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Shocking Standards of Behaviour at Oxford University - LGBT Activist Was Rapist

The education of the Blair era has produced a bizarre generation of young people who are not ashamed to call for censorship of any views outside their narrow range. They are judgmental, noisy and shrill in their disapproval of anything non "politically correct", supposedly unequal, sexist or fomohobic. They wax indignant if anyone questions climate change. They see nothing wrong with sexting, illegal drug-taking or holding private conversations very loudly on their mobile phones in crowded railway carriages, but climate change heresy really infuriates them.
Completely lacking in any ability to reason independently, they mouth jargon and rely on doctrinaire groupthink. "Safe space", "transwoman", "cis-men", "genderqueer" they drivel on.


Yet these ridiculous adolescents who are constantly censoring and "no-platforming" speakers whose convictions are unfashionable, or denouncing the "bigots" of heterosexual society, spend their spare time raping each other. Then they just casually admit it on social media.
So much for their "safe space"!!

By Abby Phillip October 16
(Oxford Union/YouTube)

Annie Teriba is well-known on Oxford University’s campus. The student activist has been at the forefront of race, LGBT and sexual assault debates, and she has been a prominent voice decrying “rape culture” and “victim blaming” at the elite institution in Oxford, England.

So when she revealed last week that she had recently had “not consensual” sex at a black students conference, the admission came both as a surprise and also as a disappointment to her one-time allies.

“At this year’s NUS Black Students’ Conference, I had sex with someone,” Teriba wrote in a Facebook post that she subsequently deleted, but was re-posted by another student group. “The other party later informed me that the sex was not consensual.”
“I failed to properly establish consent before every act,” she said. “I apologise sincerely and profoundly for my actions.”

Teriba noted that she was not sufficiently attentive to the person’s “body language.”

“In failing to clarify that the person consented to our entire encounter, I have caused serious irreparable harm,” she added.

Teriba also acknowledged that in another incident as a freshman, she had drunkenly touched someone “in a sexual manner without their consent.”

It was an apology accompanied by several declarations. She would resign from a slew of political and advocacy organizations: NCAFC’s National Committee and from the NUS’s Black Students’ Committee, as the People of Colour and Racial Equality Officer and as editor of the No Heterox**, a “radical queer” magazine.

She promised to get help dealing with how she consumes alcohol, and she pledged to work with organizations that deal with sexual violence. And because she “breached” the safe space policy of the National Union of Students conference, she would no longer attend future events.

[College students remain deeply divided over what consent actually means]

But one campus advocacy group in particular condemned Teriba for issuing a mea culpa that was “rife” with “rape apologism.”

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Labour Leader Who Hob-Nobbed With Hitler

If you ever get tired of limp-brained lefties repeating that the Queen, or her close relatives, or the owner of the Daily Mail, met Hitler, an accusation which is meant to prove that they were necessarily the most inveterate supporters of the most hideous atrocities, then tell them this: in 1937, the Labour party leader, George Lansbury, also met Adolf Hitler, and was favourably impressed by him.

Lansbury was a lifelong pacifist who thought peace could be maintained through a policy of non-violence, idealism and appeasement  - rather like Jeremy Corbyn in fact.

Image result for image George Lansbury LabourImage result for image Jeremy Corbyn Labour

After travelling to Berlin and meeting the Fuhrer in April 1937, Lansbury positively drooled with approval. He saw nothing but good in the man and trusted him entirely. He wrote,

[Hitler] appeared free of personal ambition ... wasn't ashamed of his humble start in life ... lived in the country rather than the town ... was a bachelor who liked children and old people ... and was obviously lonely. I wished that I could have gone to Berchtesgaden and stayed with him for a little while. I felt that Christianity in its purest sense might have had a chance with him.

It all seems very quaint and distant now, but what would have happened if Lansbury had been Prime Minister instead of Winston Churchill?

Labour leader George Lansbury apparently making Nazi salute.

Eleven Christians Crucified or Beheaded in Syria by ISIS

Eleven Christians have been martyred for their faith in a village near Aleppo. They were all members of a humanitarian missionary organisation which made them a particular target. The  director had repeatedly urged them to leave but the refused, telling him they were certain they had a vocation to be there.
The ISIS insurgents offered them the choice of conversion or death. All the adults chose death, and they were executed in two groups.

Image result for christian syria crucified

The first group consisted of a team leader aged 41 and two of his assistants, aged in their twenties. They were flogged, then crucified in a public place in front of a large crowd. with placards round their necks saying "infidel". When crucified it took them two days to die. The 12-year-old son of the team leader agreed to convert and was spared.
The second lot consisted of eight team members, including two women, aged 29 and 33.  The executioners publicly raped them before crucifying them along with the men.  While they endured this, the women continued to pray aloud, which goaded their attackers to treat them even more violently.
All eight victims were then told to line up on their knees, blindfold, and praying to the very end, they were decapitated.
Nevertheless, an underground church network still survives in Syria and those in it say that the sight of these people dying with such unshaken faith has led many who witnessed it, or even heard of it, to convert.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Stop the Christian Genocide #WarOnChristians

This video shows personal testimonies from survivors of ISIS massacres in Syria.
They were among thousands of Christians abducted from their homes. Their villages were wrecked and burnt down. They were kept in camps where they had to watch their fathers, husbands and sons being beheaded. The young women and girls were sold as sex slaves in the market.  The survivors, some children and old women, are shattered and traumatized.
They have even seen children crucified.

Our media and government are failing completely to take notice or act.

Meanwhile what does Amnesty International do? It is busy crusading for pimps and murderers elsewhere.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Courage of Priest Who Escaped ISIS in a Terrorist

It is a daring escapade like something out of a Second World War adventure film. But the hero is not your usual tough guy in uniform  - he is a modest, middle-aged Catholic priest. 

Image result for Pere Jacques Mourad

For five months this year, Father Jacques Mourad, a Syrian Christian priest, was held captive by ISIS terrorists who razed his monastery of Mar-Elian to the ground. He was one of two hundred and fifty Christian prisoners held by the jihadists near the town of Qaryatayn about sixty miles from Palmyra, where the rebels have taken control.

Father Mourad is the abbot of his Catholic community, which during the past two years has given shelter and food to hundreds of refugees from the war zone, Christian and Muslim alike. They took in all who had lost their homes or were in danger and came to them for help. That gained them no leniency at all from the ISIS fighters when they arrived in the region in April. They captured Father Mourad, took prisoner all those they found in the monastery, about 230 people of whom sixty were Christians, and then destroyed it with a bulldozer.

When he was first seized, on 21st May, Father Mourad was kept locked in a car, in a remote spot in the mountains, for four days. The rebels then transferred him to Raqqa for three months, before taking him on 11th August to a place near Palmyra, where he was held with about 250 other Christians. Every day, his captors would come to him and demand that he signed a document agreeing to convert to Islam. If he did not, he was warned that he would have his throat cut. Even faced with such threats, Father Mourad refused and went on refusing. He assumed that he was going to die very soon, any day. Staring death in the face, he felt strangely calm and at peace. He thought to himself that he would be just one more out of the countless thousands of martyrs who had died for his beliefs, and if it had to be, then he was completely resigned to it.

Then help came out of the blue. A friend found out where he was and managed to talk and trick his way into the camp on some pretext. He smuggled two ISIS uniforms in with him, one for himself and one for Father Mourad. Dressed all in black with balaclavas and weapons, they sneaked out past the guards and escaped on a motorbike to Zeydal, near to Homs.

Father Mourad is still there, and working together with an Orthodox priest and various friends, both Bedouin and Muslim, to try to rescue the other prisoners who are still being held in his place of captivity.

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Oxford's "Don't Care" Council Presses on With Demolition of Temple Cowley Pool

Despite all the protests, the petitions, the pleading and the logical arguments of the group who want to save and re-open Temple Cowley Swimming Pool, the Labour-led City Council is determined to reduce it to rubble.
A development company named Catalyst has been given permission to demolish the whole centre, despite having no legally approved plans for anything else to be built on the site.
Why does anyone vote Labour? Presumably because they like being ignored, taken for granted and then ruinously over-taxed.

Save TCP writes:-

Thanks to all of you who have been able to do something so far. It is incredibly important that those in political power, particularly the Labour councillors who are responsible for closing Temple Cowley Pools, remain aware of just how strongly people feel about losing Temple Cowley Pools.

The latest is that Oxford City Council is minded not to step in and prevent demolition, even though they could do IF THEY WANTED TO. Remember this next May when you are casting your vote in the local elections – the party calling itself Labour in Oxford bears little relation to the national Labour Party.
We are now taking legal measures to prevent demolition happening – while this happens, you can still take your part in saving Temple Cowley Pools.
Demolition of Temple Cowley Pools gets closer all the time – we are asking people to make their views known now to Catalyst Housing, who have put up the notice of demolition, even though they haven’t submitted a planning application yet! And, they tried to hide the notice from the public!
Please contact (politely) Catalyst Housing and their agents as follows:
Catalyst Housing - David Truesdale -
Savills (agents) - Roger Smith - - 01865 269057

Ask them any combination of the following:

Why won’t they work with the Temple Cowley Pools group who want to both, build housing AND keep health and fitness facilities where the community wants and needs them - IN COWLEY?
Why are they going to the expense of demolition now?
Are they aware of the strength of feeling in the community for keeping Temple Cowley Pools open?
Why have they agreed to pay £3.6m for the Temple Cowley Pools site when other council land (such as what was the Barns Road community centre) was given to developers free of charge?
Are they aware that any Planning Application to develop housing will be robustly contested, and there are very strong grounds for refusal?
Temple Cowley Pools is registered as an Asset of Community Value and the community wishes to take it into ownership and operate it – the redevelopment involves social housing, so why won’t Catalyst work with the community to achieve this?
Why is Catalyst Housing going to the expense of demolition now, when, if they put in a planning application and it is refused, the whole deal with the City Council will fall through?
If they reply that demolition is necessary because the building is in a dangerous state, ask them to prove it, and ask who this would affect as it is securely fenced off from the public. There is no evidence that it is or ever has been 'in a dangerous state'.

Stopping demolition NOW, by persuading Catalyst Housing to wait until after a successful planning application, is the best way forward for everyone.
If you do get a reply, please let us know at

Thanks - for everything and anything you can do.

Save Temple Cowley Pools Campaign Team

Monday, 12 October 2015

Re-unite Karrissa Cox and Richard Carter with Their Child #StopForcedAdoption

Karrissa Cox and Richard Carter were wrongly accused of maltreating their baby.

Now they have cleared their name they are told by Social Services that the child has been legally adopted and they will never see her again. Yes, another triumph for our anti-Social Services.
Please sign and share the petition online against this terrible injustice.

Karrissa Cox and Richard Carter, from Guildford, Surrey, were cleared of child cruelty at Guildford Crown Court after new medical evidence showed there were no signs of abuse

A couple who were wrongly accused of abusing their baby have told how they will ‘fight until their last breath’ to be reunited with their child after the six-week-old was adopted before the pair were cleared.
Karrissa Cox and Richard Carter, from Guildford, Surrey, said they felt pain like ‘they had never felt before’ after the youngster was taken into care when the concerned parents took the baby to hospital.
The couple, both 25, had taken the youngster to be seen by doctors at Royal Surrey County Hospital after discovering bleeding in the mouth following a feed.
But when hospital staff noticed bruising and marks on the baby's body, an X-ray was carried out that showed what were thought to be fractures.
A few days later the couple were charged with child cruelty and their baby was taken into care.
Ms Cox and her fiancé maintained their innocence and were finally cleared on Wednesday when a criminal case against them collapsed after new medical evidence showed there were no signs of abuse.
Defence lawyers at Guildford Crown Court argued the X-rays were consistent with rickets and the prosecution later said one of their experts could not be sure of fractures.
It was later discovered that the child had a vitamin D deficiency, which causes infantile rickets.
The baby was also suffering from the blood disorder Von Willebrand II, which causes someone to bruise more easily.
The couple have now launched a bid to win back custody of the child but legal experts warn their attempts may be futile.
Speaking after the case, Mr Carter, an Afghanistan veteran with 2nd Battalion The Rifles, described the moment his child was taken away from him and said it ‘just rips your soul away from you’.

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Sights of Oxford October 2015

A pleasant view of All Souls College in the  autumn sunlight. And a few yards away in a lane in central Oxford,

Friday, 9 October 2015

Then and Now

Monday, 5 October 2015

Online Trolls Hall of Shame (4) Jason Z Roder of Michigan USA

Jason Z Roder of Michigan USA is not a popular guy. On his birthday, May 2nd, all of FIVE people wished him happy birthday on Facebook. Aaaaahhhh.....Sad.

Jason is not a very handsome guy either, as he doesn't post a photo of himself, Just this very suitable image of an online troll!
It couldn't be more appropriate.
Jason's occupation is being a pest and a nuisance. He sends unimaginative messages of abuse, usually calling people "bigots" [yawn] or a "douchebag" whatever that is.
Rationality is not Jason's strong point. When a mentally ill teenager in Ohio threw himself in front of a lorry, because he was convinced he was a girl and his parents would not humour his delusion, Jason Z Roder firmly put all the blame on a journalist who wrote an article commenting on it afterwards. He got hysterical and accused her of having "bloodsoaked hands".
I know....weird.
It amounts to slander and defamation because he named her and made his accusation publicly. Proving that he is almost as crazy as the mixed-up teenager.

Friday, 2 October 2015

Online Trolls Hall of Shame (3) James Simmons

Keep a watch out for harmful pests this autumn! No, I don't mean flesh-eating spiders but something else just as vile and horrible.
James Simmons is another of those venomous internet trolls who send nasty messages and abuse. He spreads lies, intolerance and aggression.

James is an avid reader of Pink News and believes everything that he reads in it. 
He then circulates it on the internet, where it gets more and more garbled as it goes around. 
He is proud of the way that he stalks people and posts gibberish about them. People like James Simmons are a serious threat to freedom of speech, and freedom of speech is the cornerstone of democracy. It used to be enshrined as one of our rights under common law, but now it has been replaced with the new blasphemy laws of so-called "hate speech". There is no worse hate-speech than the invective sent by trolls  like this  - it's always full of rage and insult, threats of violence and the recurrent question "how dare you express an opinion that is different from mine or that of Puke News?"
But I do dare, Mr Simmons.  That is why you hate me so obsessively. I do dare.

Insider Dealing

Hundreds of orchards all over England will be chopped down now or left to rot because the EU has decided to slap a tax on small-scale cider producers.

The announcement was made last February 26th. Previously under EU law anyone who produced less than seven thousand litres per year was exempt from tax. This enabled small-scale craft producers to make limited quantities of cider for a discerning drinker, and sell it at farmer's markets or farm shops. A lot of these will now go out of business because their profit margin is so small and the paperwork is just another headache.  
It seems perverse from every reasonable point of view to be clobbering the cider-makers. They are an important part of our farming tradition.
The National Association of Cider makers has repeatedly called on the government to reduce duty on their product. This year they requested an exemption on duty for small scale cider producers. It did not happen. Instead, the EU upped their tax.
Cider-making is a highly environmentally-friendly activity that creates seven thousand jobs in the countryside, and could create more since the demand for the product is growing. Orchards of apple and pear trees are also ideal for encouraging bees, many species of which are threatened. Yet the industry meets with nothing but obstacles and disapproval. Growers of cider apples would love to be able to plant more orchards and expand their production, but they dare not invest money when the duty is so high and always liable to arbitrary hikes.

 So we face the absurd situation of England, an ideal country for the growing of apples and pears, having to import apples and juice from abroad to make cider. Beautiful orchards are destroyed or built over. It does not make sense.