Monday, 14 September 2015

Corbyn's Victory is Nothing to Crow About

To some people in the Labour Party it might seem as if the late Tony Benn has been exhumed and elected their new leader. Jeremy Corbyn is one of the proverbial "loony left", a throw-back to the days of Foote and Benn in the 1980s, when Labour was considered "unelectable" for a whole generation.

Gerry Adams with Jeremy Corbyn at Portcullis House

Jeremy Corbyn  has some pretty funny ideas. He thinks we don't need an army, and should disband what is left of it, if we want peace. Nobody will attack us because he, Mr Corbyn, will go and talk to them and ask them nicely not to do so.  Yet he  is on close comradely terms with Sinn Fein, a.k.a. the Irish Republican Army, who have never been shy to use military force, terrorist tactics and bloodshed.  He condemns Israel for using force, but not Hamas or Hezbollah.

He is on very friendly terms with all the mavericks and extremists of the Left. His main policy as leader of the opposition will be to borrow more and spend money we haven't got.
Corbyn, who is five years older than Tony Blair, is not a man of the people. He may have a beard, but he was brought up in a 7-bedroom manor house in Shropshire. He went to PRIVATE schools yet left with only two grade E's at A-level... nothing like enough to get into university.
Since then he has worked hard to abolish private schools and grammar schools for other people. Yes, he is one of those who climb the ladder and then want to kick it away behind them to prevent others from following.  This ideological intransigence is what finished his second marriage. His wife simply would not allow their son to be sent to a failing comprehensive in Islington when he was capable of winning a place at a grammar school elsewhere.
Corbyn's only proper job before being an MP was as a trade union official.  If  he'd only done a stint as a Maths teacher  (like his Mum) or an electrical engineer (like his Dad) I could respect him more.

Corbyn is said to be "ambivalent" towards the EU. How can anyone possibly be ambivalent towards the EU? Either you believe in governing yourself or you don't. Either you believe that EU membership somehow creates trade and jobs...or you don't.
I would be more worried about Corbyn if we hadn't seen Alexis Tsipras collapse into a wet heap so recently. Another hero of the Left, who was supposed to be bringing revolution to Greece. Can't see much sign of it.

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