Thursday, 12 November 2015

Great Chainsaw Massacre

Terrible things, trees. If you don't keep cutting them down they will take the whole world over and exterminate human beings, or so a lot of people seem to believe. Living around here you never know when you're going to wake up to the sound of chainsaws. Trees you loved but took for granted are being relentlessly hacked down for any or no reason.

Last February four mature sycamores were chopped down in the middle of Quarry, and this week three more large trees have been taken down in a spot very close to them. 

It seems they had committed the grave offence of being "self-seeded". In other words, no one planted them. They were not there by human agency, they had not been planned or given an official licence to exist. They were not authorized by the bureacracy.

They were part of Nature.

It takes a hundred years for trees like this to grow. They would have been here when C.S.Lewis and his brother walked along this road each Sunday morning on their way to church. I don't suppose he objected to them.
Here is a picture of three of our local Liberal Democrat councillors, heroically standing guard over a wooden post in Osler Road to make sure that it doesn't attack anyone or do any harm to the community.

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