Sunday, 23 August 2015

Online Trolls Hall of Shame (2) Chris Flegg

Watch out for this nasty specimen of the troll species who goes by the name of Chris Flegg. 
Yes, it rhymes with Clegg, dreg and smeg.

Chris Flegg

Mr Flegg specializes in online abuse, insults and death threats. He likes to barge into other people's conversations online and abruptly launch into abuse. He spits venom! His scatological language and foul temper match his picture and his name.
Just look at him  - isn't that the perfect picture of a bully?
In the Hall of Shame he deserves to stand right up there with Mr Derek Crawford Munn and the gang that bullied Brendan Eich.
Be warned  - block him, ban him and shun him. 
Funnily enough his Facebook page goes on a lot about the perils of pesticides. Pity there isn't a pesticide that's effective enough to keep this type of pest far away and out of sight or hearing.

Chris Fleggon Facebook

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