Sunday, 12 July 2015

Mr Derek Crawford Munn Wants to Kill Off Free Speech

Mr Derek Crawford Munn is campaigning on his Facebook page to ban the march of the Orange Order in Glasgow, because they are in his view "bigots". Have they ever committed or advocated any crime or been guilty of any offence? Only that of differing from the opinions of homo-fascist Mr Derek Crawford Munn. Do they get any public subsidy? No.

Mr D. Munn, who likes D-Munn-izing other people.

He is not concerned that the annual Gay Pride in London held on the same day, July 4th, was a sickening display of every possible form of obscene and deranged behaviour. It blocked the centre of the city for hours on end, preventing decent people from getting access, and left Trafalgar Square knee-deep in dirt and litter. Observers who were there saw participants in fetishistic gear shouting obscene slogans, advocating paedophilia and urinating in the street. Curiously enough, the organizers were handing out health leaflets, although we all know that they are completely unnecessary!!! To offer them might suggest there were health risks in a "gay" lifestyle...
Boris Johnson gives them £100,000 of public money to carry out this degradation of our capital, and that does not include the costs of policing or of cleaning up the mess afterwards. One marcher told a Christian observer, in Waterloo Place, "You've got no right to be here. If you come back next year I will pour petrol over you and burn you alive." The police took no action against him.
Mr Derek Crawford Munn's Facebook page features a lot of pictures of his friends. Here are some of them.

Mr D. Munn with a telephone.

Mr D. Munn in a cowboy hat.
Mr Derek Crawford as a young Munn.

Mr Derek Crawford as an old Munn,

Mr D. Munn in a jumper.

Mr D.C. Munn with an earring (just what he won't give to anyone else's opinions).

Mr Munn being terribly funny in a wig.

Munn with a Vunn.

Mr D.C. Munn leaning sideways.

Mr D. Crawford Munn in a boat.

                                    Mr Munn with a gun.

And here is his friend Derek in full colour. If they all sign the petition it will reach its target very soon.

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