Friday, 2 October 2015

Online Trolls Hall of Shame (3) James Simmons

Keep a watch out for harmful pests this autumn! No, I don't mean flesh-eating spiders but something else just as vile and horrible.
James Simmons is another of those venomous internet trolls who send nasty messages and abuse. He spreads lies, intolerance and aggression.

James is an avid reader of Pink News and believes everything that he reads in it. 
He then circulates it on the internet, where it gets more and more garbled as it goes around. 
He is proud of the way that he stalks people and posts gibberish about them. People like James Simmons are a serious threat to freedom of speech, and freedom of speech is the cornerstone of democracy. It used to be enshrined as one of our rights under common law, but now it has been replaced with the new blasphemy laws of so-called "hate speech". There is no worse hate-speech than the invective sent by trolls  like this  - it's always full of rage and insult, threats of violence and the recurrent question "how dare you express an opinion that is different from mine or that of Puke News?"
But I do dare, Mr Simmons.  That is why you hate me so obsessively. I do dare.

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