Sunday, 27 September 2015

Ten Worst "Gay" Myths Refuted

Let’s all save ourselves time. When arguing, just refer to these common homosexual myths by their numbers…we’ve all heard them often enough!
1. “Gays are 5-10% of the population.” False. They are 1.5% according to the UK Office of National Statistics and a similar percentage in other countries.
2. The Gay Gene. LGBT militants claim that some people are “born gay”. Wrong. This can and has been scientifically refuted. More than fourteen different studies into the orientation of identical twins have shown that there is no genetic determination. Nor can uterine environment be a factor, as in twins it is the same, yet in 97% of cases the orientation is different. Look at Jason and Jarron Collins, for example.

Many homosexuals actually admit they "chose to be gay" - to the annoyance of the dogmatists.
Dr. Francis S. Collins, head of the Human Genome Project, along with his team of over 150 of the top geneticists in the world, who sequenced and decoded the human genome, have said, that they found NO gay gene. And for the record, there is no such thing as sexual orientation, there is only sexual preference. All behaviour is a choice, unless a mental disorder is involved.
The latest research published in 2016 confirms once again independently that there is no genetic factor in homosexuality.

3. “Being gay is just like being black”. Wrong. The two things have nothing in common. Homosexuality is a behaviour, being black is not. They are different sorts of category, so the same arguments just don't apply. Homosexuals have never been oppressed or enslaved like black people were in America. There has never been any special tax on them. They have never (unlike women and poor people) been excluded from education, the professions or voting. They have never been barred from beaches, bars, restaurants, schools or buses just for being homosexual. They have never been forced to live in ghettos. They are usually to be found in the most privileged classes of society. The penalties for sodomy always applied to heterosexuals as well.
4. “Homosexuals are oppressed, bullied and victimized all over the world”. Wrong. Most of the gay-bullying reports or claims of homosexuals murdered by “homophobes” are frauds or misrepresentations, like the cases of David Kato and Matthew Shepard. 

Homosexuals fake “hate-crimes” endlessly all over the world and most shamefully, they try to get heterosexuals convicted of these fake crimes. There are hundreds of examples, and indexes are available of the accumulated evidence.
Most of the real bullying is done by homosexuals to other people or to themselves. They have appalling statistics of mutual rape, assault and murder. Who says so? Well, in their saner moments they admit it themselves. I call this the Joe Orton syndrome.
5. “The gay lifestyle is safe. AIDS is not a gay problem”. False. These denials are disingenuous. Just go and read the statistics on the websites of the NHS, the CDCP, and European equivalents. Just read the public statements made by the UK Public Health Officer. The health risks of the homosexual lifestyle are very high and very serious. They cannot easily be dealt with by handing out  condoms or medication. Male homosexuals are about 23 times more likely to get AIDS than heterosexuals, and there is no cure. HIV sufferers have to take three different sorts of anti-retroviral drugs per day, and keep having tests for months to see if they reduce the virus. Even if they do, it is often only for a limited time and there are severe side-effects, including diabetes and damage to the pancreas. Lesbians injure each other with fisting and such dangerous practices. They have high rates of cancer. Homosexuals have a significantly shorter life expectancy than heterosexuals.
6. “There is no connection between homosexuality and paedophilia”. Oh yes there is. All the leaders and founders of the LGBT movement have always been paedophiles. Most of them still are. Brinkin, Kramer, Bean, and co are following in the footsteps of Harry Hay, David Thorstad, Keith Hose, Tom O'Carroll, Peter Ashman, Gore Vidal and Rudiger Lautmann.

 A very high proportion of all CSA victims world-wide are boys molested by homosexuals. The entire LGBT movement has always been a paedophile movement and out of the 30 pro-paedophile groups campaigning in Europe, 28 are founded and run by homosexuals. Massive homosexual child-porn rings and boy-prostitution rackets are constantly being found by police all over the world. A high proportion of the famous homosexuals held up as “gay icons” were paedophiles.

                                             Frank Lombard, paedo

7. “The Nazis exterminated 100,000 homosexuals along with the Jews.” False. They exterminated 6 million Jews, some of whom were homosexual – that is all. The Nazis never actually passed any laws against homosexuality. The German police and courts under the Nazis continued to enforce old laws against male homosexuality from the nineteenth century. For a small minority this involved a limited time sentence in a labour camp. None were sentenced to death. They came out alive at the end of the war. 
Gad Beck  - held up as a "gay" martyr, he was actually Jewish and survived his brief internment

There were far more homosexuals in the SS and the Nazi top brass than in the camps.
8. “The Christian Churches used to perform same-sex unions in the middle ages”. This is a complete fallacy. It derives from a book by John Boswell which is unreliable. Most “gay” history is fantasy. Another myth that goes hand in hand with this one is "The American natives regarded homosexuality as normal or even special." False. In fact, out of hundreds of North American native tribes, only one or two small ones were tolerant of homosexuality or esteemed it in their culture. The vast majority regarded it as abnormal, unlucky or shameful, and they still do. In fact they have defied the USA court decisions to legalise same-sex "marriage" and publicly announced that they will not recognize it. Since they are legally separate nations, not part of the USA, the US courts have no power to dictate to them.…/11-native-american-tribes-including-tw…?
9. “Homosexuality was regarded as perfectly normal in ancient Greece and Rome, and homosexual unions were even more highly esteemed than heterosexual ones.” False. In fact there were more than fifty different Greek city-states with various laws, and in most of them, including Athens, sodomy between free-born males was illegal. In many parts of Greece homosexuality was outlawed, ridiculed or regarded with pity. Even in Sparta (not a place of great cultural achievement) where homosexuality between older men and boys was encouraged, it was never equated with marriage. Men of the same age did not have relationships with each other. The Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite, is heterosexual...of course.

The Trojan war was fought for a runaway wife - not over a homosexual squabble.
10. Being a “homophobe” is a sure sign of being a repressed homosexual". Rubbish. That is about as logical as claiming that if you don’t like and applaud drug-abuse (which is very widespread among homosexuals) you must be a secret drug-addict. Actually there is no such thing as “homophobia”. It is fraudulent pseudo-scientific term. Morality is not a phobia. Research is not a phobia. Health awareness is not a phobia. The term "homophobia" should be avoided in schools and universities as it encourages a fallacy and silences intellectual debate.
Heteronormativity is rational, logical and intelligent. To dispute it is silly and ignorant. That's what this prominent lesbian activist says too!


  1. Superb! This is an outstanding presentation. You skillfully point our that there is an ontological difference between being and acting; between what one is and what one does. Also, your recalling us to the historical reality of the SS (especially) being populated by homosexuals is a very important point. When the SA was shut down these sadistic narcissists quickly entered to SS where they could indulge their vices amongst each other and on helpless prisoners.

  2. Very well thought out. Love it. People these days don't use much common sense

  3. I find it extraordinary that we as a society can ever accept sodomite behavior, no animal on earth engages in such filthy unhygienic sexual behavior and as if that is not enough these filthy people have parades boasting of their filthy immoral behavior and tell us that they are proud of getting each others sewage on their private parts. Homosexuals account for 78% of all deaths from AIDS in the USA and they have the highest rate of STD of any group in the USA. This information can be verified at this government website

  4. We live in a culture of denial and cover-up. If you care deeply about the health issue you should support the case of Dr Paul Church, who has been unjustly dismissed from his post at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center simply for stating honestly his expert knowledge of the risks of homosexual behaviour. This doctor was sacked for doing his job!