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Online Trolls Hall of Shame. Richard Jeraj. Maj-Britt Kannegieter. Mactire Deanaim. Melanie Kimpton. Marienella Guillen. Nicolle Fieldsend. Shawn Abramsen.

Mrs Anna Erickson-Hull quite rightly objected to her daughter being forced at school to take part in LGBT events for a whole week and wear a badge. The pupils at King Solomon High School in London from age eleven upwards all had to wear the badge and were told they would be punished with detention if they did not. She complained about this on her on Facebook page and some of the Gaystapo passed it to PukeNews and other newspapers where it was reported in trite and clich├ęd terms. 
Mrs Erickson-Hull was flooded with what she described as a Tsunami of abuse. This is what always happens when somebody is victimized by the LGBT press. It included a lot of death threats and threas against her children.
 By the time I got there, she had deleted most of it, but I have saved some scraps and tit-bits to give the public some idea of the vile, uncouth and foul-mouthed invective these LGBT trolls send. 
>>They are stirring up mass hysteria.
One of the most despicable things they did was to set up a fake Facebook page using her photograph and making out that she is an LGBT advocate. What an obnoxious form of bullying!

Meanwhile Facebook closed her real page down, but not before I had taken screenshots.
The tone was set by this message,

Maj-Britt Kannegieter Nah. Anna Erickson-hull is just a cunt.

And here she is, describing her own, In a similar vein, Richard Jeraj of Colorado USA commented on one of Mrs Erickson-Hull's family pictures, 

Richard Jeraj that looks like a sign for cocksucking services.

Well if you spend all your time browsing that sort of advertisement, then I suppose it will come to mind rather easily Mr Jeraj.

This is what Richard looks like. His (male) friends think he looks sexy. Then came Mactire Deanaim, accusing Mrs Erickson-Hull of being a terrorist for not wanting her daughter to wear a badge.

Mactire Deanaim #whitechristianterrorists you sick people literally want everyone to die. Your christian death cult mythology is a danger to the world

I see, so civil rights and objecting to state bullying are a danger to the world. What a hysterical outburst! He has no picture and only three friends. Maybe he is ugly and unpopular.
Next, Melanie Kimpton, who likes to be known as "Mellimoo" offered this advice

Melanie is a student in Hertfordshire, studying business, which of course makes her an expert in science. She did not explain why "science" entitles the state to dictate beliefs or indoctrinate people against their wishes. 
Shawn Abramsen quoted this scrap of a Biblical text:

Shawn Abramsen Judge not lest ye be judged. Not my opinion. Your Bullshit Bible truth. Hypocrite bitch.

It is of course the favourite text of liars, thieves, murderers, forgers, extortionists, wife-beaters, slave-owners, dictators, bad artists or indeed trolls setting out to justify themselves. Judge not! Well here's a judgement: his Facebook page is full of the most unspeakable filth.

And here is Ms Golda Carter, writing from America, to tell us that forcing people to participate in something and wear badges they disagree with, is "tolerance and understanding"..... aw, gee, shucks. She accuses Mrs Erickson-Hull of violent attacks on imaginary homosexuals. In the name of "tolerance and understanding" she writes this charming screed:-

Golda Carter  You, like the fear mongering idiot you are following a make believe entity, instead decided to show your ignorance and throw a fit like a child b/c your daughter's school had tried to teach a lil bit of tolerance and understanding. You better pray to your giant purple people eater God in the sky that none of your children ever turn out gay or lesbian, b/c who knows what you might do to them. Water board? Tar and feather? or will you do just like the rest of your hate mongering buddies and just cast out your child b/c they're SINFUL. You my dear are a bigot, an asshole and and ignorant person.

Golda Carter.

Golda’s Facebook page features a terribly funny article on how to lie to small children. Some of the lies are "ingeniously evil" and Golda comments "This one sounds like something I'd do lmao!"

Marienella Guillen treated us to this piece of reasoned, civilised discussion.  

As a matter of fact, no one had mentioned same-sex marriage but she is too over heated to notice that. Then she added
 LikeReply15 December at 16:59
Marianella Guillen U come here and I'll kill you. U talk so much about bible and shit and u want to kill gay people that are way worth it than u . God hates u btw for this.
And she wrote in similar terms to one of Anna Erickson-Hull's male friends. 

Marianella Guillen Go tell ur wife the truth. U fuck a guy

I suppose she thinks that is very witty. Guillen identifies as a lesbian. Count yourselves lucky, chaps!!!  She has eight friends who work or have worked at Facebook, including Danny Ortiz Urbina a Facebook supervisor.
And this is how troll Nicole Fieldsend addressed the same man.

Nicolle Fieldsend More religitards hurt people than homosexuals so get to fuck Robert you mental case.

Fieldsend is one of many who vented their hysteria against religion, missing the point that the state does not have the right to impose a totalitarian ideology on people, particularly one that nobody has ever voted for. Whether you are an atheist or a believer in something, you can still resist state power. But that distinction is far too subtle for the likes of Ms Fieldsend.
This is what Nicole Fieldsend looks like, so if you see her you can run away.

Her tirades against religion proliferated down Mrs Erickson-Hull's page, seemingly endless.

Nicolle Fieldsend You keep talking to your invisible friend you crazy bitch. Thank fuck most people are sane these days and know it is nonsense.

Where is the Facebook "dislike" button that we were promised?

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