Thursday, 17 September 2015

More Ludicrous Lies from Pink News #PinkNews

Never believe anything you read in Pink News. No other tabloid has got quite such a talent for spreading fake news and utter balderdash.
When the raddled, aging ex-junkie Elton John (shamefully given a knighthood by the Blair government, probably in exchange for a contribution to Labour Party funds) announced that he wanted to go and talk to Russia's President Vladimir Putin about "gay rights" the staff at Pink News got all excited and ran a feature story about it.
Not only did they announce that Putin had telephoned Elton (or Reginald Dwight to give him his real name) and invited him to act as a diplomat for the world's supposedly oppressed homosexuals, they even concocted a FAKE PHOTO showing a meeting between the two and placed it on the internet.

Vladimir Putin actually phoned Sir Elton John (Artist's impression)

WARNING THIS IMAGE IS PHONEY. [Notice how they make Elton a head taller than Putin in this artists' impression.]

Channel 4 News then featured it as a lead story, and interviewed Elton about it on prime time TV, flattering his already massive ego and making out that the leader of a world power should be very grateful to get advice from an aging, piggy-faced crooner who owns more wigs than Madame Tussauds.
Of course, it all turned out to be a hoax. There had been no invitation from the Kremlin, and Elton just got a fake phone-call from a prankster. 
Elton, whose name has been associated in his time with drugs, child pornography, divorce and the suicide of one of his former partners, is a shining example of "gay" marriage. His partner David Furnish has publicly described him as "almost pathologically selfish". Heart-warming, isn't it?
His recent attempts to tell Italian fashion designers Dolce and Gabbana what to do, and to dictate policy to the elected mayor of Venice, have been met with derision by people who just don't seem to understand how terribly important Elton is and how celebs should dictate world policy. 
PukeNews, unable to contain its breathless excitement has run about five successive feature articles about this story. Stand by for more claptrap and misinformation from the world leaders in the art of getting things wrong.

Vladimir Putin has 'no plans' to meet with Sir Elton John (Artist's impression)

Another FAKE PHOTO from PukeNews.

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