Sunday, 27 March 2016


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1. Tell them that it's old-fashioned to believe that 2+2 = 4 and that the world has progressed from there.
2. Tell them that the total of 2 + 2 must be decided by people's personal, subjective feelings, not by out-dated rules, or absurd systems.
3. Show them a lot of rich, famous well-dressed celebs who are prepared to say that 2 + 2 = 5.
4. Form groups in every college, profession and church of people who say they are bullied and victimized for saying 2 +2 =5, and just need a "safe space". Give these groups funding out of tax revenue.
6. Get journalists who think 2 +2 =5 to take over most of the newspapers and TV stations.
7.Teach children in schools from the age of 4 upwards that 2 + 2 =5. Tell them that most of the worst massacres in history were carried out by people who believed 2 +2= 4. Hitler thought that 2 +2 =4 and look what that led to! You must be a Nazi if you agree with him.
8.Tell people who disagree that they are "haters" and "bigots", who are suffering from a strange disease known as "pentaphobia". This disease is shameful and stigmatizes both them and their entire family.  Call them all the most extreme terms you can find in a dictionary e.g, "abhorrent" and "vile".
9. Tell people that if they won't accept that 2+2 =5 they are guilty of physical violence. Say they are inciting hatred and murder. Circulate pictures of victims of "pentaphobic" attack all over the world. (It is easy to fake such stories and pictures. No one will know, or hardly anyone.)
10. Get "pentaphobic" people fired from their jobs, their public positions and their social networks. Boycott their businesses. Shun and revile them. Ridicule and censor them. Tell them they are old, ugly and an embarrassment. Abuse them and harass them by every means. If a little boy at the Emperor's grand procession calls out "But two and two makes four!" bundle him into a car and have him taken away by the secret police...never to be heard of again.

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