Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Labour Leader Who Hob-Nobbed With Hitler

If you ever get tired of limp-brained lefties repeating that the Queen, or her close relatives, or the owner of the Daily Mail, met Hitler, an accusation which is meant to prove that they were necessarily the most inveterate supporters of the most hideous atrocities, then tell them this: in 1937, the Labour party leader, George Lansbury, also met Adolf Hitler, and was favourably impressed by him.

Lansbury was a lifelong pacifist who thought peace could be maintained through a policy of non-violence, idealism and appeasement  - rather like Jeremy Corbyn in fact.

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After travelling to Berlin and meeting the Fuhrer in April 1937, Lansbury positively drooled with approval. He saw nothing but good in the man and trusted him entirely. He wrote,

[Hitler] appeared free of personal ambition ... wasn't ashamed of his humble start in life ... lived in the country rather than the town ... was a bachelor who liked children and old people ... and was obviously lonely. I wished that I could have gone to Berchtesgaden and stayed with him for a little while. I felt that Christianity in its purest sense might have had a chance with him.

It all seems very quaint and distant now, but what would have happened if Lansbury had been Prime Minister instead of Winston Churchill?

Labour leader George Lansbury apparently making Nazi salute.

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