Monday, 7 December 2015

Flood Disaster Hits England and the Money is All Gone

Another massive flood disaster has hit the North of England in the wake of Hurricane Desmond. Huge areas of Cumbria are under water, and entire towns flooded out.
A power station near Lancaster is one of the places flooded and out of action, cutting off electricity for 55,000 people. Carlisle is five feet deep in water. The railway to Preston is cut off. Keswick is under a deluge.

Christmas tree in floods

Nearly 50 severe flood warnings remain in place. These people need emergency help. They need money. They need a major programme of assistance and compensation to rebuild their lives. 
But our government has sent all the money abroad
It has gone to the EU in ever-mounting contributions and subsidies. It has gone to people arriving in Europe on false passports claiming to be Syrian refugees, people who complain when their hotels don't provide them with TV or the right kind of free meals. It has gone in ever-increasing billions on foreign aid and foreign wars.

A man wades through flood water on a residential street in Carlisle

The people of Cumbria need alternative housing, emergency housing, but all the available housing has been given away to everyone apart from the English.

When we need money for catastrophes in England, all we get is hollow promises. These floods are not unprecedented.  We had terrible floods only two years ago and before that in 2009. But still the government has not built effective flood barriers. A measly £38 million was spent on flood barriers around the river Caldew and these were easily overwhelmed by the latest inundation. Hundreds of other flood defence schemes were shelved...while our government continued to export our tax money as fast as it can,
It is a scandal that there is no decent sufficient emergency fund to help these people.

Of course we will call in the army to help, and then as soon as the cameras stop rolling we will treat our troops abominably, sacking  them so they can't complete enough years to claim a full pension and leaving many of  them jobless and homeless in their turn,
How much help will we get for our disasters from our rich "allies" like Saudi Arabia ? It remains to be seen,

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