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More Damned Lies from Pink News

Never believe anything you read in Pink News. It exists to spread lies and stir up hatred and intolerance. It is written by fanatics who love to offer myths about homosexuals being oppressed and victimized. One typical myth is that of the Admiral Duncan pub bombing, supposedly an "anti-gay hate-crime."  Year after year they reverently commemorate this fallacy.

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Let's look back at the real story - and the whole story.
In London in the Spring of 1999, there was a series of three unexplained bombings, carried out using home-made nail-bombs. The first took place on Sunday 17th April outside a supermarket in Brixton. It injured at least forty-five people, including a one-year-old boy who got a nail lodged in his brain. Dozens of victims got nails lodged in various parts of their bodies.

One week later, on Sunday 24th April, a similar bomb went off in Brick Lane in London’s East End. Seven people were severely injured although nobody this time was killed. Police started to assume that the crimes were racially motivated, because Brick Lane is an area full of Bangladeshi immigrants and restaurants. Brixton is also an area with a large immigrant population, many of them black people from the West Indies. Police issued statements saying they were assuming these attacks were racist and at this point the police got calls from several people calling themselves racist groups and claiming responsibility. These calls turned out to be hoaxes. It may even have been the far-Left ringing up and trying to smear someone.
On Saturday 30th April a third bombing took place, in Soho, an old area of central London close to Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square. The target was a small, very old pub called The Admiral Duncan in Old Compton Street. Somebody handed a bag to the pub manager, and when he opened it at 6.30, the bomb went off. Three people were killed outright and about 65 others were injured.

The logical thing would be to assume that this attack was also racially motivated. Soho is sometimes known as London’s Chinatown, and Old Compton Street was one of the  first areas where you could find Greek and Italian shops and restaurants. A colourful, cosmopolitan area, in short. But somehow a rumour was started that the Admiral Duncan was a “gay” pub. Media sources, which are of course dominated by LGBT activists, seized on the bombing for their own ends and started to refer to Soho as the “heart of London’s gay community”. That’s ridiculous  - if anything, Soho has long been dominated by heterosexual clubs, shops and ladies-of-the-night. There is no “gay community” in London, there is just the usual sprinkling of homosexuals here and there, as in most big cities.

The Admiral Duncan was not a “gay pub”. It was not listed anywhere as being “gay” and it was used by a miscellaneous cross-section of London residents. At the time the bomb went off, it was full of heterosexual men and women. The three people killed by the nail bomb included Andrea Dykes, a woman aged 27, who was four months pregnant at the time, Could it have been her surname that sparked off a misunderstanding or a false report? “How many dykes did you say were killed? I said Dykes, not dykes…” The others killed were Nik Moore, aged 31, and John Light, 32, who died later in hospital. Andrea’s husband was among those seriously injured. Nik had been their friend and John had been the best man at their wedding.

 Image result for Andrea Dykes husband Julian

Andrea Dykes with her husband Julian  - not a dyke at all!

None of these victims was a homosexual and nor were most of the other people in the pub either. But the tiny handful who were seized this as an opportunity to put on some "gay" histrionics and act the victim. Very soon, they had succeeded in spreading a rumour that the whole attack was “homophobic” and the first two bombings were virtually forgotten.

After the Admiral Duncan explosion, police got a telephone call from a group calling themselves the “White Wolves” claiming responsibility. This also turned out to be a hoax as Copeland was not a member of  any group. Again the call could have come from lefties at the Daily Mirror or UAF trying to smear people. If so they failed as the media far preferred a “homophobia” story, and this version has been spread ever since.

In May 1999, police arrested and charged David Copeland, a 23-year-old engineer from Hampshire. He was allegedly a former member of a racist group   - who knows if this was true? It is the sort of story that the media love to spread. At the time of the bombings he was not a member of any group and acted alone. He certainly had a range of disturbed psychiatric symptoms. He was convicted on 30th June, only a month after his arrest, and gaoled for life, but while Copeland admitted to being a racist, he never admitted to any “homophobic” motive. He had no idea that the Admiral Duncan was supposed to be a "gay" pub. It emerged that he had committed the last bombing in haste, intending to do it on Sunday 1st May but bringing it forward because he heard that police had issued a description of a suspect. So, his choice of target was completely random.
According to Wikipedia and PukeNews the whole crime was a homophobic attack  - how strange then that only heterosexuals got killed!
Curious isn't it how when homo-fanatics carry out real bomb attacks on churches in Moscow, PukeNews doesn't take much interest.  But then, they prefer fantasy to reality.

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