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Oxford Evangelicals call for the resignation of Bishop Alan Wilson - High Time

Many of us have long ago had more than enough of the Reverend Alan Wilson, Bishop of Buckingham. When not speaking in derisory terms about the Church of England, his official employer, and Christianity in general, he is usually boasting about his doctorate or his other trendier credentials. Many people are shocked at the language he uses to disparage those of orthodox views. Now at last some leading evangelicals in the Oxford diocese that includes Buckingham have spoken out against him. I fully agree with them and back their call for his resignation.

Prominent Oxford Diocese Evangelicals call for the resignation of Bishop Alan Wilson.
Jun 21, 2015

By David Ould writing in Anglican Mainstream.
This morning not one but two prominent evangelical ministers in the Diocese of Oxford appeared on BBC radio to call for the resignation of Bishop Alan Wilson.

First, Vaughan Roberts of St Ebbes Oxford, one of the largest churches in the diocese, appeared on BBC Radio Oxford. You can hear a brief grab from him here on the Charles Nove Show (available for 30 days from the time of broadcast) at 1:10 into the programme followed by Alan Wilson. Roberts says, "In any line of work if you as a leader of that organisation find yourself in a fundamental disagreement with that organisation and then you publicly speak against it, the only sensible option is to resign. He must be in a very difficult position and if he finds that he doesn’t now support this view on a fundamental issue (of marriage) by the organisation he is called to serve and to lead – obviously he should resign."

An hour later Will Pearson-Gee, the Rector of Buckingham Parish Church appeared on the BBC Radio Berks Sunday morning show. The full audio of his interview and a response from Wilson is below.

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It’s worth noting… Wilson repeatedly seeks to portray the evangelical position of Pearson-Gee and Roberts as fringe and reactionary, rather than recognising that it is the majority historical and global position of the church…Wilson clearly charges Pearson-Gee of acting in a dishonourable way and particularly with refusing to meet with him and “not turning up” to a meeting, and then repeats the claim when asked for clarification. My understanding is that this is simply not true. Perhaps we’ll get some further clarity on that in the coming days. They are serious charges to make.

Pray for the clergy of the diocese of Oxford and for Bishop Wilson as he considers his position. I am told that he may very well get his bluff called, and it could end up being very expensive for the diocese. The evangelical churches now uniting to ask him to step down represent some of the major contributors to the diocesan budget.

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