Tuesday, 10 November 2015

And He is the Leader of the National Secular Society

Keith Porteous Wood, leader of the National Secular Society, has appeared in a short video for the Defend Free Speech campaign. 
He is one of a miscellaneous bunch of people defending liberty against the government's grossly tyrannical idea of Extremist Disruption Orders. EDOs are a very dangerous idea, and a very stupid idea. Essentially is it regressing back to the time when all opposition to the government or prevailing beliefs was regarded as a crime. 
Unfortunately Mr Porteous Wood did not have his speech vetted beforehand by somebody with a basic level of school education. He can be heard on this video solemnly announcing that "We are defending freedom of expression because it is the absolute fundament of democracy." 
No kidding.


I listened to it about four times to make quite sure I had not misheard!


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