Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Online Trolls Hall of Shame: Dominic Francis

Dom Francis, as he likes to be known, is the Oxford student who planned the demonstration to disrupt the funeral of Margaret Thatcher in April 2013. He organised fellow-students to stand on the route of the procession and turn their backs in disrespect. Some of them also shouted insulting slogans or threw missiles at police. His name is therefore synonymous with everything crude, uncouth and anti-social.
To impose their political opinions in such a way at such a moment of solemnity and mourning was gross discourtesy and utterly bad taste.

Dominic Francis

While his politics are as left-wing as the government of North Korea, newspapers revealed that "Dom" a mature student at the somewhat notorious Ruskin College, actually comes from a well-heeled background. His parents live in a £700,000 house in Tunbridge Wells.
Given that Dom took the lead in such a public display of belligerent beastliness at Lady Thatcher's funeral, it is amusing to discover that when online he presumes to accuse other people of "hatred and bigotry". According to him, it is "vile bigotry" to have a scientific discussion. Other people according to him don't speak, they always "spout" or "rant" if he doesn't like their opinions. He breaks out into hysteria and like all the worst students of his narrow-minded generation, immediately calls for those he disagrees with to be given "no platform". 

"No platform" should be the motto of Ruskin College, it is such a breeding ground of ignorant, knee-jerk dummies. 
They could put it on their college shield: Nullum podium propter odium...
The only person they would happily give a platform to is Kim Jong-Un.

At the height of his online tantrum, young Master Francis announced he was resigning from the discussion forum. But alas, this was a promise he has not yet kept. He is still listed as a member. Why, it is difficult to imagine, since he thinks that only his own ideas and opinions have any "legitimacy".

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