Friday, 20 November 2015

Well done Germaine Greer for Standing Up to the Bullies

I thought Germaine Greer had called off her talk at Cardiff University because of a bunch of silly students trying to "no-platform" her.
The LGBTs of Cardiff University (a group that of course gets funding from the Student Union, whose money comes ultimately from the tax-payer) launched a petition to ban her. Three counter-petitions followed demanding that the talk go ahead. It was reported in many places that she had decided to back down.
It would have been absurd if after being wrong about so many things all her life, she had stood down on this occasion when she happens to be in the right. They objected to her because she won't capitulate to "trans" nonsense. A man who cuts off his genitalia is not a woman, he is a eunuch. And a woman who cuts off her organs is...a female eunuch.

Women and Power: Germaine Greer at Cardiff University

In fact it doesn't matter whether one agrees with what Greer said when she finally turned up to give her lecture, about Women and Power. As Voltaire said "I may disagree with every word you are saying, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." And in the end there were more signatories for the principle of free speech than there were for the nasty, intolerant LGBT extremists. Their childish accusations that all other opinions are "hateful" were not allowed to prevail against the grown-up and more civilised principle of open debate.
Let's hope that many more victories over the LGBT nutcases follow.
We are in the middle of an intensive campaign to promote transsexual lies. It is proliferating in all the media and ILGA is behind it. Even conservative newspapers have adopted this nonsense of calling men "women" because they put on a dress or cut their goolies off.
The claim that "sex and gender are two separate things" is revealed as nonsense by the fact that so many transgenders carry on to have physical operations to make their bodies appear more like the opposite sex. They are severely disturbed people, possibly because or just in spite of taking artificial hormones. Trannies are appallingly violent and carry out innumerable rapes and murders. They are nothing like the glamorous image being presented by the media. Society must stop funding this madness and we must not let ourselves be bullied.
Well done Professor Greer.

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