Monday, 5 October 2015

Online Trolls Hall of Shame (4) Jason Z Roder of Michigan USA

Jason Z Roder of Michigan USA is not a popular guy. On his birthday, May 2nd, all of FIVE people wished him happy birthday on Facebook. Aaaaahhhh.....Sad.

Jason is not a very handsome guy either, as he doesn't post a photo of himself, Just this very suitable image of an online troll!
It couldn't be more appropriate.
Jason's occupation is being a pest and a nuisance. He sends unimaginative messages of abuse, usually calling people "bigots" [yawn] or a "douchebag" whatever that is.
Rationality is not Jason's strong point. When a mentally ill teenager in Ohio threw himself in front of a lorry, because he was convinced he was a girl and his parents would not humour his delusion, Jason Z Roder firmly put all the blame on a journalist who wrote an article commenting on it afterwards. He got hysterical and accused her of having "bloodsoaked hands".
I know....weird.
It amounts to slander and defamation because he named her and made his accusation publicly. Proving that he is almost as crazy as the mixed-up teenager.

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