Thursday, 24 September 2015

Why Do We Have Secret Courts?

The scandal of secret court hearings in Britain continues, and Social Services use them to persecute families and tear them apart. It does not matter that nobody in these families has actually broken any law. Nor have they complained, or asked for help on any grounds. They are are not getting divorced, which might be a cue for the intervention of the dreaded CAFCASS whose name is a byword for insensitivity and idiocy. (CafCRASS you might call them).

No, even if you don't fall into any of those categories, Social Services, known as the SS, can still pick on you, disapprove of you, find fault with the way you bring up your children, particularly if you home-school them, and get a court order for the children to be taken away and forcibly adopted. The SS is 97% likely to win any court battle as it has almost unlimited resources, and can hire barristers and so-called "experts" to tear their victims apart, while for the average or poor family the difficulties and costs of a legal battle are immense. Only 3% of people win a case against Social Services.

If you imagine that Social Services separates children from their parents "for their own good", stop and look at the stark financial facts. Fostering agencies, such as Core Assets, get substantial fees from the government and ‘help’ towards meeting adoption targets [1]. The current figure is £27,000 per child. And if you doubt that the business is profitable, ask yourself why the National Fostering Agency was sold to American buyers in 2011 for £130 million!!!! [3]
The legislation behind this, is the Children, Family and Adoption Act,which was intended to get children out of council-run care homes. But to meet their targets, and increase their profits, the SS takes away children from their parents. They favour those who are easy to adopt i.e. very young, white, healthy and preferably good-looking. This now happens in about 1,500 families a year in the UK, so that SS Departments can meet their targets and push a tidy profit in the direction of the adoption agencies (often run by their associates).
These are not like the old Christian adoption charities (all closed down by LGBT fanatics). These are more like human- trafficking businesses.
And within SS circles there is a tendency to pick on Christian families as they conflict with notions of "political correctness".
While trying to prove such people are bad parents, the SS is completely oblivious to the harm done by their own protracted harassment, abuse and persecution of the families, which sometimes goes on for years. Of course these are the same "SS" types who ignored real abuse where it was going on in places such as Rotherham.
I heard of one recent example of a family with four children, snooped on, interrogated and bullied for eighteen months by the SS, who were looking for a pretext to confiscate their offspring. One day they arrived with a policeman to arrest the mother and father in front of these young children, putting them in handcuffs and giving no reason at all for their arrest, There were no charges because no law had been broken. The parents were put in a police car and driven away, the children taken away and put into council care, even though they have grandparents who are willing to look after them. The father, who tried to resist, was roughed up by the policeman.
The parents were locked up in police cells for over thirty hours, without charges or legal representation, As a result, the mother who was pregnant again, suffered a miscarriage. They are now in misery and terror, fearing the court decision for their children to be legally adopted which will mean none of them see each other again.
Anybody who names this family or gives any hint of their identity can be found guilty of contempt of court.
This country is not a democracy while such things happen. There is a war on Christians and there is a war on the family. Watch out, those of you who come into both suspect categories.



  1. Cornwall Council are trying to get the following case heard in private
    There is a hearing about this on 23rd October in Exeter. The media and the public have the right to attend this hearing to raise objections to the case being heard in private. The final hearing will not be in private unless we win that day. We need therefore people willing to attend the court hearing. Please, anybody who cares about this, follow my blog, to receive details of the hearing, with a view to attended, and making representation at it.

  2. Thanks, John, I will pass this news on.