Monday, 14 December 2015

Online Trolls Hall of Shame : Ashley Faijoo, Rudy Tho and Abigail Hobbs

Ashley Faijoo is a lesbian troll who abuses Christians online.

Ashley Feijoo's profile photo

She barges into the Facebook page of total strangers and posts messages telling them to die. For example on a humorous post about the afterlife and going to heaven, she commented,


Ashley Faijoo Go kill yourself, get home to him faster
and in a similar vein,
Ashley Faijoo------- I hope you get shot

What a poisonous bitch. Her Facebook page is full of anti-American complaints, and pictures like this.


If that is how she feels about America, why does she live there? Why doesn't she do the USA a favour and go somewhere else?  Just hope she doesn't come here.

Rudy Tho alias Rudy Gamez of Casa Grande, Arizona is a cross-dressing male and another online troll, Rude by name, and rude by nature. He barges into other people's pages and posts this sort of puerile insult:-

He seems to be unaware that many of the world's leading scientists are Christians, and so are many of the leading scholars in a host of other fields. 
This is what Rudy Tho looks like,

Rudy's Facebook page reveals a preoccupation with violence and murder, typical of transgenders. He posted this recently:- 

Rudy also favours the world with this:

He comments on it "The nasty truth. LOL!!"  Well it's certainly the nasty truth about people like him.

Abigail Hobbs is the crudest sort of lesbian troll. When she barges into other people's Facbook pages and wants to insult a Christian community, she just posts lesbian porn. Yes. Here she is doing it.

John Quagleini The bible is a book of fiction written by men from 3rd and 4th hand information you stupid twat!
Matt Jackson John, aren't atheists supposed to be smart? You sound like a complete moron. Plus it takes a twat to know one you Summer's Eve bag!

Remember when homosexuals say "love" what they really mean is porn. Gross, and full of bondage and contraptions.
And this is what she looks like. 

Abigail Hobbs

I guess men are not missing much.


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  2. After you have had a good think about the way that LGBT activists deliberately slander and smear other people all over the internet, doing as much harm as they possibly can to them AND their families.
    Is that fair?

  3. Hateful monsters who toll people posts to abuse them NEED to be exposed!

  4. @ Ashley. You ask me to take this post down because it might "ruin your life".
    First name me one example of an aggressive homosexual post or article being taken down anywhere. I mean one of the millions of posts on websites that attack, denounce, abuse, slander and vilify good, decent, normal people. Would Pink News, Wikipedia, Facebook or Huff Post take down an abusive post if we asked them and said please? Of course not.
    Facebook has refused to take down the offensive pages called "Anna Erickson-Hull LGBTQ Advocate" despite many people reporting it. If that is not against Facebook standards, then why should anyone hestitate to include you in an article that just tells the truth? LGBTs lie, slander and twist the truth to harm people - all I have done is display it. At least I am honest.
    You posted your vile messages on a public website, so you cannot complain about anyone reading or copying them. There has been no invasion of privacy, so what I have done is legal.
    Homosexuals do not hesitate to snoop into peoples private messages and information and publish that online, in order to insult and damage them. I have not done that. I have used material put out in public by and others as vile as you are. I think people have a right to know what sort of person you are before they decide to employ you or give you a visa to enter their country.
    Countless good, decent, normal people have been bullied online by LGBT activists and as a result they have suffered, lost their jobs, their friends, lost their homes and been humiliated. People like you love doing that. You even do it to the families of people you want to attack. You abuse their children and drive them to depression or suicide.
    One vile LGBT group put a post on Wikipedia about the daughter of a marriage defender, smearing her and saying "she's the daughter of a ---- ----- Jewish bigot".
    It's so despicable it's almost beyond belief.
    The militant homosexual movement is stirring up mass hysteria and creating a toxic atmosphere in society. Young heterosexuals have been drawn into it and are joining in the orgy of bullying.

    So to use your favourite phrase " Geddover it!"

  5. EMMA FOLGER is a lesbian whose Facebook page is full of obscene pictures, foul language and homosexual self-glorification.