Monday, 31 August 2015

Christian Flood Victims Denied Aid Unless they Convert to Islam

Christian flood victims in Pakistan are being denied vital help unless they convert to Islam. They are citizens of Pakistan but the rescue programmes are run by some bossy Islamic extremists  - this is an example of sheer, blatant injustice.
If they don't want to convert, they have the alternative of becoming slaves. So that's all right then?  

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Wilson Chowdry, president of the British-Pakistani Christian Association, reports from the village of Kasur that more than sixty Christian families, whose homes or entire villages in some cases have been swept away by floods are living in make-shift tents, relying on handouts for food. There are many other villages where the same problem is found. The charity has very little in resources to give and is appealing for charitable donations so that it can give basic food and water to these people. Pakistani emergency services have told them they must convert, or have in some cases told them that they must sign contracts of lifelong unpaid servitude to Muslim landowners before they receive anything. Chowdry regrets that they did not get there a week earlier, when they might have saved some families from signing these slave contracts. But, faced with starvation, for themselves and their children, some have now made this evil bargain. The contracts should be overturned by a court, and declared illegal. Need we still point out that slavery is against the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?
Meanwhile the British government continues to gives Pakistan billions of £ in financial aid, and lefties waffle on about the cause of the floods being "global warming" - which, even if you believe in it, is the least of our problems. The big charity organizations are too eager to appear PC to say anything.

Write to your MPs, MEPs and local newspapers protesting and demand that something is done about this. Stop aid to Pakistan. Give the money directly to persecuted Christians. Impose sanctions until persecution of Christians stops. 
Spread the news on Facebook, Twitter and any other means possible.

To make a donation to the British-Pakistani Christian Association and help these desperate people please use this link:-

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