Saturday, 16 April 2016

Never Had It So Good.

We in Headington are all trying to get used to our new Post Office, which is a counter in the Co-op.

The old Post Office that we took for granted as a feature in the middle of the community has been closed and we miss it severely. We don't complain, but we feel nostalgic. Like amputees, we sometimes still think that it is there. When we remember that it has been closed, we skulk past the building with our eyes averted, trying not to see it.
The new Post Office offers many of the things that the old Post Office used to, including long queues at times, and staff who answer the telephone instead of attending to customers who are there waiting. Some of the personnel are actually the same as those who worked in the old Post Office, and that does provide some slight consolation.
But it is not really the same as the handsome, symmetrical building overlooking Bury Knowle Park, such a quintessential PO it looked like a model you might find in a train set. It had those delightful little stamp machines set into the front wall. To think that in the glory days Headington possessed not only a purpose-built Post Office, but also a sorting office where parcels could be collected!
No, we don't complain, but we might feel rather aggrieved if the building is turned into something wholly unsuitable. It is a strange era when a shop can survive as a business offering nothing but manicures, yet the PO is forced out of its own home and into the corner of a supermarket.

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