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Homos and Trannies Tearing Each Other Apart

David Salisbury is no madder than most LGBT activists. A dedicated gay rights fanatic, he also calls himself a vegan, a "priest" and a "witch". I dread to imagine what church or religion it is that he is a priest of. He calls it his "work" to call out, that is to say, to intimidate and abuse, anybody who opposes the LGBT agenda. And this includes women, albeit lesbians, who refuse to call a man a woman just because he puts on a dress. 

Salisbury has been publicly denouncing other veteran homosexual activists, questioning whether they have a right to be teaching, and even accusing them of "violence", merely for asserting the simple truth that a man is a man, and a woman is a woman.

Cathy Brennan
11 November at 20:43
Marty Rouse Why is David Salisbury, an employee of the Human Rights Campaign, harassing lesbians for objecting to policies that harm Women? Is this what your employees do?

The answer to that is of course YES. Harrassing people for objecting to behaviour that harms, women, children, men and indeed the whole of society is exactly what HRC [2]does. This sinister extremist group set up by billionaire Terry Bean (whose ability to buy his way out of a series of age-of-consent prosecutions is now legendary) employs a team of fanatics who work on the internet harrassing, bullying and intimidating all those who oppose the queer supremacist agenda. When Salisbury says "bring everyone along with us" he means crush all opposition and ruthlessly silence all dissent, by any means necessary.

If a few lesbian feminists happen to get in the way of the HRC bullying campaign they cannot expect leniency just because they have devoted their lives to "gay rights activism". They too are now accused of "hate" and "bigotry", and crudely labelled "transphobic" just as they once labelled others "homophobic". The queer extremist agenda knows no loyalty, no friends - only enemies and demons. Its trite and limited range of clich├ęs can be quickly turned on anyone in its own ranks who dissents.

The lesbians say that women are at risk from men who dress up as women and force their way into private female areas such as lavatories, showers, or even refuges set up for victims of domestic violence. [3] That view is true without any shadow of a doubt. It is supported by a wealth of evidence. 

"Julianna", real name Joseph David Fialkoswki has been convicted of the rape of a lesbian-identifying teenager, and of making child pornography

There are hundreds of cases to prove that cross-dressing freaks - so-called transsexuals - are among the most violent, disturbed and deranged members of society. "Julianna Fialkowski is a f---ing predator" wrote one victim of a serial cross-dressing rapist recently on the internet. She was warning others about a man who assumed a "female" identity and then sexually assaulted or raped half a dozen vulnerable people in a shelter set up for homeless teenagers. 

Even by the standards of the LGBTs, transsexuals are outstandingly psychotic. The psychiatric term for their condition is gender dyphoria, or autogynephylia. A recent article that appeared in the USA listed more than fifty examples of serious sex crimes carried out by men who had assumed a female identity.[1] A lot more research is available on websites such as and Allison'sLaw. Christopher Hambrook, a male stripper and cross-dresser in Toronto, used his transsexual identity as "Jessica" to get access to homes where he raped women and girls.

Another worrying thing is that by changing their name and gender identity, transsexuals make it impossible to keep track of them by means of the Sex Offenders Register. This racket should be stopped now. There should be no legal recognition of so-called sex-changes.

Why should a man in a dress, such as Julianna Fialkoswki, be able to impose his wishes on hundreds of women who choose to have privacy from him, and wish to be protected from snooping, voyeurism, rape and violence? No reason at all - but then there has never been much reasonableness in the crazy LGBT movement that is now having this bizarre little civil war.

When Mr Salisbury is not busy ruling the world he is an avid fan of Harry Potter. Yes, his Facebook page is full of allusions to people such as Dumbledore and James Sirius Potter.

Looks to me like a case of arrested development.

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