Monday, 18 January 2016

Online Trolls Hall of Shame: Oscar Watson.

Oscar Watson, used to be manager of the London Lesbian and Gay Centre. He first came to my attention when he advocated violence to women who dared to question, or even discuss in any way, the LGBT agenda he wants to impose on society.
          Oscar Watson  28 Apr 2012, 11:00am

I know its generally unacceptable to slap women, but couldn’t a teensie exception be made here?

Mind you, he was writing in Pink News, so advocating violence is nothing surprising. Par for the course, really.

He now works in Newcastle and in an interview he moans that "it needs better services for LGBT communities."
"I hope that the organisation I work for will receive the development funding it needs to provide the services it is set up to deliver. I hope, too, that the community development projects I support in my free time reap the rewards the people behind them deserve. I fear that the gay scene in Newcastle will remain an overpriced, moribund curiosity for heterosexual stag and hen parties, rather than an asset for the region's LGBT communities and the regional economy."

Just listen to the arrogance there. His attitude is that normal, heterosexuals holding stag and hen parties are "moribund" and not an asset for the community. What a maladjusted individual.
He expects to get government funding for his activities and sees this as somehow his right. In the interview he complains "I'm constantly "begging" for more funds to do more work for more people" . That money is being taken from you and me, people he regards with contempt and wants to slap.

He describes himself as "a passionate individual and committed to my work and the people I care for." He is worse than that - not just passionate, he is obsessive and warped, unable to see the wider perspective of reality.

When asked what makes him angry, Mr Oscar Watson answers "disregard for others" - Well, you have to laugh, don't you. His idea of regard for others is to slap them. What a boorish parasite!

Oscar Watson uses Twitter too, mostly to drool over the endless Pride Marches he goes to. and he posted this idea of a joke:-

 Oscar Watson ‏@OskiDarski 17 Aug 2011

       2b assessed to foster my god son today.

       Must hide torture equipment! (Lol)   

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  1. He advocates for violence against women and for violence against children. Lets be realistic: all homosexuals (male or female) are pedophiles.

  2. Maybe not all, but a high percentage. Enough to cause very serious concern.