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David Bowie "Homo Superior" or Typical Queer Nazi?

David Bowie was not the only famous queer Nazi, not by a long, long way. In fact there is a remarkable affinity between the two things. 

Bowie sang blatantly Nazi sentiments such as,

I think about a world to come
Where the books were found by the Golden Ones
Let me make it plain 

You gotta make way for the Homo Superior

The Brixton skinhead Bowie is an example of something rather widespread and typical. Those who admire him might want to excuse it as a no more than a "passing flirtation" but they would not be equally lenient in other cases. 
As for Bowie, he had links to many unsavoury groups and ideas. He dabbled in the occult and the words of some of his songs allude to Aleister Crowley and his so-called Golden Dawn movement.

I'm closer to the Golden Dawn
Immersed in Crowley's uniform of imagery.

Without a doubt he put Satanist ideas and phrases into his song BlackStar. 


He liked to boast from time to time that he was God, too: "I am the great I am."
Garbled scraps of cabbalistic teaching appear in Bowie's songs, and in an interview of 1995, he confessed to an "overriding interest in cabbala and Crowleyism." Golden Dawn is a quasi-Nazi movement itself, and one alternative title for it is “Great White Brotherhood”. The Nazis in Germany had a similar fascination with occult, pagan and pseudo-mystic ideas that lent a veneer of intellectual respectability to their immoral doctrines. The Crowley cult is supposedly occult but its main attraction for showbiz people has always been its reassuringly non-intellectual fondness for group sex, drug-taking and homosexuality.

Many famous queers have been Nazis and vice versa (no pun intended but it can stay anyway).  I don't just mean Adolf Hitler  - there are more up-to-date specimens.

Dernière photo, Caignait refusant d'être photographié après avoir été vitriolé

Michel Caignet was the founder of the Gay Nazi party, and for many years editor of Gaie France magazine. A writer with connections in the highest circle of French intellectuals, he is a confessed and crusading paedophile. He insisted  - and still insists  - that paedophiles and Nazis are misunderstood. He was President of the Centre de Culture Européenne in Brussels, a publicly-funded institution set up by UNESCO that calls itself a "think-tank" Caignet was also a leading member of CRIES (Centre de Recherche et d'Information sur l'Enfance et la Sexualité) which probably explains how UNICEF was persuaded to provide funding for a so-called research group that was exposed as a horrific paedophile network operating across international borders. Of course our mainstream media ignored it.

In 1992 Caignet was convicted of incitment to paedophile acts for articles in Gaie FranceHe re-launched it under another title, Gaie France, new series, and continued publishing it until 1993. In 1997 he was convicted again for involvement in the film company of Jean-Manuel Vuillaume making paedo-pornographic films in Colombia. Caignet was sentenced to four years, served eighteen months, and retired on the profits he made with the magazine and the films. 
    Caignet's chum Vuillaume is another example of the flourishing Gay Nazi cult. He was once a lecturer in video technology at Paris VIII university, and has been associated with neo-Nazi political groups. He was definitely a member of CRIES and was convicted in 1997 of using underage boys to make pornographic films in Colombia. He was running a boy-brothel in Bogota. Vuillaume was sentenced to three years in prison, served about half of it, and has succeeded in getting most information about himself removed from the internet under new European data protection laws. 
Caignet's views were similar to those of Michael Kuhnen, the homosexual who re-founded the German Nazi party in the 1970s. He spent four years in prison for inciting hatred of Jews, and apologizing for the Third Reich. 


A writer and public speaker, undoubtedly he was an influential voice in the 1970s, arguing that homosexuality should be removed from the list of pathological sexual conditions by the psychiatric profession. Although he and his fellow-LGBTs had no psychiatric training themselves, their strident voices were listened to and eventually professional associations of psychiatrists caved in to their demands on both sides of the Atlantic. Kuhnen died of AIDS in 1991.
There is also a Nazi homosexual movement in modern Russia, which the Putin government is anxious to suppress, but it is probably getting funding from the LGBT movement in the West. 


TheTimes Wednesday Dec 18th 2013.


Homosexuels nazis et gay arian : l’homofascisme, une vision esthétique ?   http://linkis.com/oGsSS


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  1. Of course the gay movement in Russia is Western supported (created?). The NWO/ EU shills need their lackeys and minions that they can deploy and count on to conduct False Flag operations to excuse their ever increasing, ever tightening grip on the free men of the world.

  2. Putin is the best hope for the West. He understands the fight that we are in. God Bless him and all he does!