Saturday, 7 November 2015

37 Christian Hostages Released by ISIS

Thirty-seven Syrian Christians who were being held hostage by ISIS have been released, it is reported by AINA. 
Among them were some who had been abducted last February from the Khabour valley in the Hassaké region, when 35 villages were attacked.v More than three thousand people had to flee. Those released today were captured from the villages of Tal Shamiram and Tal Jazira. Twenty-seven of them were women, and the rest elderly people. They arrived safely in the town of Tel Amar.
   There are still many Christian prisoners being held by ISIS, including 168 from villages in the Khabour valley, and 185 others captured at Qaryatayn. But this release gives hope for the rest.

Syrie : l’État Islamique relâche 37 otages chrétiens

Assyrian International News Agency (AINA) vient de nous apprendre que l’État Islamique venait de relâcher 37 otages chrétiens assyriens parmi ceux qu’il avait enlevés le 23 février dernier lors de l’attaque des 35 villages assyriens de la vallée de la Khabour dans le gouvernorat d’Hassaké, qui avait précipité la fuite de 3 000 chrétiens. Les 37 Assyriens libérés, dont 27 femmes, sont des adultes ou des personnes âgées originaires des villages de Tal Shamiram et de Tal Jazira. Ils sont arrivés sains et saufs dans la ville de Tel Amar. L’État Islamique détient encore 168 chrétiens des villages de la Khabour et 185 autres enlevés à Qaryatayn.

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