Monday, 28 September 2015

It Serves Maryam Namazie Right to Be Banned from Warwick University #MaryamNamazie

It is difficult to feel sorry for Maryam Namazie, the self-styled and self-proclaimed leader of the Council of ex-Muslims of Britain.

So she has been banned from speaking at Warwick University because her views, as a ex-Muslim and non-believer in God or any religion, might offend devout followers of her former faith. Well, boo-hoo.

If Ms Namazie were a proponent of free speech, civil rights or tolerant, polite debate she might merit some sympathy, but she is not, and she never has been. She is a communist and a politically-correct left-winger who practices censorship, and wants to silence the views of anyone who disagrees with her - or anyone who possibly might have something to teach her. Since she practises this self-righteous politically-correct exclusion of other people's views, she does not deserve a moment's sympathy.

It is frankly rather funny that she now complains about being treated in precisely the way she treats others.

She told The Independent she was “angry” her talk had been blocked. “They’re basically labelling me a racist and an extremist for speaking out against Islam and Islamism,” she said.
What a laugh, when this silly woman has openly labelled others who speak out against Islamic extremism or religious persecution as "racist" and extremist". This idiotic woman has publicly and pointedly sided with the PC censors, and mouthed their clichés about "offensive", "extremist" or "safe spaces". She has taken their line by labelling anyone who criticizes Islam as "racist", "extremist" and "right-wing". She has tried to assume a moral high ground because she subscribes to one form of authoritarian tyranny - communism - rather than another, which prevails in her country of origin. Her attitude is that only those who support communism deserve a "platform".

The very, very stupid Ms Namazie.

Ms Namazie can whinge all she likes but the result is comical, as she is hoist with her own petard. She is now accused of "inciting hatred" which is exactly what she has accused others of doing...simply because they are not communists. She will find that her chums on the left, Jeremy Corbyn and co., give her no support. Her comrades in Political Crapbook will turn a cold shoulder and pretend they don't know her.

Warwick University will not be missing anything much by banning her, nor will Trinity College which has apparently banished her too. She likes to give the world terrific insights such as: "Religion is just stupid shit that somebody made up." Apparently such a level of debate impresses the left-wingers and Guardianistas, because she has got an award for it!!! She has often, in her blog and her public interviews, compared Islam to fascism or Nazism, and at the same time she gets furious if anybody else does that. She is not very intelligent, her writing shows no profound thought and Richard Dawkins need not worry she will be a rival for his place in the secular limelight.

“Unfortunately it is part of a worrying wave of censorship that we’re seeing across British universities under the guise of ‘safe spaces’… it’s utterly disheartening,” said Stephen Evans, the society’s campaigns manager. The concept of “safe spaces” had a “chilling effect on free speech,” he added.
Isaac Leigh, president of Warwick Student Union said: “The initial decision was made for the right of Muslim students not to feel intimidated or discriminated against on their university campus… rather than in the interest of suppressing free speech.”
The group’s president, Benjamin David, said: “The infringement of free-speech is becoming insidiously ubiquitous, and many universities, including Warwick, are circumventing the freedom of speech in pursuit of inoffensive, sanitary narratives.”
You don't say?

The move has also been criticised by the National Secular Society, which said it would be writing to Warwick University “to remind them of their legal duty to promote and protect free speech”.  Funny  - did they intervene when Oxford University banned a controversial debate last year after a similar outcry?
“Unfortunately it is part of a worrying wave of censorship that we’re seeing across British universities under the guise of ‘safe spaces’… it’s utterly disheartening,” said Stephen Evans, the society’s campaigns manager. The concept of “safe spaces” had a “chilling effect on free speech,” he added. 
Surprise, surprise! And guess who took the lead in this form of censorship and tyranny? Yes, the militant homosexuals. All that stuff about "safe spaces" is taken straight out of the LGBT handbook. Namazie is a blind follower of LGBT claptrap. She has crawled to their dictates, repeated their jargon about "fomohobia" and now their censorship tactics have silenced her too!!
Isaac Leigh, president of Warwick Student Union said: “The initial decision was made for the right of Muslim students not to feel intimidated or discriminated against on their university campus… rather than in the interest of suppressing free speech.” 
But suppressing free speech is exactly what it does, and this amounts to a form of violence and intimidation. Namazie has reaped what she sowed and the saddest bit is that she is too stupid to learn anything from this experience.

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Our Idiot Politicians Haven't Got the Faintest Idea What is Going On

Our smug politicians, enjoying dinners at their party political conferences, should be slapped in the face to make them sit up and take notice of this case.

Baby Donald

A baby has died after having to sleep rough with his homeless parents in a car in Bournemouth. I am not surprised at this as every time I walk through Oxford or any other town in England I see beggars and homeless people. I see them in Birmingham, I see them in Leicester, I see them in London. So does everybody else ...apart from the politicians, apparently. Our slithery, untrustworthy PM is far too busy with regime change in distant countries to take an interest in such domestic trivia.

A friend of mine was in an East London railway station yesterday and saw a young woman begging. She was about 25, and explained that she was from Liverpool and was homeless. My friend asked her if she needed money to go to the Night Shelter, and the young woman replied that there was a queue of 64 other people who would have to drop dead before she was offered a place.  It was the same at most other Night Shelters she had tried.

The baby who died in Bournemouth was apparently named Donald, and his parents had been homeless for months...and months.

The couple are understood to be living in a bed and breakfast and have yet to find permanent housing.
In July, they said they were unable to find enough money for a deposit and had stayed at a Boscombe bed and breakfast for a couple of nights, and had also slept in their car.
They said they felt let down by local councils.
Both Poole Borough Council and East Dorset District Council were contacted for comment after it emerged the mum had contacted their housing departments for help in the past. A spokesman for East Dorset said they had never received any requests to re-home the family.
Poole Borough Council confirmed their housing officers had spoken to the couple, and had offered advice and support, but were unable to help because she was based in Verwood at the time of her inquiry.
Donald's mum, referred to only as 39-year-old Jane, was admitted to Poole Hospital suffering pre-eclampsia and kidney problems. Donald was delivered two weeks early by emergency caesarean section on July 6. The pair were kept in for a week due to ongoing concerns for Jane's health, and the baby boy was also admitted to NICU for a time due to low blood sugar levels.
The first time mum, who didn't think she would ever have children, told the Echo at the time: "I love him to bits. I just want him to be safe."
After hearing of Donald's death, Ben Tomlin, housing services manager, Borough of Poole said: "Borough of Poole was contacted by the mother and though she was not eligible, she was provided with as much support and guidance as possible.
"She last approached us in May and hadn’t returned to Poole for help after her baby was born. Our deepest sympathies are with her at this time."
Well that's a great help isn't it?

Ten Worst "Gay" Myths Refuted

Let’s all save ourselves time. When arguing, just refer to these common homosexual myths by their numbers…we’ve all heard them often enough!
1. “Gays are 5-10% of the population.” False. They are 1.5% according to the UK Office of National Statistics and a similar percentage in other countries.
2. The Gay Gene. LGBT militants claim that some people are “born gay”. Wrong. This can and has been scientifically refuted. More than fourteen different studies into the orientation of identical twins have shown that there is no genetic determination. Nor can uterine environment be a factor, as in twins it is the same, yet in 97% of cases the orientation is different. Look at Jason and Jarron Collins, for example.

Many homosexuals actually admit they "chose to be gay" - to the annoyance of the dogmatists.
Dr. Francis S. Collins, head of the Human Genome Project, along with his team of over 150 of the top geneticists in the world, who sequenced and decoded the human genome, have said, that they found NO gay gene. And for the record, there is no such thing as sexual orientation, there is only sexual preference. All behaviour is a choice, unless a mental disorder is involved.
The latest research published in 2016 confirms once again independently that there is no genetic factor in homosexuality.

3. “Being gay is just like being black”. Wrong. The two things have nothing in common. Homosexuality is a behaviour, being black is not. They are different sorts of category, so the same arguments just don't apply. Homosexuals have never been oppressed or enslaved like black people were in America. There has never been any special tax on them. They have never (unlike women and poor people) been excluded from education, the professions or voting. They have never been barred from beaches, bars, restaurants, schools or buses just for being homosexual. They have never been forced to live in ghettos. They are usually to be found in the most privileged classes of society. The penalties for sodomy always applied to heterosexuals as well.
4. “Homosexuals are oppressed, bullied and victimized all over the world”. Wrong. Most of the gay-bullying reports or claims of homosexuals murdered by “homophobes” are frauds or misrepresentations, like the cases of David Kato and Matthew Shepard. 

Homosexuals fake “hate-crimes” endlessly all over the world and most shamefully, they try to get heterosexuals convicted of these fake crimes. There are hundreds of examples, and indexes are available of the accumulated evidence.
Most of the real bullying is done by homosexuals to other people or to themselves. They have appalling statistics of mutual rape, assault and murder. Who says so? Well, in their saner moments they admit it themselves. I call this the Joe Orton syndrome.
5. “The gay lifestyle is safe. AIDS is not a gay problem”. False. These denials are disingenuous. Just go and read the statistics on the websites of the NHS, the CDCP, and European equivalents. Just read the public statements made by the UK Public Health Officer. The health risks of the homosexual lifestyle are very high and very serious. They cannot easily be dealt with by handing out  condoms or medication. Male homosexuals are about 23 times more likely to get AIDS than heterosexuals, and there is no cure. HIV sufferers have to take three different sorts of anti-retroviral drugs per day, and keep having tests for months to see if they reduce the virus. Even if they do, it is often only for a limited time and there are severe side-effects, including diabetes and damage to the pancreas. Lesbians injure each other with fisting and such dangerous practices. They have high rates of cancer. Homosexuals have a significantly shorter life expectancy than heterosexuals.
6. “There is no connection between homosexuality and paedophilia”. Oh yes there is. All the leaders and founders of the LGBT movement have always been paedophiles. Most of them still are. Brinkin, Kramer, Bean, and co are following in the footsteps of Harry Hay, David Thorstad, Keith Hose, Tom O'Carroll, Peter Ashman, Gore Vidal and Rudiger Lautmann.

 A very high proportion of all CSA victims world-wide are boys molested by homosexuals. The entire LGBT movement has always been a paedophile movement and out of the 30 pro-paedophile groups campaigning in Europe, 28 are founded and run by homosexuals. Massive homosexual child-porn rings and boy-prostitution rackets are constantly being found by police all over the world. A high proportion of the famous homosexuals held up as “gay icons” were paedophiles.

                                             Frank Lombard, paedo

7. “The Nazis exterminated 100,000 homosexuals along with the Jews.” False. They exterminated 6 million Jews, some of whom were homosexual – that is all. The Nazis never actually passed any laws against homosexuality. The German police and courts under the Nazis continued to enforce old laws against male homosexuality from the nineteenth century. For a small minority this involved a limited time sentence in a labour camp. None were sentenced to death. They came out alive at the end of the war. 
Gad Beck  - held up as a "gay" martyr, he was actually Jewish and survived his brief internment

There were far more homosexuals in the SS and the Nazi top brass than in the camps.
8. “The Christian Churches used to perform same-sex unions in the middle ages”. This is a complete fallacy. It derives from a book by John Boswell which is unreliable. Most “gay” history is fantasy. Another myth that goes hand in hand with this one is "The American natives regarded homosexuality as normal or even special." False. In fact, out of hundreds of North American native tribes, only one or two small ones were tolerant of homosexuality or esteemed it in their culture. The vast majority regarded it as abnormal, unlucky or shameful, and they still do. In fact they have defied the USA court decisions to legalise same-sex "marriage" and publicly announced that they will not recognize it. Since they are legally separate nations, not part of the USA, the US courts have no power to dictate to them.…/11-native-american-tribes-including-tw…?
9. “Homosexuality was regarded as perfectly normal in ancient Greece and Rome, and homosexual unions were even more highly esteemed than heterosexual ones.” False. In fact there were more than fifty different Greek city-states with various laws, and in most of them, including Athens, sodomy between free-born males was illegal. In many parts of Greece homosexuality was outlawed, ridiculed or regarded with pity. Even in Sparta (not a place of great cultural achievement) where homosexuality between older men and boys was encouraged, it was never equated with marriage. Men of the same age did not have relationships with each other. The Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite, is heterosexual...of course.

The Trojan war was fought for a runaway wife - not over a homosexual squabble.
10. Being a “homophobe” is a sure sign of being a repressed homosexual". Rubbish. That is about as logical as claiming that if you don’t like and applaud drug-abuse (which is very widespread among homosexuals) you must be a secret drug-addict. Actually there is no such thing as “homophobia”. It is fraudulent pseudo-scientific term. Morality is not a phobia. Research is not a phobia. Health awareness is not a phobia. The term "homophobia" should be avoided in schools and universities as it encourages a fallacy and silences intellectual debate.
Heteronormativity is rational, logical and intelligent. To dispute it is silly and ignorant. That's what this prominent lesbian activist says too!

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Why Do We Have Secret Courts?

The scandal of secret court hearings in Britain continues, and Social Services use them to persecute families and tear them apart. It does not matter that nobody in these families has actually broken any law. Nor have they complained, or asked for help on any grounds. They are are not getting divorced, which might be a cue for the intervention of the dreaded CAFCASS whose name is a byword for insensitivity and idiocy. (CafCRASS you might call them).

No, even if you don't fall into any of those categories, Social Services, known as the SS, can still pick on you, disapprove of you, find fault with the way you bring up your children, particularly if you home-school them, and get a court order for the children to be taken away and forcibly adopted. The SS is 97% likely to win any court battle as it has almost unlimited resources, and can hire barristers and so-called "experts" to tear their victims apart, while for the average or poor family the difficulties and costs of a legal battle are immense. Only 3% of people win a case against Social Services.

If you imagine that Social Services separates children from their parents "for their own good", stop and look at the stark financial facts. Fostering agencies, such as Core Assets, get substantial fees from the government and ‘help’ towards meeting adoption targets [1]. The current figure is £27,000 per child. And if you doubt that the business is profitable, ask yourself why the National Fostering Agency was sold to American buyers in 2011 for £130 million!!!! [3]
The legislation behind this, is the Children, Family and Adoption Act,which was intended to get children out of council-run care homes. But to meet their targets, and increase their profits, the SS takes away children from their parents. They favour those who are easy to adopt i.e. very young, white, healthy and preferably good-looking. This now happens in about 1,500 families a year in the UK, so that SS Departments can meet their targets and push a tidy profit in the direction of the adoption agencies (often run by their associates).
These are not like the old Christian adoption charities (all closed down by LGBT fanatics). These are more like human- trafficking businesses.
And within SS circles there is a tendency to pick on Christian families as they conflict with notions of "political correctness".
While trying to prove such people are bad parents, the SS is completely oblivious to the harm done by their own protracted harassment, abuse and persecution of the families, which sometimes goes on for years. Of course these are the same "SS" types who ignored real abuse where it was going on in places such as Rotherham.
I heard of one recent example of a family with four children, snooped on, interrogated and bullied for eighteen months by the SS, who were looking for a pretext to confiscate their offspring. One day they arrived with a policeman to arrest the mother and father in front of these young children, putting them in handcuffs and giving no reason at all for their arrest, There were no charges because no law had been broken. The parents were put in a police car and driven away, the children taken away and put into council care, even though they have grandparents who are willing to look after them. The father, who tried to resist, was roughed up by the policeman.
The parents were locked up in police cells for over thirty hours, without charges or legal representation, As a result, the mother who was pregnant again, suffered a miscarriage. They are now in misery and terror, fearing the court decision for their children to be legally adopted which will mean none of them see each other again.
Anybody who names this family or gives any hint of their identity can be found guilty of contempt of court.
This country is not a democracy while such things happen. There is a war on Christians and there is a war on the family. Watch out, those of you who come into both suspect categories.


Saturday, 19 September 2015

Forty US Congressmen Call Massacres of Christians "Genocide"

After looking at the evidence presented to them by a number of highly reliable, first- hand witnesses, forty members  of the United States Congress have classified what is happening in Syria as genocide of Christians.
Bipartisan Congressional Effort Brings Attention to Genocide against Christians

By Palmer Williams  for American Center for Law and Justice | Washington D.C. 

From mass beheadings of Christians and the institutionalization of rape to the celebrated torture and increasingly disturbing murder of its captives, the reign of ISIS – the Islamic State – is marked by a systematic and calculated annihilation of any minorities that stand in its way.

As the evidence of the ISIS-perpetrated atrocities continues to mount, a bipartisan group of lawmakers is calling on Congress to take direct action – to label the atrocities of ISIS for what they are: genocide.

Over 40 members of Congress have endorsed House Concurrent Resolution 75 which calls for Congress to acknowledge “that those who commit or support atrocities against Christians and other ethnic and religious minorities, including Yezidis, Turkmen, Sabea-Mandeans, Kaka'e, and Kurds, and who target them specifically for ethnic or religious reasons, are committing, and are hereby declared to be committing, ‘war crimes’, ‘crimes against humanity’, and ‘genocide’.”

As I have written before, ISIS’ actions are clear and flagrant violations of international law.

It is undeniable that ISIS has perpetrated thousands of war crimes, including directing attacks against civilians, murdering and mistreating prisoners of war, and wantonly destroying entire villages and religious relics not warranted by military necessity.

They have also clearly perpetrated many crimes against humanity, as their widespread and systematic jihadist military campaigns are often directed at civilian populations.

Not to mention, their actions appear congruent with the very definition of genocide: “Genocide is the systematic elimination of all or a significant part of a racial, ethnic, religious, cultural or national group.” ISIS’s mindset and actions against the Christian and Yazidi religious minorities they have captured, raped, and murdered in Iraq seem to fit squarely within this definition.

Not only is ISIS murdering these groups and forcing them from their lands, but ISIS is also destroying all historical evidence of these cultures from the regions they conquer. If this isn’t the definition of genocide, I’m not sure what is.

Our Christian brothers and sisters, along with other religious minorities in the Middle East, face absolute destruction if ISIS’ actions go unchecked.

Representative Jeff Fortenberry (R-NE), who introduced the bipartisan resolution, made this statement about the current crisis:

Christianity in the Middle East is shattered. The ancient faith tradition lies beaten, broken, and dying. Yet Christians in Iraq and Syria are hanging on in the face of the Islamic State’s barbarous onslaught. This is genocide. The international community must confront the scandalous silence about their plight. Christians, Yezidis, and other religious minorities have every right to remain in their ancestral homelands.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

More Ludicrous Lies from Pink News #PinkNews

Never believe anything you read in Pink News. No other tabloid has got quite such a talent for spreading fake news and utter balderdash.
When the raddled, aging ex-junkie Elton John (shamefully given a knighthood by the Blair government, probably in exchange for a contribution to Labour Party funds) announced that he wanted to go and talk to Russia's President Vladimir Putin about "gay rights" the staff at Pink News got all excited and ran a feature story about it.
Not only did they announce that Putin had telephoned Elton (or Reginald Dwight to give him his real name) and invited him to act as a diplomat for the world's supposedly oppressed homosexuals, they even concocted a FAKE PHOTO showing a meeting between the two and placed it on the internet.

Vladimir Putin actually phoned Sir Elton John (Artist's impression)

WARNING THIS IMAGE IS PHONEY. [Notice how they make Elton a head taller than Putin in this artists' impression.]

Channel 4 News then featured it as a lead story, and interviewed Elton about it on prime time TV, flattering his already massive ego and making out that the leader of a world power should be very grateful to get advice from an aging, piggy-faced crooner who owns more wigs than Madame Tussauds.
Of course, it all turned out to be a hoax. There had been no invitation from the Kremlin, and Elton just got a fake phone-call from a prankster. 
Elton, whose name has been associated in his time with drugs, child pornography, divorce and the suicide of one of his former partners, is a shining example of "gay" marriage. His partner David Furnish has publicly described him as "almost pathologically selfish". Heart-warming, isn't it?
His recent attempts to tell Italian fashion designers Dolce and Gabbana what to do, and to dictate policy to the elected mayor of Venice, have been met with derision by people who just don't seem to understand how terribly important Elton is and how celebs should dictate world policy. 
PukeNews, unable to contain its breathless excitement has run about five successive feature articles about this story. Stand by for more claptrap and misinformation from the world leaders in the art of getting things wrong.

Vladimir Putin has 'no plans' to meet with Sir Elton John (Artist's impression)

Another FAKE PHOTO from PukeNews.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Jeremy Corbyn Turned Blind Eye to Paedophile Abuse in Islington for Years

According to the Greek former minister for finance Yanis Varoufakis, who resigned after a few months of failure in his job, Jeremy Corbyn is a "thoroughly decent person"  - that was the phrase he used when speaking on TV yesterday. And it is curious how often in his victory speech Corbyn used the words "decent" or "decency" - words that went out of fashion in the 1950s.
But "decent" is not the impression we get when looking at how Corbyn ignored for years the immense scandal of organized child abuse going on in children's homes in his constituency of Islington. Liz Davies, one of the five social workers who blew the whistle on this scandal, recalls that Corbyn did NOTHING when he was warned about it in 1992 
‘We'd been seeing so many 12 to 15-year-olds who were being sexually exploited, we could hardly believe it,’ Liz Davies, recalled. Corbyn never wrote to Davies, or telephoned, to acknowledge their meeting, or thank her for seeking to blow the whistle.

Why? Because like most left-wingers, Corbyn just had a knee-jerk reaction of "it's all fomohobia". The paedophiles were homosexual  - like approximately half of all paedophiles. So Corbyn dismissed the reports, even though they came  from professionals working within the care system.
Yes, he really is that stupid.  And he is worse than stupid. He did his best to cover up what was going on because it was all carried out by his Labour chums who were running the Borough of Islington. They even ran a child brothel called "the hot house" with victims taken from these institutions. The boys were drugged, molested and then threatened into silence.

ISLINGTON CARE HOME SCANDAL. In 1992 it was discovered that paedophiles, with the encouragement of the Labour Council,  had infiltrated twelve of the borough's children's homes. But little was done about it and most of those implicated carried on with their careers, working with children, 
Conewood Street Care Home in Islington was one of twelve care homes investigated after allegations of child abuse appeared in the London Evening Standard in 1992. The official investigation revealed paedophiles working within the care system. Children were taken from here to the Haut de la Garenne home in Jersey which was more remote and discreet.
In the late 1980s and 1990s, the council of the Labour borough of Islington decided it would be “progressive” and actively recruit homosexual social workers for its child protection services. They called this “equal opportunities”. The result was that they were flooded with paedophiles who took jobs in the council’s twelve children’s homes and influential positions as social workers. And the social workers even decided to brand some children as “gay” and decree that they must only be adopted by homosexuals. A boy called Liam Lucas, aged 13, was advertised in a magazine as being for adoption by a “single male”. In 1990, a Quaker couple named Brian and Kate Cairns saw the advertisement, thought there was something odd about it and offered to foster him instead. Mrs Cairns later said, “I instinctively felt that the ad was aimed at paedophiles.”
A rebel Islington social worker defied his bosses and supported Mr and Mrs Cairns' fostering bid after Liam begged him: “I just want a family, I just want to be normal.”
They found he was a deeply damaged child, who had nightmares every night and would wake screaming then pretend that he was coughing.  Liam had first suffered sexual abuse at a “therapeutic” boarding school, New Barns* in Gloucestershire, where the Islington child-care officers sent him (despite a fostering offer from a family). New Barns was later closed following a child abuse and pornography scandal. During school holidays he was fostered by a man later imprisoned for abusing another child in his care. When Liam was nine, Islington placed him in its children's home in Grosvenor Avenue, run by two single males. Both were eventually accused of abuse but escaped investigation by moving to Thailand. Liam spent weekends at a Sussex manor house owned by Nicholas Rabet, the deputy head of Grosvenor Avenue. There, Liam was raped by Rabet and other men, one of them a senior social services colleague, who had backed the council's decision to find the boy a homosexual foster father. "Islington insisted Liam wouldn't settle in a family because they had decided he was gay,' Mrs Cairns recalled. "I said, "So what? Don't gay people have families?" Besides, he was still a child - how could they be sure?'
Former Islington senior social worker Liz Davies, who blew the whistle on the abuse scandal, said: "Other Islington children were also falsely classed as “gay” at a very young age." Anybody who raised any doubts or suspicions was classed as “homophobic”.....
After Liam told the Cairns about the abuse they reported it to Islington Social Services.  But his sympathetic social worker, and Liam's files, simply vanished and nothing was done. Mrs Cairns, a trained social worker herself, went to the police. Eventually it emerged that one of New Barns school governors, Peter Righton*, was a member of PIE* and one of the most devious arch-paedophiles in Britain. The headmaster of the school, Richard Alston, was Righton’s homosexual lover. Seven of its staff  were charged with molesting boys and two convicted. Rabet was exposed as running a paedophile ring at his Sussex children's centre and using it to make child pornography.
Liam had a breakdown in 1994 after the ordeal of giving evidence at the trial of New Barns staff.  He needed long-term psychiatric care. Islington admitted 32 'gross errors' in its treatment of Liam, and paid him £5,000 compensation. He is now married, with children, and is certainly not homosexual.
Hundreds of records of children in Islington care homes have disappeared. The Labour MP Margaret Hodge dismissed the scandal as gutter journalism by the “right-wing” and ordered the investigation to stop and its findings to be hushed up.  She was then made a minister by Tony Blair.
Jeremy Corbyn took the same attitude.

In 1992, social workers told Jeremy Corbyn (pictured that year) that organised child abuse was rife in his Islington constituency
Corbyn busily doing nothing in 1992 when he was told about the abuse,

Nicholas John Rabet was for many years deputy superintendent of Islington council's home at 114 Grosvenor Avenue. He and a colleague, another “single man” later barred from social work by the Department of Health, both took children on unauthorised trips to the Haut de la Garenne children’s home in Jersey.
Rabet married a rich widow who died rather promptly after rewriting her will in his favour. He inherited her manor house at Cross in Hand near Heathfield, Sussex, where he opened a children's activity centre, and regularly invited children from Islington care-homes to stay. When Sussex police raided Rabet's children's centre, he had plenty of warning and, they believed, emptied it of child pornography. However officers still found a "shrine to boys", with suggestive photographs everywhere, including pictures of Shane, a boy known to be in care in Islington.
They approached Shane, at his Islington children's home. He tearfully confirmed months of abuse. But their attempts to investigate further were thwarted by Islington Council.
Many professionals had, for years, expressed grave fears about Rabet, and put their concerns in writing. But Islington SS, run by homosexuals from top to bottom, falsely told Sussex officers it had no file material on Rabet or his alleged victim.
The independent White inquiry into the abuse in Islington children's homes, found that “at assistant director level . . . many confidential files were destroyed by mistake, although there is no evidence of conspiracy.”  Of course not.
During the investigation into Rabet, Islington social services refused to interview any other children in care, or help Sussex police identify other children in Rabet's photos.
Shane showed a journalist photos of another victim, a young Turkish boy whom Rabet also regularly took from the Islington home to spend weekends at his manor house.  With only Shane's evidence to rely on, police decided not to prosecute. Rabet got off scot-free and moved abroad.
In 2006, police in Thailand charged Rabet* with serious sexual offences against 30 Thai boys, the youngest six years old. He escaped trial by killing himself.

Bernie Bain was another, homosexual paedophile who ran a care home in Islington in the 1980s while Corbyn, as MP, turned his wondrously blind eye. Bain used his position to systematically molest young boys, aged 11 or less. The victims were told they would be punished severely if they told anybody what happened. One of the boys abused for a year or more was Demetrious Panton, who later became a lawyer and an advisor to the Labour government. Even then he was frequently accused of lying when he disclosed what had happened. When complaints were brought against Bain he said that the acts had been “consensual” which was impossible as Demetrious was well below the age of consent, but Islington social services, riddled with other homosexuals and paedophiles, accepted it. Bain was never prosecuted, merely dismissed with a generous redundancy settlement, and he romped off to Morocco where he was gaoled in the 1990s for using boys to make pornographic films. He then went on to Thailand where he faced similar charges and killed himself in 2006. [Or so we are told. Seems to me a suspiciously high number of suicides in Thai gaols, maybe these people are bribing their way out.]

According  to the website Derek Slade, a homosexual who abused boys at the boarding school where he was headmaster in the 1980s, was given help in establishing a false identity by Derek Sawyer, former leader of Islington ­Council and now chair of the London Region Courts Board. Sawyer facilitated Slade’s escape from his past by setting up educational companies in which the disgraced teacher used a fake name and CV. The pair set up International British ­Educational Projects, which allowed Slade to work with children in India and Africa under the pseudonym Dr Edward Marsh – a name taken from a child who died aged eight in 1955. He obtained a copy of the child’s birth certificate and acquired a false passport.
Slade and Sawyer have a connection that spans four decades
Mr Sawyer, who was an Islington ­councillor until 2006, became leader of Islington Council in 1992, after the ­discovery that paedophiles had infiltrated all 12 of its children’s homes. The council barred an inquiry from ­naming anyone suspected of involvement in the abuse.
Nicholas Rabet's friend Neil Frederick Hoquart was a rich homosexual with a country home in Suffolk. In June 1991, Cambridgeshire police, in a joint operation with Scotland Yard's Obscene Publications Squad (now the Paedophile Unit), raided Hocquart's Swaffham Manor home. They found more than 100 child-sex videos. At nearby Ely they found his friend, Walter Clack, trying to dispose of a sick home video of a middle-aged man abusing a boy.
The children in most of these films and photos were never identified. Police never got the chance to question Hocquart as he took an overdose of anti-depressant dothiepin and died at Addenbrooke's Hospital soon after his arrest.
Hocquart worked as a volunteer at the children’s holiday activity centre set up by Nicholas Rabet, the man at the centre of the Islington* care homes child abuse scandal. Hocquart spent £13,000 on quad bikes for the centre, called The Stables. There he met Clack, another wealthy “volunteer”. Hocquart befriended one young boy and took him on a sailing trip. Police found film from the trip of men spraying the naked child with water.
Police also found at Hocquart's home naked photos of a boy of about ten, “Shane” who was in the care of Islington social services. 

>> John Mann, a Labour MP, has sent Mr Corbyn an open letter in which he says that his failure to do more to tackle child abuse means it would be "inappropriate" for him to become Labour leader.
He says: "Your inaction in the 1980s and 1990s says a lot... about your politics." 
Quite. Well said John Mann!
Daily Mail March 2nd 2008

Monday, 14 September 2015

Corbyn's Victory is Nothing to Crow About

To some people in the Labour Party it might seem as if the late Tony Benn has been exhumed and elected their new leader. Jeremy Corbyn is one of the proverbial "loony left", a throw-back to the days of Foote and Benn in the 1980s, when Labour was considered "unelectable" for a whole generation.

Gerry Adams with Jeremy Corbyn at Portcullis House

Jeremy Corbyn  has some pretty funny ideas. He thinks we don't need an army, and should disband what is left of it, if we want peace. Nobody will attack us because he, Mr Corbyn, will go and talk to them and ask them nicely not to do so.  Yet he  is on close comradely terms with Sinn Fein, a.k.a. the Irish Republican Army, who have never been shy to use military force, terrorist tactics and bloodshed.  He condemns Israel for using force, but not Hamas or Hezbollah.

He is on very friendly terms with all the mavericks and extremists of the Left. His main policy as leader of the opposition will be to borrow more and spend money we haven't got.
Corbyn, who is five years older than Tony Blair, is not a man of the people. He may have a beard, but he was brought up in a 7-bedroom manor house in Shropshire. He went to PRIVATE schools yet left with only two grade E's at A-level... nothing like enough to get into university.
Since then he has worked hard to abolish private schools and grammar schools for other people. Yes, he is one of those who climb the ladder and then want to kick it away behind them to prevent others from following.  This ideological intransigence is what finished his second marriage. His wife simply would not allow their son to be sent to a failing comprehensive in Islington when he was capable of winning a place at a grammar school elsewhere.
Corbyn's only proper job before being an MP was as a trade union official.  If  he'd only done a stint as a Maths teacher  (like his Mum) or an electrical engineer (like his Dad) I could respect him more.

Corbyn is said to be "ambivalent" towards the EU. How can anyone possibly be ambivalent towards the EU? Either you believe in governing yourself or you don't. Either you believe that EU membership somehow creates trade and jobs...or you don't.
I would be more worried about Corbyn if we hadn't seen Alexis Tsipras collapse into a wet heap so recently. Another hero of the Left, who was supposed to be bringing revolution to Greece. Can't see much sign of it.

Monday, 7 September 2015

If I were a Refugee I Would Go East

Saudi Arabia is a notable wealthy country with a great deal of space to spare.  It has a population of only 20 million people. Over the past fifty years, it has gained £ trillions in oil revenues, while the UK has sunk into debt. Despite falling oil prices, Saudi Arabia has an estimated $750 billion in reserves. All citizens get free education and there is full employment. The state provides masses of well-paid public sector jobs. Moreover, every citizen is legally entitled to get a FREE plot of land and a loan from the government to build a house on it  - currently $80,000.  There is a robust growth rate of 3.8% in the past twelve months. 
Why don't they take in some refugees? Why don't they welcome their Muslim brothers and sisters?

Look at Kuwait, for which America went to war in 1991. It is sitting on $410 billion in assets, according to the Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute. Its GDP is continuing to grow, as despite some fall in oil prices, its oil output of 2.9 million barrels a day in 2015 is enough to make every citizen a millionaire.
So why don't the refugees go there, to their rich cousins and brethren? At least they would see eye to eye about religious and cultural matters, on which all law depends.

What about the United Arab Emirates? With a population of only 5.6 million, it has a GDP that works out at nearly $30,000 a year per citizen. It has a vigorous growth rate of 4% and a healthy  trade surplus. Education at school and university is free to all, as is health care. I met a charming young man from there not long ago, who told me that his father, a police chief, could afford to own two large houses, side by side, one for each wife. The ten children lived with their respective mothers and every adult in the family had their own car. He showed me photographs of the lovely gardens.
If I were a refugee from Iraq or Syria, I would be very tempted to go there, unless of course I were a Christian, in which case I would probably not feel very welcome.
And what about Iran?  If it can afford a nuclear weapons programme, it can surely afford to house and feed a few thousand refugees while they get their lives up and running again. Pastor Saeed is in prison there for being a Christian, but that need not worry the majority of refugees, who are not.

Godfrey Bloom is right when he says that Europe and Great Britain should take Christian refugees,  because they have nowhere else to go. Godfrey argues that we, the West, "b-gg-red up their country".  Personally I have never invaded Iraq, or supported extremist rebel and terrorist groups in Libya or Syria by any means, and I don't think I can be held responsible for the behaviour of President Obama, the CIA, the moronic Coalition Government or our present rulers. However, it is true that "If every parish church in the US and UK of any denomination sponsored a family there would be no mass immigration anywhere. Christians, especially the gobby Church of England Bishops could open their palaces, and our Foreign Aid budget could be diverted to fund support for these refugees in each diocese. The refugees would assimilate almost instantaneously and an example would be set for Muslim countries to do the same for their brethren."

A sensible, fair and sane solution.

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Safe Havens for Christians - Petition and Appeal

Save lives in the Middle East.
There is terrible, extreme persecution  - murder, rape, atrocity. 
Please sign this petition and send donations to the BARNABAS FUND.
Help us save lives in the Middle East
Sign our petition to save the lives of Syrian and Iraqi Christians facing “an existential threat”. The first signatories include Lord Carey, former Archbishop of Canterbury, Canon Andrew White, the former “Vicar of Baghdad”, and Dr Patrick Sookhdeo, International Director of the Barnabas Fund. The petition is commended by Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby.
He expressed his concern and offered his “full support for [Syrian and Iraqi Christians] being given protection in the UK and in other western countries.
Why these Church leaders are signing the petition
Lord Carey
“Syrian and Iraqi Christians are being butchered, tortured and enslaved. We need the British Government to work with charities like the Barnabas Fund to evacuate those who are in desperate fear of their lives.”
Lord Carey
Canon Andrew White
“I really think it is horrendous that the British have not offered refuge to these Christian refugees.”
Canon Andrew White
Patrick Sookhdeo
“So many British Christians have been in contact with us to tell us that they have a spare room or even a second home in which they want to welcome Syrian and Iraqi Christians. Yet our government seems determined to turn its back on some of the most vulnerable people in the world.”
Dr Patrick Sookhdeo
Will you sign the Petition today?
Syrian and Iraqi Christians are now urgently fleeing the killing fields of Islamic State territory. We call upon our political leaders to welcome them and aid their escape from terror, torture and killing.
Immigrants in the back of a truck
Christian communities have lived in the Middle East for 2000 years. They now face an existential threat to their survival at least as great as they faced a century ago when millions were systematically wiped out in the Armenian and Assyrian genocides. They are being killed, enslaved and persecuted by so-called Islamic State and are forced to flee from their homes. Their homes are being destroyed and they have no safe areas in the region.
The oppression and persecution of Christians, simply for their faith, is leading many Christians to conclude that they have no choice but to leave. In 2003, there were 1.56 million Christians in Iraq and now there are only 300,000. At the beginning of the current conflict the number of Syrian Christians was around two million. By last August approximately half a million had fled their homes.
Please sign the petition below:
We call upon our governments:
  1. To work with governments in the Middle East to provide and support secure areas for displaced Christian communities that have fled from violence and persecution
  2. To welcome Christian refugees and give them priority as asylum seekers. We urge our politicians and leaders to recognise that Christians are especially targeted and uniquely in need of safe refuge.
First name:*
Last name:*
Download Petition PDF
Please click on the button below to download a printable version of the petition: