Thursday, 26 November 2015

Senior Citizens Get Raw Deal as Ever from Chancellor's Autumn Statement

The Chancellor's autumn statement did little or nothing at all to address one of our major scandals  - the poverty and neglect of our elderly citizens. 
He decreed that working families should pay more council tax to provide minimal funds for elderly care-homes, but that is a miserly and inadequate gesture compared to the huge scale of this problem.

Edna Slann, 89, was a resident at Grantley Court Nursing Home which was shut down by the Care Quality Commission for significant failings in care

Those who are supposedly "in care" are getting a shockingly poor deal. From time to time bad care-homes, where old people are maltreated, are closed down, but that only increases the pressure on the few decent or tolerable ones.

Every winter, millions of old people suffer cold and hardship, because they cannot afford to heat their homes or buy enough food. The stark fact is that the death rate among them peaks sharply during the winter months and many are isolated and depressed. They can't afford to celebrate Christmas and they are rewarded with contempt for the decades  they spent working, paying tax and contributing to this country. Last winter, the number of such people dying of avoidable cold and hunger reached a 15-year-high.
A few weeks ago, a homeless ex-soldier, aged 82, died hours after being evicted from a squat in Manchester city centre. Known only as George, he was one of  a dozen veterans who were sharing this illegal last-resort accommodation to avoid the cold. Until they were thrown out, that is. George had been sleeping rough for twenty years.  That is the thanks he got for serving his country in its armed forces.  This is a national disgrace.

Most of the people who do get places in care homes have to pay huge amounts and sell their houses to meet the fees, even if  the care home is council run.
I say the government owes old people care, they have worked and paid tax in this country all their lives and so in most cases did their parents, while their children and grandchildren are still working and paying tax. Yet the money does not get spent on those  deserving and needy citizens.  It gets squandered on others who have no legitimate claim.

More than 100 elderly a week are being forced to give up their houses to pay for care home fees

Local councils seize the property of elderly people who need care and sell it, blatantly plundering the most hard-working and law-abiding families of this country. It is estimated that a hundred such cases happen per WEEK in England, making an annual total of between 30,000 and 40,000.
Anybody with more than £23,000 in assets is regarded as fair game for plunder.

The Chancellor allocated an extra £1 billion to foreign aid, but nothing to help our own senior citizens, apart from the mean and back-handed tactic of raising council tax for working families. The English will as ever be hit worst, as the budget allocates over £60 billion more to Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland than to the equivalent areas in England.

Why don't rich Muslim countries like Qatar do something to help refugees?
If they can spend £200 billion on a football event, they could afford to accommodate millions of fleeing families. But no, they leave us to foot the bill.

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