Saturday, 12 December 2015

Online Trolls Hall of Shame: Daniel Duzevich

Daniel Duzevich

Daniel Duzevich of Pinjarra, Western Australia is a rude, obstreperous online troll and bully. He defends the use of lies, misrepresentation and fraud to further his political ends.
He abuses women and children, and thinks that he and people like him are above the law. Not only does he say that his "care factor" about other people's opinion is non-existent, he makes it clear that his "care factor" about other people's rights is equally non-existent. Anyone who disagrees with him is classified as a "bigot" and therefore can be legitimately bullied, abused, intimidated, humiliated and vilified without limit in public. 

Daniel Duzevich Or you could just shut your head and go about your own business rather than meddling in other people's private lives, jackass!
Julia Gasper Not that stealing somebody's identity and setting up a fake page to insult them is meddling, of course!
Daniel Duzevich For her Being a bigot, I think it's pretty apt
Julia Gasper Your reply is extremly stupid and offensive.
Daniel Duzevich I think her stance on LGBT rights is stupid and offensive, not to mention my care factor about your particular opinion is non-existent
Rob Fry So just because you have a different opinion to someone else - you have to create a "hate page" for that person - and her daughters - thats shameful in anyones eyes
Daniel Duzevich I didn't create it
Jonathan Turner Yeah but you support it so started or joined in there's no difference really there isn't you have the same prerogative and thoughts that the person who made it does. How do I know from your comments.
Daniel Duzevich And I should care because?
An Anomaly Because you're being incredibly ignorant

When an illegal webpage was set up by malicious trolls to attack a family with young children, Daniel Duzevich rushed to the defence...  of the criminals. He was aggressive in defending the perpetrators of a hate-crime. Only people who agree with him have any rights in his tiny mind. 
He even uses his Facebook page to applaud other people whose idea of commenting in public is to shout the f--- word. Needless to say all the examples are made up by someone who thinks this is terribly witty.

After behaving like an absolute gutter cockroach, he has the naiveté to put this post onto his own Facebook page.

Well, Daniel, in that case I guess it is a matter of choice that you are a louse.
And I wonder why your Facebook page features pictures of young boys with very little clothing on. And why your "background" features a close up of a young boy's trousers falling down. Just asking.
This is the whole photograph. He enlarged it to max, zooming in on that glimpse of the underpants.

Just saying.

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