Monday, 31 August 2015

Christian Flood Victims Denied Aid Unless they Convert to Islam

Christian flood victims in Pakistan are being denied vital help unless they convert to Islam. They are citizens of Pakistan but the rescue programmes are run by some bossy Islamic extremists  - this is an example of sheer, blatant injustice.
If they don't want to convert, they have the alternative of becoming slaves. So that's all right then?  

Capture d’écran 2015-08-30 à 14.02.28

Wilson Chowdry, president of the British-Pakistani Christian Association, reports from the village of Kasur that more than sixty Christian families, whose homes or entire villages in some cases have been swept away by floods are living in make-shift tents, relying on handouts for food. There are many other villages where the same problem is found. The charity has very little in resources to give and is appealing for charitable donations so that it can give basic food and water to these people. Pakistani emergency services have told them they must convert, or have in some cases told them that they must sign contracts of lifelong unpaid servitude to Muslim landowners before they receive anything. Chowdry regrets that they did not get there a week earlier, when they might have saved some families from signing these slave contracts. But, faced with starvation, for themselves and their children, some have now made this evil bargain. The contracts should be overturned by a court, and declared illegal. Need we still point out that slavery is against the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?
Meanwhile the British government continues to gives Pakistan billions of £ in financial aid, and lefties waffle on about the cause of the floods being "global warming" - which, even if you believe in it, is the least of our problems. The big charity organizations are too eager to appear PC to say anything.

Write to your MPs, MEPs and local newspapers protesting and demand that something is done about this. Stop aid to Pakistan. Give the money directly to persecuted Christians. Impose sanctions until persecution of Christians stops. 
Spread the news on Facebook, Twitter and any other means possible.

To make a donation to the British-Pakistani Christian Association and help these desperate people please use this link:-

Sunday, 30 August 2015

"Big Ears" Demonstration Against Oxford City Council Bank Holiday Monday by STCP and Others

The posted image B-EARS.JPG

NHS Demands Young Mother Pay £700 Fine for Clerical Error

Tracy LE

Tracy, a nurse in Lincoln, says that her daughter has just been landed with a bill of £700 by the NHS, because she claimed free prescriptions and dental treatment while pregnant and shortly after giving birth.
Surely the law is that pregnant women and new mothers don't have to pay for prescriptions and dental treatment?  Yes, it is. Tracy's daughter is a social worker who has just had a baby and is on maternity leave. She should have been entitled to free medical care. But it seems that a midwife forgot to fill in some paperwork and tell her she needed to apply for a special card.
So despite having a legal RIGHT to this treatment, she got a shocking bill for £700. As well as the charges of £8.20 for each prescription, they slapped on a fine of £49 PER PRESCRIPTION, and topped it with a £200 charge for dental treatment.
The family is fuming and wondering who they can turn to to fight this.
It is bad enough that people in England have to pay prescription charges while people in Scotland and Wales don't.  If this young mother lived in Scotland, she would never have to pay for medicines, pregnant or not, and she would get more money allocated to her baby's health care. To be denied your legal entitlement because of a bureaucratic error, not your own fault, and then ruthlessly fined for it, is intolerable. The young mother is a British citizen, of British parents, a working tax-payer and law-abiding person, unlike many of those who impudently grab free treatment on the NHS every year at our expense. If she is forced to pay the fine, her child will share her hardship.
      Why didn't the pharmacies and the dentists who allowed her to claim free treatment, because she was obviously pregnant, warn her that she needed a card? Whoever sent that bill out should be sacked.

Friday, 28 August 2015

There is a War on Christians

URGENT message from Andrew White the Vicar of Baghdad, Iraq.

"Today ISIS is less than two miles away from the Christian community, and everybody is terrified of what is going to happen.
The islamist group (ISIS) just took over Quaragosh, the biggest Christian city in Iraq. There are hundreds of men, women and children that are being beheaded. The people are asking for prayers to be made on their behalf concerning the ongoing atrocity in their country. Please take one minute to pray for them. Pass the message across to all your contacts so that the prayer chain will not be broken. They asked for this special prayer. Please, ensure you pass across the prayer request to the body of Christ for fervent prayers offered on behalf of the brothers, sisters and children in Iraq. This is an urgent SOS. May God bless you."

Suggested prayer: Please, God, protect and save these Christians, and bring mercy, shame and repentance into the hearts of their oppressors. Amen."

And this is the news reported by ASLJ
ISIS just captured a new Syrian city, kidnapped Christians, and desecrated churches. Islamic jihadists are raping children and selling girls into sex slavery - the younger the girl, the higher the price.
It's a horror not witnessed in our lifetimes.
The Pope starkly called it a "third world war."
Christians are the target of jihadist genocide. But will we do something about it, or will we sit in silence?
As our brothers and sisters in Christ are raped, tortured, and killed, we MUST act.
At the ACLJ, we're deeply engaged in the fight for the persecuted Church, but we need your voice.
We're aggressively advocating through our offices in the region and on Capitol Hill. Key legislation adopting some of our recommendations is moving in Congress, but more must be done.
Be heard for the persecuted Church before it's too late.
Sign Our Urgent Petition: Stop ISIS's Genocide of Christians.
Jay Sekulow
ACLJ Chief Counsel

Contribute Now
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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

More Damned Lies from Pink News

Never believe anything you read in Pink News. It exists to spread lies and stir up hatred and intolerance. It is written by fanatics who love to offer myths about homosexuals being oppressed and victimized. One typical myth is that of the Admiral Duncan pub bombing, supposedly an "anti-gay hate-crime."  Year after year they reverently commemorate this fallacy.

Admiral Duncan, Soho, W1 (7295077022).jpg

Let's look back at the real story - and the whole story.
In London in the Spring of 1999, there was a series of three unexplained bombings, carried out using home-made nail-bombs. The first took place on Sunday 17th April outside a supermarket in Brixton. It injured at least forty-five people, including a one-year-old boy who got a nail lodged in his brain. Dozens of victims got nails lodged in various parts of their bodies.

One week later, on Sunday 24th April, a similar bomb went off in Brick Lane in London’s East End. Seven people were severely injured although nobody this time was killed. Police started to assume that the crimes were racially motivated, because Brick Lane is an area full of Bangladeshi immigrants and restaurants. Brixton is also an area with a large immigrant population, many of them black people from the West Indies. Police issued statements saying they were assuming these attacks were racist and at this point the police got calls from several people calling themselves racist groups and claiming responsibility. These calls turned out to be hoaxes. It may even have been the far-Left ringing up and trying to smear someone.
On Saturday 30th April a third bombing took place, in Soho, an old area of central London close to Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square. The target was a small, very old pub called The Admiral Duncan in Old Compton Street. Somebody handed a bag to the pub manager, and when he opened it at 6.30, the bomb went off. Three people were killed outright and about 65 others were injured.

The logical thing would be to assume that this attack was also racially motivated. Soho is sometimes known as London’s Chinatown, and Old Compton Street was one of the  first areas where you could find Greek and Italian shops and restaurants. A colourful, cosmopolitan area, in short. But somehow a rumour was started that the Admiral Duncan was a “gay” pub. Media sources, which are of course dominated by LGBT activists, seized on the bombing for their own ends and started to refer to Soho as the “heart of London’s gay community”. That’s ridiculous  - if anything, Soho has long been dominated by heterosexual clubs, shops and ladies-of-the-night. There is no “gay community” in London, there is just the usual sprinkling of homosexuals here and there, as in most big cities.

The Admiral Duncan was not a “gay pub”. It was not listed anywhere as being “gay” and it was used by a miscellaneous cross-section of London residents. At the time the bomb went off, it was full of heterosexual men and women. The three people killed by the nail bomb included Andrea Dykes, a woman aged 27, who was four months pregnant at the time, Could it have been her surname that sparked off a misunderstanding or a false report? “How many dykes did you say were killed? I said Dykes, not dykes…” The others killed were Nik Moore, aged 31, and John Light, 32, who died later in hospital. Andrea’s husband was among those seriously injured. Nik had been their friend and John had been the best man at their wedding.

 Image result for Andrea Dykes husband Julian

Andrea Dykes with her husband Julian  - not a dyke at all!

None of these victims was a homosexual and nor were most of the other people in the pub either. But the tiny handful who were seized this as an opportunity to put on some "gay" histrionics and act the victim. Very soon, they had succeeded in spreading a rumour that the whole attack was “homophobic” and the first two bombings were virtually forgotten.

After the Admiral Duncan explosion, police got a telephone call from a group calling themselves the “White Wolves” claiming responsibility. This also turned out to be a hoax as Copeland was not a member of  any group. Again the call could have come from lefties at the Daily Mirror or UAF trying to smear people. If so they failed as the media far preferred a “homophobia” story, and this version has been spread ever since.

In May 1999, police arrested and charged David Copeland, a 23-year-old engineer from Hampshire. He was allegedly a former member of a racist group   - who knows if this was true? It is the sort of story that the media love to spread. At the time of the bombings he was not a member of any group and acted alone. He certainly had a range of disturbed psychiatric symptoms. He was convicted on 30th June, only a month after his arrest, and gaoled for life, but while Copeland admitted to being a racist, he never admitted to any “homophobic” motive. He had no idea that the Admiral Duncan was supposed to be a "gay" pub. It emerged that he had committed the last bombing in haste, intending to do it on Sunday 1st May but bringing it forward because he heard that police had issued a description of a suspect. So, his choice of target was completely random.
According to Wikipedia and PukeNews the whole crime was a homophobic attack  - how strange then that only heterosexuals got killed!
Curious isn't it how when homo-fanatics carry out real bomb attacks on churches in Moscow, PukeNews doesn't take much interest.  But then, they prefer fantasy to reality.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Headington Road Scheme

Oxfordshire County Council was cunning to launch its latest road scheme for Headington in the middle of summer just when most people are busy outside or away on holiday so that they wouldn't be able to take part in the consultation. Builders of unpopular or illegal development schemes have long used the same tactics.

Image result for Headington Windmill Road

       On the face of it, the scheme is benign in seeking to provide a cycle lane in Windmill Road, but they are only doing so by dint of banning parking. The vast majority of the residents have nowhere else to park. Most of the houses were built without garages and the owners will have to pave over their gardens if they want to keep a car. And the narrowing of the pavements planned will be an inconvenience.The position of the HS3 bus stop on the Eastern side of the road near Linden Court has always been inconvenient. Those waiting for the number 10 bus need to have very small feet.
    The result of a no-parking policy will be, as their own plan, admits, to "improve traffic flow". But faster traffic will not make the road safer either for cyclists or for anybody else. At present, the narrowness of Windmill Road slows traffic down, and this makes it safer for cyclists, pedestrians and handicapped people. Wherever you get speedy traffic flow, somebody is bound to start demanding the installation of bloody awful speed bumps and a plethora of speed limit signs, "beware of school-children" signs etc etc
    The fact is that Windmill Road was just not designed as a major arterial road, and should not be designated as such on maps, There is room on other adjacent roads, such as Old Road, for cycle lanes, but only if green verges are removed, which is specifically against the Neighbourhood Plan. This is a tough decision, but in the last resort, I think the safety of cyclists along that major route ought to be the higher priority than grass verges.
     Of course a parking ban along any road is a nice little earner when it comes to handing out fines. Could that have crossed their minds?
  The County has much further-reaching schemes for banning all petrol-fuelled vehicles from the entire city in the near future, so this is only a marginal note in the great Roads saga.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Online Trolls Hall of Shame (2) Chris Flegg

Watch out for this nasty specimen of the troll species who goes by the name of Chris Flegg. 
Yes, it rhymes with Clegg, dreg and smeg.

Chris Flegg

Mr Flegg specializes in online abuse, insults and death threats. He likes to barge into other people's conversations online and abruptly launch into abuse. He spits venom! His scatological language and foul temper match his picture and his name.
Just look at him  - isn't that the perfect picture of a bully?
In the Hall of Shame he deserves to stand right up there with Mr Derek Crawford Munn and the gang that bullied Brendan Eich.
Be warned  - block him, ban him and shun him. 
Funnily enough his Facebook page goes on a lot about the perils of pesticides. Pity there isn't a pesticide that's effective enough to keep this type of pest far away and out of sight or hearing.

Chris Fleggon Facebook

Friday, 21 August 2015

Lies, damned lies, and Stonewall

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Lies, damned lies, and Stonewall

That’s the way the money goes, pop goes the Weasel
A few years back, I blogged about Greenpeace, and their alleged penchant in the past for bad-debting suppliers…one of which I happened to be running at the time. Then about two years ago (sorry, can’t find the link) I laid out some suspicions about Stonewall putting Gays up to creating discrimination confrontations – particularly in relation to hotel stays.
While this is something of a generalisation, I am bound to observe that all my dealings, research and ‘snout’ feedback about both of these organisations tends to mark them out as yet more institutions in Cool Britannia where the Leninsparts of the 1970-90 era that signalled total rejection of their mad creed went to hide. Whenever any pointless, daft, or downright anti-social issue comes up, and off they go to join it.
Climate change, gender politics, orientation discrimination, Islam….the list is endless. Those pulling this stunt range from George Galloway to whole swathes of the Irish Left who helped bankroll the Orwellian ‘Peace Flotilla’ of a few years back. Their aim is very simple: to destabilise bourgeois society via the back door. They also have two overriding things in common: distortion, and a liking for show trials.
While ‘via the back door’ might be the wrong parallel to use in relation to Stonewall, it remains an organisation I don’t trust; and I also resent its links to the liberal Establishment – as a result of which we all wind up indirectly paying for their cacophonous windbag of bollocks and bad science through our taxes. I’m indebted to Young Right enfant terrible Ed West for alerting me in this morning’s Twitter crop to yet more madness and mendacity at this truly controlling and illiberal organisation. Examples to follow.
First, however, a simple statement from the ‘About’ page of Stonewall’s website:
‘Stonewall receives no public funding and raises all its money itself”
Untrue. As the ‘charity’s’ accounts clearly show, it received £45,000 from the Home Office in 2010.
Here’s the potentially worrying part on the danger-of-corruption dimension: Stonewall voted the Home Office ‘Equality Employer of the Year’ at the end of that fiscal year. Well blow me. Or something.
Here’s another coincidence: being part of a growth industry – called Nobody Loves me it’s Not Fair – Stonewall found itself strapped for removal expenses. These came to…..£45,000.
Cash for awards scandal? I think we should be told.
But mainly I’d like to ask Theresa May-and-probably-will whether she intends to continue the Home Office, er, contributions. Yes, that’s a nicer word than ‘bung’, which of course may be entirely inappropriate.
Then I’d like to ask, well, anyone really, why Stonewall is a charity. We have Equal Rights legislation in the UK. Either it’s working (because all these controlling loons think it will) or it isn’t – in which case the laws should be repealed…and Stonewall allowed to keep its charitable status. They can’t swing both ways on this one. Sorry. Sorry.
Kop a load of these: The Lottery – £99,325. Equality & Human Rights Commission: £48,584. Scottish Government £99,386.
Are none of these public funding either?
Now read this and feel your bp going up:
‘We continue to pressure the BBC to improve its portrayal of Gay people in television programmes, and also about the near-invisibility of gay people…’
Aside from asking “Are they kidding?” – Graham Norton, Sandy Toskvig, Stephen Fry, Simon Amstell,  etc etc – what would the public reaction be, I wonder, if a Charity called, for example, Newscorp, pressured the BBC about its portrayal of Aussies in general and Rupert Murdoch in particular?
My main hope is that once Thompson the Armbiter finally departs the BBC, someone with more balls will come along and tell every censoriously affirmative minority pressure group to go forth and multiply. The drivel-muddled assumptions in the tunnel minds of those Who Would Have Us Obey go on and one. The Annual Report tells us how many plastic bottles they recycled, why they have 50% more female employees than they had a year ago…and this particular gem, which is straight out of Private Eye:
‘In May we published No Going Back, groundbreaking research into the experiences of lesbian, gay and bisexual asylum seekers.’
Misguided, misleading, and misanthropic: is this what we want charities to represent in Britain? 
Hat-tip as well by the way to @PeterPannier for bringing this profound hypocrisy to Ed’s attention.

Stop Berating the Baby-Boomers

I am rather tired of hearing these persistent myths about the affluence of the Baby-Boomer generation, and the comparative poverty of their children, so-called Generation X. It's true that for the small minority  -  5%  - who went to university in the post-war era there were no fees, and if you came from the working class you got a minimal grant to live on. (Most middle-class students got less than the full grant.) But what happened after you left? You were faced with far higher rates of taxation and far higher interest rates than today. Credit cards were hard to get and harder to pay off, until the Blair era. People still saved.
Under Harold Wilson in the 1970s the top rate of income tax on earned income was 83%. 

Under the Heath government, the top rate of income tax was cut to 75% but most ordinary people still paid a far higher percentage of their income in tax than any other generation before or since. John Lennon sang "Power to the People" from his cosy tax-exile abroad.

Generation X has never seen anything like it. Tax started as soon as you earned £10 per week and anyone earning over £10,000 p.a. was liable for supertax. Even under the Thatcher government, tax was slow to fall. A top rate of 60% prevailed for a long time, well into the 1980s. 

So home-buying was no picnic, particularly when you reflect that interest rates on mortgages stood at 17% for most of the time that the baby-boomers were struggling to pay for their homes. Contrast that with 1% in recent years. And let's face it, some of the baby-boomers are still paying off their first and only mortgage now, in their sixties, because they were so hard up they had to get the interest payments added to the bulk of the capital loaned. 
There was unemployment in the 1970s and 1980s on a scale unknown since the 1930s. People on the dole or "between jobs" as it was politely known, didn't have an easy time, and even those with jobs didn't get to buy large, many-bedroomed houses by the age of forty, as some strange people imagine. Luxuries like mobile phones, computers and foreign holidays which Generation X take for granted, were only for those who got a lucky break.
The baby-boomers paid 15% of their lifetime earnings into National Insurance, expecting a pension from age 60  - only to be told now that they cannot get it until they are over 65 and the amount they eventually receive is a miserable one, not enough to live on. Age Concern says there are 2 million pensioners now in the UK living in serious poverty i.e. they haven't got enough money to meet minimal day-to-day needs of food, clothes, heating, and cleaning. A lot of their money was squandered by the Blair government with its benefits bonanza and endless wars. A lot more went on the bank bail-outs, euro-bail-outs and other extravagances. Generation X got paid benefits by the government even while still in sixth form!!! The baby-boomers meanwhile are not getting the basic pension they earned and deserve.

I am happy to read in the Daily Telegraph that "a recent report, compiled by Ready for Ageing Alliance, rejects the idea that there is a "lucky generation" preparing to take life easy amid unprecedented levels of health and wealth at the expense of those coming afterwards....It argues that far from being the lucky generation, many baby boomers are still enduring the effects of soaring interest rates in previous decades and wide inequalities in health and pension provision while shouldering some of the biggest caring responsibilities in society." Quite so. Will Generation X please quit the moaning forthwith.

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Help the Yazidi women and girls kidnapped by ISIS

PETITION to UK government
Petitioning Home Secretary and Member of Parliament for Maidenhead Rt Hon Theresa May MP and 3 others

Help the Yazidi women and girls kidnapped by ISIS
Rozin Khalil Coventry, United Kingdom

My name is Rozin, I'm a 17 year old Yazidi girl living in Coventry. I came here with my family in 2008 when it became too dangerous for us in Iraq.
More than 3,000 Yazidi women and girls have been kidnapped by ISIS in Northern Iraq. They have been raped and tortured by their captors. Last week three girls, who managed to escape, visited London and told their stories.
Now that we have heard the stories of what is happening to these girls, we must help them. There is a lot that the UK Government can do, that's why I have started this petition.

When I hear what has happened to these girls I cry. It is my worst nightmare. I know girls as young as 12 have been taken. If I was there now I would be so so scared.
Many girls have managed to escape but they are scattered in refugee camps and getting little help. They are scared and traumatised, some are pregnant. They need medical help, psychological support and rehabilitation.

Last year Angelina Jolie came to London and the UK Government held a Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict. The Government promised to "provide greater support and protection to survivors of sexual violence, including children".

We must ask the UK Government to keep their promise.

Germany has offered some help and brought some of the girls there to recover. I am asking Home Secretary Theresa May, Secretary of State for International Development Justine Greening, and Foreign Minister Philip Hammond to meet with me and the Yazidi community in the UK and prepare an action plan.

These girls may seem far away, but they need our help. Every Yazidi woman and girl living in Iraq and Syria is in danger, the entire community lives in desperation.

If no-one speaks up for them who will help them? My dream is to be a lawyer and to spend my life fighting injustice. That starts today.

Please sign my petition for the Yazidi girls.

LETTER TO Home Secretary and Member of Parliament for Maidenhead Rt Hon Theresa May MP

Home Secretary Theresa May
Secretary of State for International Development Justine Greening
and Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs Philip Hammond

Help the Yazidi women and girls kidnapped by ISIS

Petition update
We're making headlines! -- ITV interview about #YazidiGirls

Thank you to everyone who has supported my petition -- by signing this petition it shows that you care for the Yazidi girls whose lives have been shattered. Over... This Yazidi Girl Is Urging The British Government To Do More To Help Women Fleeing ISIS

Hanjool lives in Coventry, but came to the UK as a refugee from the village of Effia, in Iraq, when she was 10. Her family are part of the country's small Yazidi community, who are among the most persecuted minority groups in the region.

Meet the British Yazidi teen fighting to save her friends from Isil's sexual slavery

Hanjool is fighting to save these women and girls, many of whom have been there since August 2014 when Isil fighters targeted the Yazidi community - a Kurdish ethnic group in northern Iraq. Already more than 28,000 people all over the world have signed Hanjool's petition...


Meet the British Yazidi teen fighting to save her girlfriends from Isil's sexual slavery

Hanjool is fighting to save these women and girls, many of whom have been there since August 2014 when Isil fighters targeted the Yazidi community - a Kurdish ethnic group in northern Iraq. Already more than 28,000 people all over the world have signed Hanjool's petition...

Rozin Khalil started this petition

189,808 supporters
10,192 needed to reach 200,000

UK Government: Help the Yazidi women and girls kidnapped by ISIS #YazidiGirls

Post to Facebook
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Save Christian Families in Syria

When there are race riots in America or allegations of corruption in FIFA, it is headline news in our media for weeks on end. But the fact that thousands of Christians are being persecuted by regimes all over the  globe is passed over as unworthy of mention. This should be the top story on the news when you switch it on each evening, whether you watch BBC1, BBC2, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 or Fox News. 

A Syrian refugee holds onto his daughter as he pleads to cross into Turkey at Akcakale border gate in Sanliurfa province, Turkey, June 15, 2015. (Photo: Reuters/Umit Bektas)

This should be the top priority of our government, which purports to care about "human rights". What has the Human Rights Act ever done for these people, captured and sold into slavery by ISIS, an organisation which a few years ago our mad British government was actively helping?

Compare this neglect to the overheated way that the national newspapers report any alleged attacks on homosexuals. When the Daily Mirror reported human rights violations in Syria last month, what did they put in the headlines? Gay, gay, gay.

ISIS throw 'gay' man off building then stone him to death when he survives fall

Wait a moment - what actual evidence is there that these men were homosexuals? Note the inverted commas around "gay" admitting that they are just relying on hearsay. Who are they? What testimony was brought against them? This could be just one more case of homosexual activists taking a video and using it for their own propaganda. Verbal reports from Syria say that ISIS is executing a large number of people for offences including blasphemy, heresy, adultery, stealing small items of food, swindling and alleged spying. Yet our biassed media just put "gay, gay gay" in the headlines. Be suspicious, Be very suspicious.
It is utterly offensive to suggest this would be less of a crime if they pushed a heterosexual off the same building. But that is what the fanatics who write the Mirror believe.

ISIS Kidnaps Over 100 Christian Families; Human Rights Groups Fear They Will Be Beheaded or Forced Into Sex Slavery

August 7, 2015|4:18 pm

According to the British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, IS captured the town of al-Qaryatain in the Homs district of western Syria on Thursday and took numerous Christian families hostage. The militants began their attack on the town after jihadi suicide bombers took out checkpoints at the entrance of the city.
After a night of battle with Assad regime fighters, IS took control of the town which was once a destination for many Christians and religious minorities to flee to after the militants took over the city of Aleppo.

SOHR estimates that at least 230 people have been captured by the terror group, including Christians and Muslims. It is believed that of the captured, 45 are women and 19 are children.
The report adds that those kidnapped were on a checklist of Christian families that was prepared by IS. Some of the kidnapped victims were abducted from the Syriac Catholic Mar Elian monastery in the town.
Nuri Kino, founder of the Syrian and Iraqi Christian advocacy group A Demand for Action, told Christian Today that many of the Christians abducted belong to Syriac Orthodox or Syriac Catholic churches, and that the number of known people kidnapped is likely to keep rising.
Diana Yaqco, a spokesperson for A Demand for Action, told MailOnline that about 300 families were able to flee. But since the IS has taken up the practice of sexually enslaving the religious minority women and killing the religious minority men in the territories it captures, there is fear that the same could happen for these Christians and religious minorities that were abducted.
"The main concern is sexual slavery, mass executions and beheadings," Yaqco asserted.
Kino added that about 1,500 people fled to the headquarters of the Archdiocese of Homs, Hama and Environs.
In a statement, the archdiocese explained that over 100 families are thought to have been captured. The statement added that the archdiocese is providing necessities for the displaced families who fled to the archdiocese's headquarters.
"IS also took captive all families and began negotiations to free some of them. About 200 Christian families were released and still 100 families are still held captive in the houses of the terrorist group," the statement read. "We received the displaced families in our archdiocese headquarter and gave them the basic and essential needs because they went out of their houses without taking anything with them, neither clothes nor properties. So, we are working on providing them clothing, housing and medication."
In May, Syriac monk Father Yacoub Murad and church member Botros Hanna were kidnapped from the Syriac Catholic Mar Elian Monastery in Qaryatain by masked men while they were preparing aid resources for an increase in refugees from Palmyra.
"[An IS attack] always happens so suddenly and the Church is never prepared. People are running around searching for their loved ones, and children ... These are innocent people, not part of this war," the archdiocese statement added. "[The bishop] is crying — what is he supposed to do? All those clergy to last these three years in Syria and Iraq, my God are they heroes."
IS' capture of the town can be seen as a strategic victory for the militant organization since it links its territory in Palmyra with the Qalamun region of the Syrian capital of Damascus, SOHR director Rami Abdulrahman told AFP.