Saturday, 9 May 2015

Rotherham's Revenge - Labour Defeat

Of course it didn't just happen in Rotherham, it also happened in Bradford, London, Newcastle, Telford, Peterborough, Rochdale, Edinburgh, Holyrood, Derby, Middlesborough, Bristol, Leeds, Buckinghamshire, Leicester, Bolton, Coventry, Ipswich, Barnsley, High Wycombe and nice, refined, cultured Oxford.
And it went on for years and years.
There is no doubt that Labour's cult of political-correctness created the perfect conditions for the horrible exploitation of young girls by what is euphemistically called "grooming gangs". And all over the country, social services, Labour councillors, such as Barry Dodson, Labour MPs such as Dennis McShane and John Healey, Labour police commissioners like Sean Wright, went on turning a blind eye for year after year. They even victimised those who tried to blow the whistle on these large-scale paedophile rape rackets.

Most of the victims came from vulnerable backgrounds, children in care or living with working-class parents who might have been very likely Labour voters. That explains a lot about the marked drop in Labour's vote in this election. Many people don't really get worked up about national issues but when it's their child, their sister or themself who is treated like a packet of mince on a supermarket shelf, they do get angry and they do get disillusioned. 
          Labour didn't want public embarrassment, so they preferred to condone evil. There is no doubt that all over the country children were raped and beaten to ensure Labour votes and this is what kept Blair in power. After the reports started coming in, even after the official enquiries, the Labour party faithful were going around saying it was all a "myth of the Far Right" that ubiquitous ogre they always blame for everything, and this was one last sickening insult to the victims in all those towns up and down this country.

Ed Miliband with Labour MP Yasmin Qureshi who admires ISIS

Those people, their families and friends, didn't have to vote at all to influence the outcome of the election, and the miserably low national turn-out suggests that they did not. All they had to do was stay at home to register their anger, and deep sense of injustice.

Labour Mayor  Barry Dodson charged with two counts of child rape himself. 

Labour Party Mayor Barry Dodson
Barnsley –
Scotland –
London –

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Labour Candidate Gaoled on Six Charges of Financial Fraud

A Labour election candidate has just been gaoled for six charges of financial fraud  - and the Party has not even ejected her. She has only been suspended. 
Charmaine Bowers has been convicted for a fiddle that involved sums of £100,000. Her sentence was two years and three months.
She seems to be keeping up the great tradition of Peter Mandelson and all the other slippery Labour characters.
So beware of voting for a party of crooks.

Meanwhile all over the country, Labour activists are vandalising the premises of their election rivals and resorting to such tactics as pulling down their posters, or putting excrement and urine through their letter-boxes.
Elaborate hoaxes are also being practised to discredit opponents. Be warned. 

A Labour candidate for a Gainsborough North seat in the West Lindsey District Council elections on Thursday has been jailed for two years and three months - for a £100,000 festival ticket fraud.
Aspiring model Charmaine Bowers was listed by the Gainsborough-based authority as an official Labour candidate, with an address on Lock Row in Torksey, between Lincoln and the town.
But the 23-year-old, described as a 'female Walter Mitty' in court, has been jailed on six counts of fraud.
A Labour party national spokesman has confirmed she has now been officially suspended by the party.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

First Lesbian Couple to "Marry" Arrested for Torturing Handicapped Woman

The first lesbian couple to tie the knot in Verdun, France when the law was changed to permit same-sex "marriage", are being prosecuted for abduction and torture.


They persuaded a young mentally handicapped woman, aged 20, to come to their flat in tower 18, Pré-l'Eveque, where they held her captive for over a month and used her as a sex-slave. She was beaten, burnt with cigarettes, cut with knives and forced to participate in group sex with them and their "gay" friends. Six people raped her and abused her in ways that included shaving her hair off, mutilating her genitals and forcing her to take part in zoophilia.
Yes that's right, zoophilia...the animal was not specified. 

What a honeymoon!

A Verdun, l'effroi du voisinage des barbares qui ont torturé et violé une jeune handicapée

The building where the victim was kept captive.

The victim escaped by climbing out of a second-floor window, and was taken to hospital.
Neighbours told journalists how shocked they were that something like this had been happening under their noses. The blinds of the flat had been kept down but there was no other outward sign of anything unusual going on. Not long ago the lesbian pair had been parading in the streets with their "Love is Love" signs, claiming to be poor little victims of discrimination who just wanted "marriage equality".
The story was reported in the French newspapers La Libération, Figaro and others and copied to the international English-language site Agenda Europe. Yet for some reason the British newspapers and TV channels have not reported it. Can you imagine why?
One French newspaper said the events recalled a horror film.

There has been no comment on the story from ANDREW SMITH, Oxford Labour MP who is currently standing for re-election. He makes no secret of his open support for LGBT extremists, and voted for same-sex marriage despite the fact that Labour under Tony Blair gave a solemn pledge that it would never redefine marriage.
Here is Andrew at last year's "Gay Pride" jamboree in Oxford.

If you vote for Andrew Smith you are voting for the party that gave you two prolonged, horrific wars, economic bankruptcy, the Lisbon treaty, extensive electoral fraud and a culture of entrenched corruption. Grooming-gangs flourishing in Rotherham, Sheffield, and dozens of other UK cities... a vote for Andrew Smith is a vote for everything rotten, corrupt and degenerate.!7mbrIy3iA6DI/

Elle a vécu l’enfer. Pendant un peu plus d’un mois à Verdun (Meuse), une jeune femme de 20 ans souffrant d’une légère déficience mentale a été séquestrée, violée et torturée. Dimanche, six tortionnaires présumés ont été mis en examen et écroués pour actes de torture et de barbarie, viols, ainsi que séquestration dans le cas de deux jeunes femmes.
Visage tuméfié, cheveux rasés
L'horreur a pris fin en début de semaine dernière. La victime, qui avant ce calvaire était apprentie dans la restauration, parvient à convaincre ses bourreaux de la laisser se rendre chez son éducatrice. C’est cette dernière qui donne l’alerte. Car l’état physique de la victime ne trompe pas : on lui a rasé les cheveux, elle a le visage tuméfié et des brûlures de cigarettes sur la peau. "C’était vraiment un tableau digne d’un film d’horreur", témoigne pour metronews l'une des soignantes qui l’a accueillie à l’hôpital.
Prise en charge, la patiente parle peu, le regard fixé sur ses pieds. C'est que pendant des semaines, elle a été enfermée dans un appartement d'une tour HLM du quartier populaire de Pré-L’Evêque, où elle a subi les pires sévices. Réduite à l'état d'esclave sexuelle, on l’a forcée à commettre des actes zoophiles. "Nous étions sidérés, témoigne encore la soignante. Je ne pense pas qu’on puisse être préparé à une telle barbarie". La jeune victime, toujours hospitalisée, s'est vu reconnaître une incapacité totale de travail de six mois.

La ville de Verdun (Meuse) est sous le choc. Une jeune femme de 20 ans est restée pendant un mois séquestrée dans un appartement sous la contrainte de six bourreaux dont un couple de femmes homosexuelles.
"Ici, il y a toujours des va-et-vient: on n'a rien remarqué de particulier, on n'a pas entendu de cris": dans les tours HLM d'un quartier de Verdun (Meuse), où une jeune femme a été torturée et violée pendant un mois, consternation et effroi gagnent les habitants, qui expriment leur culpabilité de n'avoir rien vu.
Dans la tour 18 de ce quartier populaire de Pré-L'Evêque, qui domine "le déversoir", où la Meuse et le canal se rejoignent, six bourreaux ont torturé et violé une jeune femme, dans l'appartement du deuxième étage de Manuel P. "C'était un type simple, parfois un peu bizarre. Surtout depuis qu'il voyait un couple de filles, depuis plusieurs semaines, des filles pas fréquentables", estime Nicolas, 25 ans, le voisin de palier, à qui le suspect avait prévenu la semaine dernière "qu'il allait faire une fête et qu'il y allait avoir un peu de bruit".
Mutilations, brûlures et viols
"Manuel, il pouvait être gentil et poli, mais parfois il nous racontait des histoires. Il y a trois semaines, il m'avait dit qu'il s'en était pris à un handicapé, supposé violeur. Je ne l'avais pas cru", poursuit le voisin, qui s'inquiète que le chat du suspect, Fifille, n'ait pas été récupéré depuis l'interpellation de son maître, vendredi matin.
L'enquête a mis en évidence que les bourreaux s'en étaient pris à leur victime en l'obligeant à s'immerger dans "le déversoir", tout habillée, avant de la contraindre de se dévêtir et de rejoindre l'appartement.
Le calvaire de la victime, 20 ans et légère déficiente mentale, avait commencé un mois plus tôt lorsque, par l'entremise d'un ami commun, elle avait été prise sous l'aile d'un couple d'homosexuelles vivant au centre-ville de Verdun. Jusqu'alors résidente d'un foyer de jeunes travailleurs, la jeune victime, une apprentie dans la restauration, réputée influençable, s'est fait séquestrer dans l'appartement par le couple.
Elle y a subi des mutilations génitales, des viols, s'est fait imposer des actes zoophiles, des brûlures, des coups de cutter et de matraque, avant que les suspectes ne lui rasent les cheveux en faisant d'elle leur esclave sexuelle pendant plusieurs semaines.
Un couple de femmes "un peu dures, pas très avenantes"
"C'était un couple de femmes un peu froides, un peu dures, pas très avenantes", décrit Gilles, le buraliste du Foch, qui se rappelle que "c'était le premier couple de mariées lesbiennes de Verdun".
"Bien sûr, on n'aurait pas imaginé qu'elles faisaient ce genre de choses. C'est une histoire de fous", poursuit le commerçant. Devant l'immeuble décrépi où les tortures ont notamment eu lieu, la consternation gagne les riverains, qui n'ont là non plus "rien entendu". "Elles étaient plutôt discrètes. On n'a jamais eu à se plaindre de bruit ou de cris, les volets de leur appartement du deuxième étage étaient souvent fermés", assure un voisin.
Sans profession, âgés de 19 à 27 ans, les suspects se connaissaient depuis plusieurs mois et certains d'entre eux étaient connus des services de police pour des affaires de stupéfiants. Dimanche soir, ils ont été mis en examen pour actes de torture et de barbarie, viols, ainsi que séquestration pour les deux homosexuelles. Tous ont été écroués.
"Ils reconnaissent les faits, mais sans prendre conscience de leur gravité", a précisé à l'AFP l'avocat de l'un d'entre eux, Me Alexandre Rolland, alors qu'une source judiciaire a confié "n'avoir jamais vu ça en termes de violence et d'horreur".
La victime, qui a réussi à échapper à ses bourreaux en se rendant chez son éducatrice, est toujours hospitalisée et s'est vu reconnaître une incapacité totale de travail de six mois.
(Avec AFP)

Friday, 1 May 2015

It's a Free Country

It's a free country, or so people used to say.
A friend of mine wrote a book on a rather controversial political subject, and by strange coincidence in the last six months he has found himself hounded and harassed by police.

Here is what he has to say about it.
"Anyone writing a book critical of the EU is risking this sort of political attack by the authorities - it has happened to barrister Michael Shrimpton (who in all innocence reported what he had been told was a nuclear threat) with last year's release of his book "Spyhunter''.
I have just written 'The EU: A Corporatist Racket' which gives the history of corporatism and the EU as the corporatists tool, since 1939. [See below.]
In February last year I gave my daughter an early draft of the book (properly printed) to take to a conference in Torquay (which I could not attend) where I had hired a table to sell books. I had given the draft to show to a colleague.
Unfortunately she left it on the table and someone stole it.
Later on I received an email from someone I did not know asking me to send him a pdf of the book and when I asked him to phone me (giving my number) they did not call. Then in November I was arrested and spent 12 hours in a cell in Banbury and my wife was simultaneously interrogated for 5 or 6 hours in Witney police station in an attempt to get her to testify against me on an invented accusation. If they had managed to break either myself or my wife the consequences for me could have been serious. That they failed is testimony to my wife's courage and resilience. Afterwards I wrote to Thames Valley Police Commissioner requiring an apology. There was a report compiled and I have been refused an apology because they claim they have done nothing wrong, yet they refuse to give a copy of their report - the matter is ongoing.
Here is the full account of what happened to me and my wife on 12th November 2014
I had been at my computer from around 3a.m. on 12th November and was at it in our ‘Sun Room’, around mid-morning (I cannot be precise about the time, as I never got the opportunity to check it).
Quite suddenly, two police officers in black combat fatigues appeared outside demanding to be let in. Naturally, I unlocked the door and they came in instructing me to put my shoes on (I was wearing slippers) letting me know that I was under arrest and that I was being taken to Banbury Police Station for interrogation..
I informed them I was ill (being treated for prostate cancer, on hormone therapy which leaves you very tired and with hot and cold sweats and also I needed medication to help me urinate) – they didn’t seem much interested in what I had to say, and I also told them I needed to visit my toilet urgently (I had been delaying the visit as I was deep in writing and that if I was being taken to Banbury needed to go before leaving).
The older Officer, whom I shall call Officer ‘A’, as I have no idea of his identity, excepting that I believed him to be from Witney Police Station and who was clearly in charge of this ‘operation’, permitted me to collect my medication, but refused to let me use my upstairs toilet.
Well, at first he did not impede me in this, tramping through the house after me, followed by Officer ‘B’ and up the stairs. Both officers were in their outdoor boots, without a thought for our expensive fitted carpeting. When I made to close the toilet door for privacy, which a normal person would consider to be a not unreasonable thing to do, Officer A seemed to ‘flip’ and without warning pushed the toilet door back open before I could fully close it, grabbed me forcefully and clamped his handcuffs around my wrists – it seemed he was delighted at the opportunity.
There was no need for any of this since it was clear that I, 3 years off 80 and ill, was not going to scarper..
Of course by this time I was becoming terrified, as I was aware of press stories of the public being deprived of their lives through TASERING. Anyway, Officer A, not satisfied with just handcuffing me ensured the cuffs were tightened to the last ‘notch’ on the ratchet. I was immediately in acute pain and asked Officer A to loosen them by a notch. He refused, claiming they were not too tight asking Officer B, if they were too tight. Officer B, being a new recruit, was not about to contradict the older man.
How could he claim this – he was not wearing them – I was the one in pain and could best judge, but Officer A remained unconcerned. And I could see from Officer B’s grimacing visage that he was appalled with the situation. I attach no blame to Officer B, his behaviour from start to finish was exemplary. The cuffing was clearly intended as a punishment not as a means of preventing my escape.
Next we set off for Banbury, Officer A driving, with me in the back with Officer B.
The journey to Banbury had a bizarre air about it, it seemed like a leisurely day out for the boys to Officer A, with him, chattering away to me about what a nice place Oxfordshire was to live whilst all the time the pain was forcing tears from my eyes. We travelled quite slowly dragging out the agony.
Several times I asked to have the cuffs loosened a notch, but to no avail – what was the point, a notch less would not have allowed me to escape, even if I had wanted to?
We arrived in Banbury after what seemed like an eternity, and then had to wait outside in the cold for what must have been half an hour still shackled, even though we were in a secured compound. Why couldn’t the Officer have removed, or at least loosen, the cuffs? We were apparently waiting our turn to go in. It was somewhat hypocritical that the Officer waited until the very last moment before removing the cuffs as the indicator light showed that we could now enter the building – I suppose he did not want me brought before the Custody Sergeant in agony, as that might have raised issues about maltreatment.
I estimate that my pain and suffering had been for nearly two hours and later I noticed my right wrist was swelling slightly and bleeding. This was the last I saw of Officer’s A and B.

Whilst all this was going on, my wife, Francine, I was to learn from her later, had been removed to Witney Police Station for her interrogation. Naturally, my wife, who is also some 3 years off 80 and chronically ill, has been traumatised by the whole affair and doesn’t want to talk about it.
Anyway she has revealed to me that her interrogation lasted 5 to 6 hours, in two separate sessions, one at Witney Police Station and the other at our home in Witney. It was intensely stressful for her and so traumatic it is little wonder she wants to forget about it.
The only object of the interrogation being: to get my wife to testify against me. It lasted for a gruelling 5 to 6 hours, which in spite of the intense strain, she steadfastly refused to do so – why would she? Why were Thames Valley Police so determined to get a wife to testify against her husband? Was it a simple matter of targets (God help us) or something more sinister.

Next, back at Banbury Police Station. Having the cuffs removed was a blessed relief – you would say or do anything to get rid of the pain. I suppose when something nasty stops you don’t complain, but in retrospect I should have complained there and then about the treatment and had it recorded.
I was then allowed to visit the Police Station’s toilet, without supervision and without the door being kept open and unlocked. There were then some formalities at the custody desk, where the Custody Sergeant was efficient and respectful, followed by being locked up in a cell (being deprived of the means of telling the time, I can only guess at it – perhaps about midday).
The cell was cold and when I complained, I was told there was nothing they could do about it, although I was given blankets, as the atmosphere was electronically environmentally controlled! This was not pleasant as the hormone treatment I was, and am, receiving brings on periodic hot and cold sweats. I had to endure. Being deprived of my shoes, also added to my distress.
I had been told before we left Witney, that I was being taken to Banbury for interrogation, but there was no interrogation, not for many long hours (I estimate about 12). I was being ‘hung out to dry’ until I was sufficiently ‘broken’ that I would be ‘easy to interrogate’. I was offered food, but by now I could not trust that the food might not have some drug in it (after all, we now know that Britain, along with USA, has been involved in torture and drugging, in contravention of United Nations Charter). In any case the food offered looked revolting. As a result I was not to eat from supper on 11th until early morning on the 13th. I did drink from the water fountain in the cell. I must have been in the cell for nearly 12 hours without food or contact, before, at last, they were ready to interrogate me.
Of course, I was very tired, disoriented, traumatised, very miserable, hungry, and my wrists were sore. I was ready to tell them everything and anything they wanted to hear to put an end to this. I had no idea where all this was leading – it was most frightening.
I know the interrogation began about 11p.m. as I asked Rebecca, the CID interrogator, the time (my watch had been taken from me).
After what must have been more than an hour, Rebecca informed me the police (was this Officer A?) in Witney had been trying to extract a testimony against me from my wife of 46 years, but my wife didn’t have one to give. This was regardless of the pressure placed upon her, so there was no point in continuing my interrogation. I was to be returned to my cell pending the result of her recommendation to her Superintendent (or whatever) that there was nothing against me and that I be released. I spent another hour or so in the cell before, recovering my possessions and being released into the night."

If you are interested in reading the book that attracted so much attention for its author, you can find it on sale on the Amazon website.
The EU: A Corporatist Racket: How the European Union Was Created by Global Corporatism Paperback – 12 Dec 2014
by David Barnby (Author), John Leftwich (Illustrator)