Friday, 4 March 2016

Trolls Could Get Five Years

I don't often call for more people to be crammed into our overcrowded prisons, but I welcome the news today that internet trolls can get toughter sentences, up to five years behind bars. They set out to bully other people and often do it with impunity. Anyone who saw how hundreds of trolls mobbed Mrs Anna Erickson-Hull towards the end of last year should realise that this is a serious problem. They swamped her with aggressive messages telling her to die, jump off a cliff etc and they also attacked her children.
Some were anonymous, but most are not , and my experience after years of being a victim is that the police generally do nothing at all about it.

Trolls send death threats, rape-threats, and vile verbal abuse, full of nasty, violent ideas from their twisted minds. 
The police wait for someone to commit suicide before they will act.

Now the Crown Prosecution Service announces "Online abuse is cowardly and can be deeply upsetting to the victim" -  yes we had just about managed to work that out. It also says that there should be longer sentences for the sort of trolls who make a fake ID using somebody else's name, picture and other details with fake information. I myself have been the victim of that sort of attack, perpetrated by the despicable Laurence Durnan, editor of Political Crapbook. He created a complete fake blog using my name and picture, and the police refused to act.  On Facebook there are countless fake ID pages set up to falsify and demean real people  - including Mrs Anna Erickson-Hull. Facebook refuses to remove them and says it is not "against their policy". 


   The case in the papers today of Sean Duffy says that he harassed a victim online, using the identity of her dead child. This case is not unique, There is an appalling lesbian harridan on Twitter who calls herself @NicoleBonnett1 who does the same thing. She also took the ID of the dead daughter  of one of her victims and used it to taunt, abuse and torment her online. She stole the picture, and put that on the fake ID. And the victim is a retired, disabled woman. 
There is an article on Barbwire about how @NicoleBonnet1 stalked one of her victims on multiple websites for five years. She maliciously sent these lies to many of the victim's family and neighbours, including the priest of a church where she thought the victim attended. She got hold of her private medical details somehow and ridiculed her for having epilepsy. She invented so many poisonous lies about the victim it is beyond belief (claimng that she was bankrupt, a business cheat, a social security fraud, had had an abortion, had been sued by her own family etc etc etc) yet the police so far have not acted against the cowardly, anonymous bully.

I know of endless examples on Twitter. Some trolls don't realise they are trolls, but think that they are noble campaigners. There is pathological abuse sent by trannies to people they call "terfs" i.e. sane women who don't accept trannie nonsense, They are all consigned to shredding machinery in the imaginations of the disturbed trannies, Oxford student Samuel M. Horsley sends people the rather trite, abusive clich├ęs of the LGBT movement. If you look at his own Twitter page, (where he is pictures proudly in his BA degree gown flanked by his Mummy and Daddy) you find that he uses it to call normal people "disturbing". According to him, a field of innocent blokes playing football is abnormal and repellent. I have often read that it is a symptom of mental illness to find normal people, doing normal things, "disturbing", and I would anticipate some problems for anybody who employed young Samuel Horsley in any capacity to work alongside other people. Trouble ahead.
It's quite amusing to see that Peter Tatchell, of all people, has now started to whinge about trolling by LGBT fanatics. He was targetted by the trannies simply for signing a petition in favour of Free Speech. Then he was surprised when the no-platform brigade bombarded him with vicious, pathological hate-mail. He called it "vitriolic" and accused them of "McCarthyite" tactics. But the whole LGBT looney brigade have been doing it for twenty years and he never complained until it happened to P. Tatchell Esq. He even complains it caused him to fall over and injure himself. Dearie, dearie me.
Hoist with your own petard, Peter?

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