Sunday, 18 October 2015

Oxford's "Don't Care" Council Presses on With Demolition of Temple Cowley Pool

Despite all the protests, the petitions, the pleading and the logical arguments of the group who want to save and re-open Temple Cowley Swimming Pool, the Labour-led City Council is determined to reduce it to rubble.
A development company named Catalyst has been given permission to demolish the whole centre, despite having no legally approved plans for anything else to be built on the site.
Why does anyone vote Labour? Presumably because they like being ignored, taken for granted and then ruinously over-taxed.

Save TCP writes:-

Thanks to all of you who have been able to do something so far. It is incredibly important that those in political power, particularly the Labour councillors who are responsible for closing Temple Cowley Pools, remain aware of just how strongly people feel about losing Temple Cowley Pools.

The latest is that Oxford City Council is minded not to step in and prevent demolition, even though they could do IF THEY WANTED TO. Remember this next May when you are casting your vote in the local elections – the party calling itself Labour in Oxford bears little relation to the national Labour Party.
We are now taking legal measures to prevent demolition happening – while this happens, you can still take your part in saving Temple Cowley Pools.
Demolition of Temple Cowley Pools gets closer all the time – we are asking people to make their views known now to Catalyst Housing, who have put up the notice of demolition, even though they haven’t submitted a planning application yet! And, they tried to hide the notice from the public!
Please contact (politely) Catalyst Housing and their agents as follows:
Catalyst Housing - David Truesdale -
Savills (agents) - Roger Smith - - 01865 269057

Ask them any combination of the following:

Why won’t they work with the Temple Cowley Pools group who want to both, build housing AND keep health and fitness facilities where the community wants and needs them - IN COWLEY?
Why are they going to the expense of demolition now?
Are they aware of the strength of feeling in the community for keeping Temple Cowley Pools open?
Why have they agreed to pay £3.6m for the Temple Cowley Pools site when other council land (such as what was the Barns Road community centre) was given to developers free of charge?
Are they aware that any Planning Application to develop housing will be robustly contested, and there are very strong grounds for refusal?
Temple Cowley Pools is registered as an Asset of Community Value and the community wishes to take it into ownership and operate it – the redevelopment involves social housing, so why won’t Catalyst work with the community to achieve this?
Why is Catalyst Housing going to the expense of demolition now, when, if they put in a planning application and it is refused, the whole deal with the City Council will fall through?
If they reply that demolition is necessary because the building is in a dangerous state, ask them to prove it, and ask who this would affect as it is securely fenced off from the public. There is no evidence that it is or ever has been 'in a dangerous state'.

Stopping demolition NOW, by persuading Catalyst Housing to wait until after a successful planning application, is the best way forward for everyone.
If you do get a reply, please let us know at

Thanks - for everything and anything you can do.

Save Temple Cowley Pools Campaign Team

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