bouattia

NUS President must retract comments, condemn terrorism and endorse policy on antisemitism

The National Union of Students has plumbed a new low, electing as its President a candidate who has been prominently revealed in recent weeks as having extremely troubling views about Jews. Malia Bouattia has called Birmingham University a “Zionist outpost in higher education” because it has “the largest Jsoc [Jewish student society] in the country.” She has railed against “Zionist-led media outlets”, defended Palestinian terrorism as “resistance” and voted against condemning ISIS.
Shortly before her election, the National Union of Students Conference debated whether to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day, with fierce applause for the students who argued against joining in with the national memorial for the genocide which wiped out more than one third of the world’s Jewish population. Though the Conference voted to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day in the end, it was abundantly clear that those opposing the move had the backing of a very large number of delegates.
The National Union of Students has positioned itself as a fierce opponent of racism, with a ‘no platform’ policy which prevents racists from speaking. However today, the new President-elect of the union is someone whose actions contravene the definition of antisemitism adopted as policy by the union.
Please join us in calling on Malia Bouattia to retract her comments; condemn Hamas, Hezbollah and ISIS (all of which espouse the most extreme antisemitic ideology possible); and endorse the definition of antisemitism used by the union, including antisemitism which masquerades as political discourse about Israel.
This petition will be delivered to:
  • President-Elect, National Union of Students
    Malia Bouattia

Campaign Against Antisemitism started this petition with a single signature, and now has 2,549 supporters. Start a petition today to change something you care about.


Monday, 23 May 2016

The Queer Dictionary: How to Understand and Interpret LGBT Jargon

Have you ever wondered what LGBTs mean by the strange, uncouth jargon they utter?  Here at last is a glossary of their commonest terms, translated into English.

Abhorrent: anything reasonable, natural and harmless
Anti-gay: anything normal, healthy or honest
Anti-gay hate crime: hoax perpetrated by homosexuals to make themselves look like victims
Anti-gay rant: articulate, reasoned discourse expressing logical and factually-based arguments
Bigot: anyone who disagrees with LGBT ideology or resists their agenda in any respect
Bigotry: all ideas, beliefs and opinions apart from LGBT ideology. Particularly morals, truth, high ideals and goodness in general.
Blame: something which can only be placed on a heterosexual, never on a homosexual
Boyfriend: homosexual partner, or rentboy
Breeders: heterosexuals
Calling out: public abuse, harassment and bullying of anyone who disagrees with or refuses to affirm LGBT behaviour and dogmas
Charity: raising money for yourself, as in "Gay Pride raises money for charity".
Chemsex: a strange affliction that homosexuals suffer from through no fault of their own
Chicken: Boy used for homosexual purposes

Closet, closetted: Behaving with dignity and discretion
Coming of age: being sexually abused while young and led to believe you are homosexual
Coming out: Imposing your homosexuality non-stop on other people, and demanding they "affirm" it
Cottaging: Hanging around public places such as lavatories and parks in hope of finding strangers for homosexual activity.
Dating: Meeting strangers via websites or mobile phone connections for casual sexual encounters.
Diversity: Homosexuals bullying other people
Dumping: Something too disgusting to be defined here. See Urban Dictionary or website of Terry Higgins Trust.
Education:  Indoctrinating children with LGBT jargon and dogmas
Equality: Homosexuals getting state subsidies and bullying other people
Fault: something that can only belong to a heterosexual e.g. "it's their fault"
Felching: Something too disgusting to be defined here. See Urban Dictionary or website of Terry Higgins Trust.
Free Speech: a crime to be replaced with a "safe space" for LGBT dogmas.
"G". GHB gamma hydroxybutyrate, a date-rape drug widely used among homosexual men as a "relaxant" . High dose can cause coma or death.
Gay activist: aggressive extremist, especially one who spies, snoops on or denounces colleagues 
Gay-bashing: Reporting any crime committed by a homosexual.

Nyomi and Rachel Fee 

Gay-bashing remarks: Intellectual analysis of false arguments used by LGBT movement.
Gay bowel syndrome: something that does not exist, or if it does it must be caused by heterosexuals
Gay community: People busy killing each other then blaming heterosexuals
Gay history: bad history. Self-glorification by vain and glaringly ignorant people
Gay icon: Somebody who has died young of AIDS, such as Freddie Mercury or Michel Foucault
Gay liberation: paedophilia
Gay rights: homosexual extremists getting subsidies and bullying everybody else
Gender:  Making false statements about your biological sex or disguising it in some way
Hate: disagreement with LGBT agenda
Hate-crime: fraud staged by homosexuals to make themselves look like victims. There are countless examples.
Hate-group: A group of people who believe and say anything contrary to LGBT dogma
Hate-speech: Any disagreement with LGBT ideology even if expressed by a homosexual
HIV, AIDS: disease that has absolutely no connection with homosexuals whatsoever, which is why they are suing the NHS to provide them with hugely expensive "PREP" drugs such as Truvada. Strangely enough leaflets about it are distributed at Gay Parades because they are completely irrelevant and superfluous. It is not, repeat NOT a "gay" disease. 
History: fiction written by LGBTs specially for children
Human Rights: homosexuals getting special privileges and bullying other people
Homophobe: a normal, healthy and well-adjusted person
Homophobia: Any disagreement with LGBT ideology or resistance to LGBT agenda in any shape or form. Widely used as a term of abuse and censorship to close down discussion
Homophobic rant: Calm and reasoned criticism of any homosexual's arguments or actions
Ignorant:  well-educated
ILGA:  international network of affiliated LGBT groups that heterosexuals are expected to fund while believing it doesn't exist
Infamous: good, useful or beneficial  e.g. "the infamous Section 28"
Inclusivity: Homosexuals giving each other most of the top jobs and bullying other people
Law: something homosexuals uphold and even impose on others if it's in their favour, but ignore and break if it's not.
Litigation: quick way for homosexuals to get rich. See also Bullying.
Love: two-day drug-fuelled homosexual orgy. Lasting love: three-day drug-fuelled homosexual orgy
Loyalty: term that does not exist in LGBT language
MSM: men who sodomize men, i.e. homosexuals
Marriage: avoidance of inheritance tax. Nothing to do with fidelity.
Marriage Equality: Changing marriage to mean anything homosexuals want. Prioritizing lust above everything else.
Moral responsibility: term that does not exist in LGBT language
Nappy: to a heterosexual, something you put on a baby. To a homosexual. something you wear yourself.
Nice, normal "gay". One who has taken out court injunction to stop people finding out the truth.
Obnoxious: Honest and truthful.
Odious: An opinion that is well-informed and moral.
Offensive: people objecting to offensive homosexual behaviour
Openly gay: a homosexual who attends Pride parades wearing just a leather belt and lipstick and waving his genitalia at the youngest children he can find
Party: Group homosexual activity with rentboys and drugs. E.g. Keith Vaz "Let's get this party started".
Pet boy: Boy kept by older man for homosexual activity.
Polite disagreement: this does not exist in LGBT language. See "death threats" and "hysteria".

Poppers: drugs such as amyl nitrate, used as a muscle relaxant by male homosexuals. In combination with Viagra, or alcohol, or carelessness, it has been known to kill people but of course that must be the fault of heterosexuals in some way.
Progress: Censorship and control by homo-extremists.
Radically gay: a homosexual who uses streams of trite LGBT terminology to abuse others
Rampant: anything a homosexual is getting in a temper about
Rant: any statement or opinion differing from LGBT dogma
Relationship: Two people watching porn together.
Research: A criminal offence unless it reaches conclusions that agree with LGBT dogma.
Responsibility: does not exist in LGBT language
Review: Anonymous abuse and libel of an author whose book you have never read. Opportunity for LGBT trolls to sound off.
Rimming: Something too disgusting to be defined here.  See Urban Dictionary or THT website.
Safe Space: Homosexuals bullying and silencing everybody else, imposing censorship
Science: evidence selected, invented or edited to support LGBT dogmas.
Sex: Sodomy or some other homosexual act.
Sexuality, as in "my sexuality": self-centred narcissism and vanity 
Shameful: Something good, healthy and normal especially if it involves telling the truth.
Social justice: Rich homosexuals running the country.

 "I’m gay, and gays are naturally a promiscuous collective of people".
Noah Galvin, TV actor 
Social justice warrior: foul-mouthed abusive online troll, usually pseudonymous
Stigma and prejudice: Accurate statistics about AIDS and other venereal diseases.
Tax: Something homosexuals should not have to pay, as in "Stonewall is a charity".
TERF (trans-exclusionary radical feminist) A woman who refuses to believe nonsense
Transphobia: calling people the sex they actually are
Transphobic rant: calm and rational assertion that men are men and women are women.
Translation: the opposite of cis-lation
Transport: the opposite of a cis-port
Turn: To "turn" someone e.g. "I can turn her", to persuade them to become homosexual. If done to a heterosexual, this is a huge triumph and cause for congratulation and boasting. If done to a homosexual, to "turn" them heterosexual, a frightful crime deserving the death penalty, because people are "born gay".
Twink: boy used for underage perversion by older male
Vile: anything natural, harmless and healthy

Copyright Julia Gasper 2016.

Friday, 13 May 2016

Online Trolls Hall of Shame - Philip Gilbert

This is a weird one.

Philip Gilbert is a Facebook troll. He posts trite, worn-out clichés claiming that anyone who has different opinions is (wait for it) "closed-minded" and a "bigot". He doesn't just do this on discussion pages or in groups. He actually sends friend requests to people he hates so that he can go onto their private pages and post the same predictable stuff. They are friends of mine, that's  how I know.
You can find the same vocabulary replicated ad nauseam on the websites of mindless conformists.
It seems that Philip Gilbert has not been fortunate in the amount of education he has received. Being more blessed myself, I have read the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Article 18 says,

Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscie nce and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance.

It doesn't say that Christians are excluded. Nor does it say that anyone regarded by someone else as a "closed-minded bigot" is excluded.
Is Mr Gilbert by any chance a closed-minded bigot himself?  Or is he so open-minded that his brain has fallen out?
It appears from his Facebook page that he follows a curious Islamic sect that hails some one called Hazrat Ahmad  -  yes Ah-MAD I didn't make that up  - as the new Messiah. Gilbert's Facebook page offers a lot of his other deep insights. He shows photographs of the British royal family and the government of North Korea and thinks there is a really striking similarity between the two. Why? Because you can see military uniforms in both pictures. Prince William, who has served in the forces, occasionally wears his dress uniform, while Kim-Jong-Un, who has not, always wears a general's uniform. So that proves there is no difference between a head of state and a head of government!!! A communist dictatorship is just the same as a constitutional monarchy as far as Mr Philip Gilbert understands these matters.
After all, Kim Jong-Un hasn't taken a blind bit of notice of the TV spoof "The Windsors" on Friday evenings, which is obviously ridiculing him.
And here is another picture of Mr Philip Gilbert, at least it's one that he has used as his own profile picture so we have to assume it is him.

No kidding.
It really is scary to think that people with such rudimentary brains and educational deficit have got the vote.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

On December 10, 1948 the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted and proclaimed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It has been translated into more than 350 languages worldwide, and more than100 African languages. The full text of its 30 articles in English can be found by clicking the subsequent links.

Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance.

Monday, 9 May 2016

Screwtape's jottings

My Dear Wormwood,
    I was a bit disappointed when I dropped in again at Holy Trinity Church. There was not much blatant corruption in evidence this Sunday. The Rev Peter Boulton-Lea put up a very good impression of being a Christian and the worst sin I could accuse them of was moaning about global warming while running the radiators on a scorching hot day.
However, I will say it again, you young devils in general have a very easy task and for most of the time you can put your feet up.
When I was setting out in my career we had to work far harder because there was some opposition. I remember the groans of tempters saddled with committed Christians, who spent their whole lives labouring in vocational jobs such as nursing and teaching without complaining about the pay or conditions. They worked in disaster relief and ran charities for orphans. They spent their weekends and retirement years doing voluntary work, everything from care of the old to manning food banks or lifeboats, without ever mentioning it or expecting to be thanked. They stayed with boring husbands and wives and looked after them in their old age. They invited irritating old aunts for Christmas merely because they had nowhere else to go, and baked cakes for school funds whenever anybody asked them to. Some of them even visited criminals in prison and encouraged them to reform. The worst sins they could be lured into were occasionally shopping on a Sunday or parking without putting the right metal disc into the machine.
      Luckily most of these stubborn cases are now dead or very, very old. Octogenarians, nonogenarians, most of them are now, if you can still find any. When they die out, society will feel the severe loss of something it never noticed was there. Everybody will be worse off, and nobody will know who to blame. They took this invisible contribution for granted. The younger generation are a completely different species. They are wholly won over to a creed of vice and depravity, that has been re-labelled as "human rights". When bold innovating devils first suggested that line of attack, most of us didn't believe it would work. We thought humans were much more intelligent than they are. Nowadays when people contribute to a charity it is often an organisation such as Terry Higgins Trust that is blatantly doing Our Work.

Henry and Miguel Jimenez

   We have had five young men arrive down here lately, nice fresh prey, from the London area. Their tempters are to be congratulated on despatching them so promptly, while they are hardly more than boys. One was Miguel Jimenez, aged 18, a café waiter living with a barrister named Henry Hendron, who held queer orgies inside his legal chambers at the Temple. Partaking in this lifestyle was how the toothy-grinned Miguel, from Colombia, could afford to live in central London. Barristers have the buying power -  baristas have to offer some other service.

This Hooray Henry admitted buying £1,000 worth of drugs from a BBC producer Alexander Parkin, aged 41, to use at the party (after the police read the messages on his mobile phone there wasn't much point going on denying it). They were called "meow" and GBL. When the dead body of his catamite was found the next morning, Hendron sobbed convulsively with self-pity and proclaimed that he was the victim of something called "chemsex" that had caused a tragic accident. Blame and guilt attached only to the drugs, which had somehow arrived in his flat just because he bought them. He will probably escape justice on earth because he has so many establishment friends and strings to pull  - Old Etonians don't go to jail for murder!  - but his tempter tells me he is not on the danger list for repentance.

Celebrity barrister Henry Hendron has admitted supplying party drugs that killed his teenage boyfriend

He will find it easy enough to replace Miguel using online "dating" systems. It's as simple as buying a new bicycle.
The other four arrivals here are very similar cases, Gabriel Kovari aged 21, Daniel Whitworth, 22, Anthony Walgate 23, and Jack Taylor, 25. All bagged for us! They went to meet Stephen Port, a gay chef and former rentboy, on one of those "gay dating" systems. Their bodies were found in the vicinity of a churchyard in Barking. They had been despatched to us down here with some more of these wonderful chemsex drugs, and their tempters have already got the press to blame "homophobia"!!! 
Never expect humans to be clever.
I will be watching the fun myself later on  - there is never anything good on TV.

                        Your affectionate uncle,

This online advert reveals that Port is believed to have worked as a male escort while in his early thirties
                                   Our little helper. Stephen Port.

"During a search police recovered 60 self-seal bags of mephedrone, also known as meow meow, and bottles of party drug GBL with Hendron’s fingerprints on them. He admitted the two counts of supplying drugs at a hearing last Wednesday. The court had heard that the barrister had paid £1,000 for illicit highs to be used at the all-night party."

The parents of an alleged serial killer revealed their shock today as their male escort son was accused of murdering four men he met on gay websites.
Stephen Port, 40, of Barking, east London, is accused of using the party drug GHB - known as liquid ecstasy - to poison his four victims in a string of attacks spanning 14 months.