Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Online Trolls Hall of Shame: Ralph W. Dunfee, Ben Silver, John Quagleini and Ray Copeland

When PukeNews maliciously attacked Mrs Anna Erickson-Hull, they were careful to put enough contact details online, so as to encourage people from all over the world to subject her to online bullying and abuse. They also included pictures of her children who were jointly targeted in this despicable hate-crime. That is how the "gay" bullies work.
She had to sit up all night deleting something like 300 abusive messages that flooded in, from the UK, America, Canada and all over the world. The comments were really gross, tell her to die and to kill her children, using every known expletive and calling her worse than ISIS. Some of the messages included sick, pornographic pictures of homosexual acts.
The vile comments from students at King Solomon High School made her regret sending her daughter there.
Gross messages are all you can expect from the "gay community". I know from my own experience that they are pathological. Just look at how Ralph W Dunfee, of Lewes Beach Delaware, expresses himself. 

Ralph W. Dunfee Your an asshole
Ralph W. Dunfee Burn in hell

And this is Ralph 

Ralph W. Dunfee

A message posted a little higher up caught my eye.

Ben Silver Do you believe in killing all non Christians as per luke 19:27 too or do you like to pick and choose the laws you follow ?

My jaw dropped when I read this. Even by the standards of PukeNews, and similar websites, its ignorance is astounding. 

And Ben Silver, pictured above, is not the only member of the "gay community" who believes this. 

Ray Copeland Why don't you give it a go then? Let's see what nonsense you come up with to explain what Jesus actually meant when he clearly advocates the killing of children.

Pictured below is Ray Copeland who thinks that Jesus advocated the killing of children. Yes, it it really is possible to be that ignorant and totally illiterate.

Ray Copeland's photo.

What the heck do they think they are raving about?  I went and looked up the passage in the New Testament that they were referring to. It is the Parable of the Ten Minas, another version of the Parable of the Talents found in Matthew. The great lord goes away, leaves each of his servants a sum of money, and on his return enquires how each of them has used what he was given. When he has rewarded each one, he punishes those who tried to depose him, saying, "But those mine enemies, which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither, and slay them before me." 
So this is what somebody says in a story told by Jesus.  
These homosexual idiots are skimming the Bible at random, taking things wildly out of context and making the most absurd accusations on that basis. 
Of course they're completely uneducated and have never read anything apart from Puke News. But, then, most people have never read the manifesto or the agenda of the Gay Rights movement. They just pay their tax money to support it on a basis of blindfold acceptance, like the good citizens of Germany in the 1930s.

More vile messages pour in to Mrs Erickson-Hull's page all the time. John Quagleini of Winnipeg, Manitoba, deserves to be better known for writing this 

John Quagleini Obnoxious cunt!
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And that is their level.

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