Monday, 28 December 2015

Smarting from the Cost of Smart Meters

If you believe the line being pushed by the energy companies, the EU and the Greens, we should all be grateful for the invention of smart meters and eager to get them installed. After all, isn't the whole point of them that when they are installed in your home, you will be able to see the amount of energy you are using, and be able to cut down your usage? In fact, nobody gets up in the middle of watching TV or having dinner to go and check on how much energy they are using. A survey has shown that 
60 % of households that have these meters installed never bother to look at them at all.

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Having a smart meter will do nothing to change the lifestyle of people who have a "chandelier" of five high-wattage bulbs in the middle of every room, or several in a large room, plus one in the hall and another on their landing, and leave them on all day even when they are not there. It will do nothing to reduce the energy usage of people who fill their kettle to the top for one cup of tea, or live on ready-cooked meals which have used three lots of energy to create: one to cook them, another to freeze them and a third to heat them up again. Their lifestyles will not change. If they don't care about their high energy bills now, they won't care when a smart meter tells them the same thing. They will continue to wolf frozen pizzas while watching Nigella on telly.
The fact is that smart meters are just going to put everyone's electricity bills up because installing them is going to cost £11 billion and all of that will be recouped by topping up our energy bills for years to come.
The real reason we are all being required to install these little demons is that the meters will no longer have to be read by a human. They are connected to a computer that can read the signals that it sends out when requested. So it is a vast job-destruction scheme that will accrue higher profits for the privatised energy companies. Also, when vastly inflated tariffs for energy use during 'peak' hours is introduced, you will pay through the nose to heat the water for your baby's baths.
There will also be a tidy profit for the companies that make and install them. It's obvious that the manufacturers have cut a deal with the EU bosses.
The price of having your annual gas safety check will rise, because while the old systems took two minutes to give an accurate gas flow reading the "smart" meters take twenty minutes. So lots more gas is used and more time is spent by engineers in your property...for which you pay.
As for the notion that they will stop "global warming" that is sheer piffle. The current floods we are suffering in the North of England have nothing to do with any warming, and a lot more to do with our failure to dredge out and drain our rivers, ditches, and other waterways. In some regions we are actually forbidden to do so because of the  EU policy of creating marshland for wildlife.
Along with windmills, condensing boilers and house 'energy efficiency' certificates, smart meters are just another multi billion scam as dictated to us by our masters in Brussels.

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