Saturday, 9 May 2015

Rotherham's Revenge - Labour Defeat

Of course it didn't just happen in Rotherham, it also happened in Bradford, London, Newcastle, Telford, Peterborough, Rochdale, Edinburgh, Holyrood, Derby, Middlesborough, Bristol, Leeds, Buckinghamshire, Leicester, Bolton, Coventry, Ipswich, Barnsley, High Wycombe and nice, refined, cultured Oxford.
And it went on for years and years.
There is no doubt that Labour's cult of political-correctness created the perfect conditions for the horrible exploitation of young girls by what is euphemistically called "grooming gangs". And all over the country, social services, Labour councillors, such as Barry Dodson, Labour MPs such as Dennis McShane and John Healey, Labour police commissioners like Sean Wright, went on turning a blind eye for year after year. They even victimised those who tried to blow the whistle on these large-scale paedophile rape rackets.

Most of the victims came from vulnerable backgrounds, children in care or living with working-class parents who might have been very likely Labour voters. That explains a lot about the marked drop in Labour's vote in this election. Many people don't really get worked up about national issues but when it's their child, their sister or themself who is treated like a packet of mince on a supermarket shelf, they do get angry and they do get disillusioned. 
          Labour didn't want public embarrassment, so they preferred to condone evil. There is no doubt that all over the country children were raped and beaten to ensure Labour votes and this is what kept Blair in power. After the reports started coming in, even after the official enquiries, the Labour party faithful were going around saying it was all a "myth of the Far Right" that ubiquitous ogre they always blame for everything, and this was one last sickening insult to the victims in all those towns up and down this country.

Ed Miliband with Labour MP Yasmin Qureshi who admires ISIS

Those people, their families and friends, didn't have to vote at all to influence the outcome of the election, and the miserably low national turn-out suggests that they did not. All they had to do was stay at home to register their anger, and deep sense of injustice.

Labour Mayor  Barry Dodson charged with two counts of child rape himself. 

Labour Party Mayor Barry Dodson
Barnsley –
Scotland –
London –

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